Final Placements : IIM Indore – Class of 2012

We are extremely happy to have IIM Indore on board with the Placement Committee verifying the report in the InsideIIM format.

However, very disturbingly, a leading management education website decided to copy the InsideIIM format without giving any due credit. This is the second instance in a fortnight There have been instances in the past where management education websites have shamelessly plagiarized effort made by Team InsideIIM. The entire report was prepared by Team InsideIIM and was sent to the Placement Committee for verification. After a few modifications, the report was sent back to us by the Placement Committee of IIM Indore. Somehow a report appeared in a leading management education website in a similar format. The same report was then sent by the IIM Indore placement team to one of the biggest websites in India and they have used the exact same data stripped off all the formatting and branding. This is appalling.  (The previous statement was omitted based on comments below and further investigation on the issue by Team InsideIIM.)

We rely on our readers to acknowledge this and help us reach out to a wider audience regarding who the creators of the original format are. these incidents of plagiarism.(The previous statement was omitted based on comments below and further investigation on the issue by Team InsideIIM.)

Back to the subject of this post, it is necessary to put things in perspective. Class of 2012 was the 13th batch to graduate from IIM Indore and also the largest batch of any IIM at any point of time in history of Independent India. Also, the average pre-MBA work experience of the 443 large batch was over 30 months. The only other institute to attempt something like this has been ISB Hyderabad in its brief history of just over a decade. Just for this reason alone, we would commend IIM Indore for having being able to place over 430 candidates.

The view at InsideIIM is that 100% placements is not a great barometer of an institute’s ability or reputation. While a lot of you may disagree, when we look at top business schools in the world it is normal for a big chunk of candidates to remain unplaced 6 months after graduation. We see the same trend coming to India soon. In any case we believe it makes more sense to be unplaced than to take any job that comes one’s way.


Highlights of the Final Placement season at IIM Indore :

– Boston Consulting Group returned to recruit again and has become a regular now at IIM Indore.  TAS has added IIM Indore as a campus along with 2 other campuses ( IIM K and IIM S) in the country this Final Placement Season.

– Several middle and senior management level offers were rolled out to match the expertise and preferences of the batch, which had an average work experience of 32 months

-20% year on year growth in the number of offers made per company

– Sales & Marketing and Consulting were the most sought after profiles with 27% and 26% of the candidates opting for them respectively.

-IIM Indore continued its steadily increasing dominance in the consulting domain, with a 90% surge in the number of offers over the previous year

-The 443 strong batch saw a 50% increase in the number of recruiters visiting the campus

– IT/ITES and BFSI sectors rolled out maximum offers to 46% of the candidates. Highlight of the season includes 13% of the candidates opting for sunrise sectors such as e-commerce, Education, Pharma and Healthcare.

-Cognizant Business Consulting (CBC) selected 28 candidates and emerged as the largest recruiter of this season. Global Consulting arm of Tata Consultancy Services and Deloitte Consulting recruited 19 and 13 candidates respectively

– A conglomerate offered EA to MD role to one of the candidates

The list below is not exhaustive – Names of certain companies have been withheld due to non-disclosure agreements with  the companies.

(The new trend InsideIIM has observed this season is placement committees deliberately not wishing to share a few names that have actually recruited. They do this due to strategic reasons. All campuses discover a few new companies or forge new relationships with companies unheard of previously. It happens a lot with hedge funds and certain niche consulting companies. They do not want other campuses to discover names of these companies and target them.)



The above names do not include certain niche consulting and retail companies which have recruited and also offered international placements in Asia – Singapore and the Middle East.

We would also like to point out that IIM Indore was the only campus to separately share names of companies that offered PPOs to its students.

Also, 9 students were yet to be placed as on May 6th,  2012 and the Placement Cell of IIM Indore continues to help them seek quality jobs.

We would like to thank the placement committee of IIM Indore for providing information in the format. We believe it will be of immense help to readers, aspirants and recruiters.

This is the seventh in a series of reports that will bring to you. We are committed in bringing you a complete picture. We will also ensure that no irresponsible reporting is done on this website. Attempt will be made to verify the data with the institution before any publishing is done. However, lack of response from the institution will not prevent us from providing insight to our readers. We must also put a disclaimer that despite our best efforts it is not always necessary that the data given to us is 100 % accurate.


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Asian Paints made only 1 offer i.e. a PPO in Supply Chain. It may have visited the campus in the finals, but no S&M offers were made.


