Final Admit : What it took to get into IIM Indore (Class of 2014)

So what was the bare minimum that you needed to get a final admit at IIM Indore last year?

We have some official data given to us by the Admissions team at IIM Indore for the flagship programme at Indore and the PGP programmes at Mumbai and UAE.

The data below is the minimum that people have scored in the CAT 2011 exam and in important academic exams of their life which had a significant weight in the shortlisting and the final selection. Please bear in mind that IIM Indore uses a normalization formula and hence 62% in a particular board/stream may be higher than 70% in another.

All the scores below are the minimum. The maximum percentile would be 99.9%ile +


Total No. of Students admitted through GMAT 2
Minimum GMAT Score 720

Now the above need to be looked in the light of the shortlisting criteria last year, which was –

CAT 2011 Section 1 (20 per cent) + CAT 2011 Section 2 (30 per cent) + SSC (15 per cent) + HSC (15 per cent) + Bachelor’s Degree (15 per cent) + Professional Diversity (5 per cent). Total – 100 per cent.

That explains the higher VA/RC cutoff and a relatively lower Overall Percentile cutoff.  IIM Indore until CAT 2008 never gave interview calls to anyone below overall percentile of 98.5 in the general category. Overall Percentile had no weight last year except that it had to be more than 90 percentile.

It is pertinent to note that the 5% professional diversity didn’t affect the overall composition of the batch as 93% of the batch was made of engineers. They have dropped it from the criteria of CAT 2012.

(Please note that getting more than the minimum percentiles/acad scores does not mean you should have got a call. There was a composite score based on the criteria above which was used to call people and post that interview and WAT scores were added to it. The table above just tells you the minimum in each of those various parameters. A combination of those parameters would give a composite score and a merit list is prepared on that composite score.  Also, normalization was done for Xth/XIIth/Grad scores.)

Looking forward – CAT 2012 

This year the Overall percentile cutoff could be lower (not lower than 90 though as that is the cutoff). Sectional cutoffs this year are 80 percentile. However, once these basic benchmarks are crossed, your final call is dependent only on your past academics.  Normalization will be done. But Xth/XIIth with weight of 35% and Graduation score 30% hold the key. Decent past acad scorers with as low as 91%ile can be hopeful of a call as CAT has no weight in the shortlisting merit list. 2140 general category students will be called. So the top 2140 general category students who have more than 90,85,85 %ile in Overall, Section1, Section2 of CAT 2012 will be sorted based on the composite score obtained from their acads after normalization for various boards. And hence a person with 99.99%ile could be out of the game if he/she has screwed up one of the 3 important exams in his/her life. Read this year’s criteria here

After Interview and WAT, the final admit will be based on a final composite score:

SSC 17% + HSC 17% + Grad 16% + PI 35% + WAT 15%

One can be quite sure that the number of 74 women (which went down from 90+ in the Class of 2013) will touch the 3 figure mark with this criteria in place. IIM Indore will still have a smaller pool of women to choose from as compared to IIM Kozhikode which has no sectional cutoffs and an overall percentile cutoff of 85 percentile. Plus, IIM Indore does not offer extra marks based on gender which IIM K does. Hence, number of women at IIM K will surely be more than at IIM I for the Class of 2015.

Also note that number of general category students finally admitted is slightly higher than the 213 originally supposed to be admitted. That is because all the candidates in the reserved categories fulfilling the basic minimum criteria  for that category would have been exhausted. The empty seats must have been filled by general category students in the waitlist. This would be the case in a lot of IIMs .

Let’s also look at the PGP Mumbai and PGP UAE stats for the Class of 2014.

Total No. of Students admitted through GMAT 5
Minimum GMAT Score 680

It is a small batch of 34 students but the profile of students admitted at PGP Mumbai is at par. Given the fact that they have the same professors (and at times more accomplished visiting faculty) they shouldn’t feel out of place when they do their 4th Term at IIM Indore with the flagship PGP students.

Total No. of Students admitted through GMAT 5
Minimum GMAT Score 640

Clearly, both CAT and GMAT scores seem to drop for the RAK,UAE PGP programme.

We would like to thank the Admissions team at IIM Indore for sharing this data with us. We believe it will help students and potential applicants immensely.

We are hoping to get more data from a lot of other Top Business Schools. It is difficult to get it most times but we try our best at InsideIIM.



If you require help with Interview preparation, please reach out to us.  Allow us to help you!

