Final Placements : Class of 2012 : XLRI Jamshedpur

If there were pundits scaring you about the state of the economy and whether there were jobs out there in the market, XLRI Jamshedpur responds with resounding success.  Not only has XLRI Jamshedpur managed to place students in companies with great reputation but also there is great diversity of options across the different functions. As per the placement committee of XLRI Jamshedpur, 98% of the batch was placed by the end of the 3rd day of the Placement Week.  There is no doubt that XLRI Jamshedpur remains one of the few most sought after campuses for recruiters and it manages to do so well despite the goegraphical disadvantage year after year.

(Three things to note when you look at the report below : 1) It includes companies that offered PPOs. Hence, they may not have visited the campus during finals but students from the Class of 2012 have offers from those companies based on their good performance during the summer of 2011. 2) XLRI generally does not give a BM/PMIR split and that makes  it difficult for one to know whether all students can apply to all companies. 3) Consulting firms like AonHewitt, Mercer and Hay Group are mainly in the HR space. They have been classified as Business Consulting but we would recommend readers to exercise caution and check with industry experts and current students of XLRI to get a clear idea of the roles.)

Some of the highlights that made  us sit up and take notice:

1) Consulting : This is one function where XLRI seems to have grown by leaps and bounds. Given the weakness in the finance sector, in general consulting companies across campuses are taking advantage and netting the best talent. Big names seemed to have made multiple offers. McKinsey & Co. seems to have made a return. BCG has now become a regular recruiter with 4 students joining BCG this year. Accenture, Deloitte, KPMG, Ernst & Young etc. are all there.

2) General Management – The options just keep growing each year for students. It  is a great sign as general management profiles offer a good well-rounded experience early in the career.

3) Finance – There has not  been a huge hit despite the downturn and Finance enthusiasts definitely had enough options. Standard Chartered has also offered apart from the regular IG roles,  a prestigious Singapore based role generally offered only  to Ivy league schools. 

4 ) PPOs – Almost 1 out of 3 students already had a job before final placements started.  This talks very highly of the quality of work put in by XLRI students during their summer internships and also the brand value XLRI enjoys among top recruiters  in the country.

5) Novartis continued its tradition of recruiting from XLRI, for its Basel, Switzerland based role. The only Asian school Novartis recruits from for this role.

6) The  fact that companies  like Goldman Sachs and Airtel made double digit offers points to the fact that XLRI alumni network  is extremely strong and over the years XLRI graduates have done very well in the industry.

7) The practise of giving out the Mean Dometic Salary is very welcome and 15.5 lacs + average CTC for 50% of the batch  is a wonderful statistic putting XLRI in the top league of schools in India.

If we had 1 grouse it would just be that XLRI should change it policy and release BM and PMIR(HRM) placement reports separately. It will make career decisions for a lot of aspirants much easier.

Detailed domain wise report is as given  in the tables below :

No one at XLRI Jamshedpur can complain about lack of options when it comes to FMCG and Marketing roles. Given below is a list of companies who offered roles in Marketing,Finance and  Strategy roles in Telcom, Technology and other exciting sectors.

Team wishes to thank XLRI Jamshedpur  placement committee representatives  for sharing  the role wise classification  as per the insideIIM format. The commentary around every statistic  is strictly by people at and the XLRI  placement committee has not played any role in it.

This is the first in a series of reports that will bring to you. We are committed in bringing you a complete picture. We will also ensure that no irresponsible reporting is done on this website. Attempt will be made to verify the data with the institution before any publishing is done. However, lack of response from the institution will not prevent us from providing insight to our readers. We must also put a disclaimer that despite our best efforts it is not always necessary that the data given to us is 100 % accurate.


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Can somebody tell what roles were offered by Deloitte/KPMG at XLRI both for BM and PMIR??


@XLer – I wanted to know in specific what profiles were offered by KPMG & Deloitte for BM candidates…..
The table in the article just mentions Business Consulting, which in itself is a big domain to classify any role…
In specific I wanted to know
– Did KPMG offered its Financial Risk Management Profile? (It had offered this profile in 2011)
– Apart from S&O, did Deloitte hire for any other profile for BM candidates?