I can see Solutions Middle East and Target Retail in the report on the website. Why is it not shown here?

Mahesh Roy

Are they the names IIM I placomm wants to hide? My friend who graduated from IIM Indore this year is in Dubai working for Solutions Middle East. To the best of my knowledge, he got placed from campus along with a few of his friends in this company

Team InsideIIM

We have been expressly asked by the IIM Indore Placement Committee to not put names of a few recruiters in the report because they don't wish to. And we have confirmed that those companies not only visited the campus but also made multiple offers.

The irony is that a lot of those names are already out on their own website which we believe will be visited by more people than

rahul sharma

Why are we saying "TOP 250" again and again. Is IIm I ashamed of rest of its batch? No one forced IIM Indore to raise its seats. It was IIm I's decision. I fail to understand what IIm I wants to prove by that and to INSIDE IIM as well, we all know abut your affections towards IIM Indore but guys please be neutral don tell us what the "best top 250" of IIM Indore got because you dont do that for ISB or "best 100 of IIM A or B" for that matter. Maintain your neutralitly before complaining others for wrongdoings


Your point would have made sense had IIM Indore not disclosed the average salary of all the accepted offers. However, they have disclosed it without any hesitation. it is 13.3 LPA, isn't it? The average of top 250 offers is just an additional piece of information which may be used to compare with some colleges which have had small batch strength since ages.


2009-11 batch of IIM I was 240 – So the avg salary comparison should be made with the top 250 of this year.


I think its extremely unfair to make comments like 100% placment of the batch is not necessary, as long as the majority get placed. I think each and every candidate has paid a 100% of the tuition fees and other expenses and hence deserves a job at the end of the academc year. Philosophical statements like "This happens in the West and this trend will shift here too" is a very unwise statement to make, when students take out expensive education loans, have responsibilites to handle and have to contend with paying out the EMIs for a significant part of their post MBA work experience.

Team InsideIIM

You are free to disagree. It is our view.

And it is not that we report wrong information. Aspirants who feel they want to only go to institutes that ensure 100% placements will do so.

IIM Indore and IIM Kozhikode have been honest in revealing the fact that not every candidate was placed. We routinely get emails from students telling us how either they were forced to sign out or were offered jobs that forced them to sign out. You'll see an article by one of the authors on this aspect in a few days too.

Team InsideIIM

Your view has been considered and we have sent this to the IIM Indore Placement Committee and certain alums in Asian Paints whom we engage with for their respone. Appropriate changes will be made based on our verification.


@ Brendan: I agree to the point that 100% placement is absolutely necessary. But I strongly object to the reason cited by you that ' since everyone has paid 100 % fees, everyone deserves a job at the end.' Education is not a commodity. Its not something that comes with a money back guarantee. Actually it doesn't need to. When you pass an exam and join a good Institute, it doesn't mean that your responsibility towards your education is over. When you join a top college, you also have to give your best efforts. I have seen many people who join a great college and just relax in the hope that the college will go all out to help them find a job. A college placement committee is not an employment agency that you pay to give you a job. Rather, placements are secondary functions for an academic institution and placement committees only help in bridging the gap between the students and employers. The placement cell is there only to 'assist' students in getting a job.

(PS: The author of this comment has been a placecom member of a leading technical institute and knows the nitty gritty of placements in technical institutions and believes b-school placements are no different)


@Mastermind890…. If placements does not matter and institute does not feel the responsibility of placing the students then why institutes are majorly rated on the basis of the placements. Why is there even a system of 100%placements to judge institutes?

Institutes should have provisions to develop the skill set of students who do not belong to top 250 or any other top cadre…


Dear MasterMind:
Just publish that, IIM's are not going to offer any placement service and see the response of students taking CAT exam. It will drop like Satyam shares in 2009. And If you announce, there will no corruption then no one (mostly) will attempt civil services examination. This year there were more IIM's in CSE results.
Do you really think, students are willing to pay Huge amount as fee without placements guarantee.
why does institute charge fee for placements provision in tuition fee.
Taking about placement committee, Its very different from your technical institutes and their is lot more involved.
when you see the reality most of the things changes.

Apurv Pandit

I think you can go ahead and name the "leading management education" website here :).

Firstly, I think you guys are doing a great job here. Some of the articles here are extremely informative to someone who needs to decide between top b-schools and frankly, much of this information isn't available in a collated format anywhere on the web. I'm glad to see that a lot of these articles are being linked to by people on the PG forum threads.

