Final Placements – Class Of 2017 – NMIMS Mumbai

Highlights as per the placement report:

  • Flagship MBA (522 students) & MBA HR (65 students) totalling 587 students participated in the Final Placement Process

Flagship MBA Program:

  • Highest Salary: INR 34.11 LPA
  • Average Salary INR  17.58 LPA
  • Average of Top 50: INR 26.5 LPA
  • Average of Top 120: INR 23.4 LPA

MBA HR Program:

  • Highest salary: INR 17 LPA
  • Average Salary INR 13.57 LPA

In all 176 companies participated out of which 70 were new recruiters.











In case you wish to point out anomalies in the report, do write to us at editor(at)insideiim(dot)com. We will try to clarify it with the placement committee/company. Anonymity will be ensured.

Final Placement Reports for the Class of 2017 across schools can be found here.


Note: This report was edited on 20th April 2017 at 9 am




The front-end I-Banking names are misleading. None except for SBI Capital has offered front end roles at NMIMS Mumbai. NMIMS Mumbai placement committee is doing the mischief here.


They have also not mentioned the HR roles under various sectors and companies. All 65 students got into HR Consulting? Not possible. This is again misleading as NMIMS is passing off HR recruits under different domains. Aspirants will make the wrong choice if they believe this report. Request Team InsideIIM to modify the report accordingly or at least add a disclaimer.


The template we were given by Team InsideIIM had no space to mention HR recruiters in other sectors, hence, initially only HR recruiters in consulting were added. The modified post has HR recruiters in other domains as well. Hope this answers your concern.