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I may be incorrect but I seem to be missing something. Last year my scores were as follows:
Class 10th-93%
Class 12th-84.6%
Graduation 78.8%
Work Ex-NIL

I meet all the minimum criteria which have been presented but I did not have a call from IIM-Indore. Can someone care to explain?

Will really appreciate.


But when you mention that this is the minimum required, doesnt it mean after normalization?


No. Your 78% in grad could get a lower score than someone with 72% in a different board. Same could be the case with 10th and 12th. Its the Composite score that matters and not your percentage at face value written by you above or as provided by IIM Indore in the table above.


different boards in graduation!!!!!!!!! what are the various boars? can you explain please


You need 80 percentile in both the sections. Thats a basic filter. Beyond that it does not matter at all.

Deepinder Singh

CAT OA=98.13

What are my chances of securing an IIM-I call ?


Do you happen to have any research material that throws light on this 'normalisation'?



Just to bring in a perspective, the lowest percentile is not the exact indicator as a lot of other parameters like WAT,PI,Acads,work experience , extra curriculars etc. I have a friend who had applied to PGP UAE with 98.73 percentile but did'nt get a call because he wasnt good in other parameters. We all know why cut offs are lower in govt. institutes 🙂


I don't understand how exactly this normalization method works, cause I myself had 96.4 last year and didn't convert PGP-RAK and Mumbai … The statistics provided above should be mentioned with the university, cause getting 90% in TN and 90% in Maharashtra is quite different. Getting a 5.6 CGPA at IIT and 56 percent at Mumbai University is quite different … I had got a call for PI+WAT but couldn't convert, hoping for the best this year ..


Unfortunately, we didn't ask them for the average values. It was a mistake from our end. Now, the admissions team is busy with the shortlisting of the 2013-15 batch and will find it difficult to send us the data. We will try and give you as much information as possible from other institutions.


@InsideIIM: what should we make out of this data?
how will the minimum score in 10th/12th/graduation help us i any way?

Prakhar Goud

One of my friend studies in the PGP-RAK program and he has scored 97.6%ile in CAT last year.

The article here fails to mention that the program has 40 brilliant candidates with industry wide experience from the top notch firms and institutes including IIMs.
Moreover, it also has the same faculties as of IIM Indore and the course outline is also similar. They are currently in the Indore main campus and will be moving to UAE in the next few weeks.

I myself am gonna apply for that program this year as its more of an international PGP. I just hope to get a call… "Fingers Crossed"


Data is bit dicey. I heard that IIM PGP RAK is good with batch's average CAT score and Average, work-ex is at par with normal PGP. Also IIT/NIT to student ratio is also much better with almost 20%. I am interested in this course and my friend is currently pursuing this course at Indore and will be leaving to Dubai soon.I'll any time go for this.
PS: my friend's who is in PGP RAK batch had a cat score of 98.7%

Sneha Nair

CAT % 95.67
10th 88%
12th 92%
2 months at infy
I applied for IIM call for this course :'( I think I got cheated….!!!


Hi my CAT 2012 percentile is as follows: Sec1 : 98.58, Sec2 : 87.56, Overall : 97.27
Academics : 10th – 91.20%, 12th – 79.50%, Grad – 81.70%, How are my chances of making it to IIM Indore or IIM Indore PGP Mumbai? Please reply?


CAT 2012 93.47%ile, Engg Grad 71.8% 12th 86.6% 10th 93.625% (10th and 12th both from WB Board), fresher male. NC-OBC. how are my chances??

Sanath Kumar

Hello Sir,
This is a great article. Have a few queries.
I'm pursuing my 2nd year B.E under VTU, Bangalore. My Academic Results are 84% in X, 65% in XII, 70% in VTU. As I've two more years in BE, I'm trying to push my aggregate to reach 75+ or hopefully 80.
I have had 2 startups until today, 1 running successfully over an year and a half. I'm also doing an Intern in a Multi National Advertising Company.
I would like to know, What I've to do to be Top 20 MBA Colleges in India. As I know, My profile is not eligible for IIM's, I'd request you to guide me as in What I've to do to improve my chances of being in a Top 20 MBA College in India.
Thank you,

sandeep chaurasia

what is the Zmin and Zmax in normalisation equation for IIM Indore.
Do they collect the values of Zmin,Zmax from the previous year of CAT exam or they will collect it from the year in which I passed my 10th or 12th.