@editors Near the FMCG table above "No one at XLRI…." is not along with rest of Para, giving a completely different meaning to it (if a person reads through quickly) please modify


XLRI placements are just wow! Now I'm confused…I have calls from XLRI and IIM L …do you thiink due to smaller batch size I have a better shot at XLRI for getting a top placement? Of course subject to conversions…I know the crowd at XL is bound to be better 😛


If you are looking into Finance, go for IIM-L, anything else you have a better chance of getting that job at XLRI


Please dont make it a pagalguy by igniting comparisons. Both are good. If on one side XL enjoys better placements due to smaller batch size, IIML enjoys better placements owing to highest averge work-ex and has investment banks in its laterals placements(no other IIMs and leave others, enjoy this)

Also, why are you so much wary about smaller bafch size? Do you doubt your own capabilities to get placed on day zero?

Btw, an awesome show by XLRI. Excellent placements. Congrats everyone.


Agree that IIML enjoys better placements…but certainly workex is not the reason…infact IIML has changed its criteria for the current batch studying…ROFL on "iimL has investment bank in laterals"….can u just name one…HSBC-GRS and Goldman sachs-Tech are not investment banking profiles….


can you guys believe it just 5 years ago, average placement figures of xlri was around 8 lakhs. Its doubled in such a short period of time.I wonder till when will this boom last. median salary of 15.5 lakhs is simply mind boggling. Even if average take away is 12,its still pretty amazing. Good job by xlri. The battle between xlri and iim lucknow wont be settled anytime soon. But i can safely say that both are better than fms,iim i,k and the likes.


Its not at all safe to say that xl is better than FMS. in fact, many more people who leave IIM L leave it for FMS than for XL. There have also been people in the past few years who have left IIMs ABC for FMS, I haven't heard such cases for IIM L and XL. BEsides location and investment of FMS are uncomparable.
Undisputeldy, IIMs ABC are in one leage, and just a noth below are FMS, IIM L and XL. To rank these colleges within each sub group is completely subjective. Each one is a gem in their own right


what misinterpretation? i came to know about the fee of FMS somewhere in this website only which is way too less than any other b school in india about 50,000 and with that you get 15 lac avg pay, tell me where else to you get it


ROI is not that simple to calculate that you divide the bloated average package by the fees paid.


How do freshers do during the placements? i have heard that people with work-ex have an edge over the freshers? Is it? Please throw some light on it.


Different companies look for different profiles. Both freshers and experience people get good offers in final placements. Many Work-ex people get place during lateral recruitment so freshers don't have much competition during final placements and they easily get good offers.


Good thing to use the median salary …… Average has never been a great indicator of salaries….. Also, would be interesting to know
– Median salary for BM as against Median for PMIR ?
– Median salary for Fresher vs 1 year work ex vs 2 year work ex vs 3 year work ex ?

Would make a lot of sense to the future XL Aspirants…..


BM and PMIR have nearly same median, although can't comment on average.
experience wise doesn't make sense, as many companies have variable depending on experience.

timeschange is no reason specified for the decrease in companied from more than 100 last year to 73.Why such a big decrease from past year?

Team InsideIIM

@timeschange – That depends on how a placement season pans out. Sometimes companies make more offers reducing the need to continue placements on future days as everyone is placed and hence lower number of companies.

Also, depends on how it is reported. Some campuses do not include the PPO companies as a part of participating recruiters. Some campuses do. IN some years they dont. In some years they do. All these affect the stats.

Team InsideIIM

@Rajagopal – We are waiting to publish reports. However, as per information with us 5 days ago, no one has announced the closure of their placements. IIM A, B, L, I, K. Most campuses had candidates still to be placed in double digits. IIM C and SPJIMR have announced completion of placements. IIM C has asked us to wait for 1 week for data. Still to here from SPJIMR. No word yet from FMS Delhi yet or from JBIMS Mumbai.


@insideiim Team
average 16.4 lac
mean 15.5 lac
but aren't average and mean the same thing??


@rohan No big mystery there…its a typo and should have read “median” instead of “mean”


who would have got this 40 lakh package….i mean in which industry would it be, XL to be known for its HR, does HR pays this much?