Placements… everyone's favorite topic :D. Since we at PG started reporting them enthusiastically in 2005, it became apparent to us very soon that the data we got was perhaps 70% fact and 30% fiction. I don't think that has changed even today, as all of us in the media are at the mercy of PR committees.

However in these years, we did try to force b-schools to reveal a lot of data that they didn't put out in the reports, and made them account for every student, every company, every offer, every glaring mathematical discrepancy. To the extent that b-schools started structuring their reports acc to the format PG demanded (that trademark tabular format with student/company/offer numbers), because heck, we were the only ones publishing that much datas. We all know how ET, BS, TOI, selectively take the juiciest numbers and publish a small 300-word piece out of it.

Even then, although the reports on PG looked shinily comprehensive from the outside, we still haven't gotten round to trust PR committees 100%. But this is how the scene works and we have to make the best of it, so let's not gripe over it.

But I have to say that somewhere along the line, and I think when the IPRS came, a lot of things we had been fighting for came full circle. (Ref:

After this, we felt a little like we had "grown up"". The kind of feeling of growing up you get when you win a battle and now look for a newer fight.

I don't mind putting myself out there and say that we have grown out of this placement related chor-police game now and can't spend the rest of our lives making a new placement committee/media committee of every year release numbers in a more evolved manner, especially when we now personally think that,

1. B-schools should stop suggesting provision of placements as an unsaid promise

2. Transparency in data should come out of self-responsibility, and not because a media/website forces it to happen

3. Business education is maturing in India, and aspirants will increasingly stop expecting b-schools to hand them out a job at the end

So it's quite clear that we at PG are not that aggressive about making schools report their job data anymore. But personally, I am glad that someone else is – InsideIIM.

It is therefore quite natural that b-schools are designing their reports as per the format you dictate and circulating it to other media too. Don't be surprised if you find this information format reaching ET next year.

Can you stop b-schools from sending a certain format to all media? Maybe. Can you blame the other media for using this information after having received it? I don't think so. I think that "plagiarism" was a rather strong word to use there.

You will find happening this information reaching to bigger media next year. And as someone who has been through this format-defining spell a few years ago, my advice to you would be to continue innovating with more useful features up your sleeve so that your mind is more on the next big cool thing that you are going to do in placement reportage, and not on the natural effects of trailblazing that your work is bound to make happen.

Will continue to haunt this website.

Apurv Pandit

Thanks for publishing my comment. I should add the following as a response to your claim that,

"The same report was then sent by the IIM Indore placement team to one of the biggest websites in India and they have used the exact same data stripped off all the formatting and branding. This is appalling."

Assuming you're talking about PG here, following are the artifacts in question.

The Excel file in question sent by IIM-I – file
Please note that it contains no branding of any website.

Screenshot of the email in which the attachment was contained – image –

Assuming that we're talking about PG here, you can verify with Vibhu Kapoor of IIM-I that we have not knowingly taken any information that was supposed to reach your website.

If however PG is not what you were talking about, ignore my comments. My thoughts about the bigger picture are already in my previous comment. Cheers.

Team InsideIIM

Thanks for your response Apurva. We have made appropriate modifications to the tone of the article based on your comments and a little more digging into the issue. Due to lack of evidence on the contrary, we accept your contention that format and data was used unknowingly.

Our view is that the episode could have been avoided had due credit been given. Yes. We do not have any copyright on the format but it is now widely known that we created this reporting format and it has helped aspirants, students and recruiters. It is fair to assume most portals in this space are aware of this. It would just have been nice and professional if credit was given.

We would like to bury this issue and move on.

Please do haunt the website and encourage more people to do so 🙂

Apurv Pandit

I am not exactly sure what to give credit on… the provision of detailed profiles? People on PG comments have been demanding that we give detailed profile information in our reports, so we started asking schools to give it to us and this is what they have been sending us. It could be that this demand came because of the work that InsideIIM has done, or maybe it's just the conversation trend of the day. I don't know which of the two it is because as I said, I really don't care about being the NASA of placement reports that much anymore.

Until a couple of years ago, when we did care about these reports, we used to force b-schools to give us exclusive data as a pre-condition for publishing a report on PG. Maybe you should try something on those lines to keep your advantage.

But I would be happy if you appreciate that all of us are driven by reader needs and if that results in all of us getting the same information, it's not because one is trying to copy the other, but a natural result of editorial efforts. You should know that about PG as we have been fiercely independent to the extent of invoking reader hate upon ourselves hundreds of times and would continue to do so if that is what we feel is the right thing for the day. We really don't visit other websites all the time and lose sleep over who we should copy today, just as I am sure you don't either. So I don't think there is a need to obsess over these things. We should just keep doing good work and smile to ourselves whenever we think we have proven a point and move on to do the next cool thing. Sorry if I went overboard in expressing my opinion :).


Is someone going to Apurv here, as he does, to all people who question content of PG-his kingdom-


The report nowhere mentions that more than 70-80 students were left unplaced at the end of 5 days and they had to go into rolling. That is a huge misrepresentation of facts especially when they are claiming 100% placements-largest batch or not.

IIM I student

First of all 70-80 students were not left unplaced. Don't spew nonsense when you have not an iota of information.

Second, no one has claimed 100% placements. Open your eyes and read the whole report.

9 students were unplaced as of 6th May and they are still being supported by the placement cell.

I request Team InsideIIM to delete such irresponsible comments tarnishing the image of an institute.

Neutral Junta

I seriously believe that there should be some kind of moderation with the kind of comments being posted in replies to articles. Trying to malign colleges with incorrect information should be dealt with.


which authority has audited the official report ? after going thru many many placement reports on pg and other forums and than talking with that batch's people i dont belive anymore on the 'OFFICIAL ' reports . so untill and unless its been verified by some agency ……use your own mind and use your own wise cicle of friends and relatives and facebook to find out what truth is …..because just righting official isnt a seal of transparency ….


would like to know about the profile of the 32lpa candidate, coz in this season the 32 lpa figure is quite prominent !


I would like to know the median salary in IIM I this year which is not mentioned in any of the articles…………….

IIM L student

So, IIM Indore has tried to hide names of Solutions Middle East, Target Retail, Emerson, Avalon Consulting, ABC Consulting….But people already know it since they read it on…So whats the big deal in hiding it? Strategic advantage gone for a toss..


@Mastermind890…. If placements does not matter and institute does not feel the responsibility of placing the students then why institutes are majorly rated on the basis of the placements. Why is there even a system of 100%placements to judge institutes?

Institutes should have provisions to develop the skill set of students who do not belong to top 250 or any other top cadre…

Neutral Junta

Placements is not a fair indicator of college's performance as older colleges and colleges having smaller batch sizes always tend to be better placed in terms of placing its students. Hence on a year on year basis its not the best indicator for comparing colleges. eg you can probably say that what was the YOY growth of IIMABC's average salary in the 13th year as compared to IIMI taking into account factors such as inflation. That will gave a better indicator of college's performance.
However placements are important from the student perspective because most of the students have taken loans and they need to know the viability of repaying back the loans in due time. 100% placement is assuming that 100% students take loans. If someone has not taken a loan he/she has a lot of time at hand and in the long term he/she might find a job which is more to his/her liking and satisfaction.


@Mastermind890 – This is in response to your statement "I have seen many people who join a great college and just relax in the hope that the college will go all out to help them find a job. A college placement committee is not an employment agency that you pay to give you a job."

Assuming you are 'aware' of the grading and the CGPA system, which is relative in nature, which could mean that even if i score high marks but relatively am not in the top 10-20 of the batch i could end up with poor grades! Poor grades lead to poor cgpas….And on a reasoning level, its not possible for each and every student of the class to end up with high scores….some score high, others average and the remaining below average. Now, to brand students as 'He/she doesnt study and he/she wants placements", is pretty lame to say in the least! I guess each individual student has struggled hard enough to enter the hallowed portals of an IIM/Top 10 B School would have atleast that basic level of concern and responsibility towards performing well in his/her course!


You really think so..? It is quite common for students to get completely relaxed once they get into a Big school.. Forget about studying, there are many instances of students falling short of attendance.. Its not uncommon for cat 99+ percentilers to end up with the bottom ranks… I think its really important to give the Top 250 placements.. since they are the guys who cared enough.. of course there will be some who are lucky and vice versa..


Good going folks @ IIM-I 🙂

@Rambo, why make the placements based on pure academics, theres more to post graduation than academia.


I have observed that in the InsideIIM articles, the first 2-3 paragraphs of the placement reports talk about everything other than the placement reports itself.

IIM I student

Yes. IIM Indore aims to completely professionalize Placements. In 5 years time there will be no student run placement committee. However, in 2012 these reports were published based on just talks. A placement agency was hired but we have not used them yet.
But its possible in 2014/2015 that 80% of the placements will be driven by agencies hired by the institute.