Final Placements : IIM Kozhikode – Class of 2012

Update on 13th April 2012 – The report has now been verified with inputs from the IIM Kozhikode placement committee.

‘IIM Kozhikode successfully completed placements despite a paralyzed economy, increased batch size and global slowdown’ says the Placement report sent to us.

Major highlights:

– Tata Administrative Services recruited the highest number of candidates (6) from among all IIMs despite recruiting at IIM K for the first time.

– Average Salary rose by 7% over last year

– No. of PPOs increased from 18 in 2011 to 51 – almost a 3 fold increase

-47% increase in new recruiters which shows increase in confidence of the industry on our students

– Highest Domestic Salary by a Europe based investment bank. Highest International Offer is for a General Management Role

– Sales & Marketing domain saw maximum number of offers at IIM Kozhikode

– General Management saw the highest average CTC

– Madura F&L, Idea Cellular and TATA Motors expressed their happiness and satisfaction with the placement process at IIM Kozhikode

Highest Number of Offers :

Deloitte 16

Cognizant 11

HCL 11

RIL 10

Goldman Sachs 7

Asian Paints 7


Earlier, this report talked about 3 students still to be placed based on an email from the Placement Chairperson. The Placement Office at IIM K has clarified that all 3 students have offers but the institute is trying to help them get better offers. The misinformation was due to a change in guard as a new Placement Chairperson has been appointed.

Please find below information about various profiles based on data in the Placement Report given to us by IIM Kozhikode on 13th April 2012.  The names below may also include companies that gave PPOs and may not have visited the campus for Final Placements.


We would like to thank the Placement Committee of IIM Kozhikode in helping us publish verified and accurate information.

This is the fourth in a series of reports that will bring to you. We are committed in bringing you a complete picture. We will also ensure that no irresponsible reporting is done on this website. Attempt will be made to verify the data with the institution before any publishing is done. However, lack of response from the institution will not prevent us from providing insight to our readers. We must also put a disclaimer that despite our best efforts it is not always necessary that the data given to us is 100 % accurate.

Disclaimer : does not take any responsibility for decisions taken on the basis of the above report. You are advised to check with experts and certified career counselors. Also, the contents of the above report have been changed on 13th April 2012 after engagement with the IIM Kozhikode Placement Committee. An unverified report was published on 12th April 2012. This is now a verified report.


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Great placements IIM Kozhikode given that many others couldnt complete placements this time. Congrats and All the best to the batch.


IIM K hasn't completed placements either. 3 people are still to be placed as mentioned above


When they mean 3, it means 3 ppl are still in the process…wat abt ppl who accepted sub-standard jobs….wat abt ppl who signed out….i presume pcom would be concentrating on their internship now….even though unverified, the report looks realistic….hope the aspirants would mellow down their expectations b4 joining bschool……….

IIM Indore student

Congratulations to IIM K on the placements. But I'm extremely proud of placements at my institute – IIM I. We had a batch of 450 and only about 20 are still to be placed as against 3 still to be placed at IIM K out of a batch of 317. There are also a lot of names that have recruited from our campus who havent been at IIM Kozhikode – big one is Boston Consulting Group. We had TAS recruiting too though they recruited more at IIM K. Waiting for IIM I to publish report now. Hope they do it.

Team InsideIIM

@Aspirant – We have been trying to engage with authorities at SPJIMR regarding this. We can assure you we are working on it.

If we do not receive co-operation from the placement office at SPJIMR, we will definitely publish an unverified report. The format however depends on how exactly we receive the data.


An offbeat comment, but still, I would like to say that Insideiim is doing a great job. The reports you publish are to the point and very informative as opposed to some other sites like pagalguy where comments are thrown like mads. I have gone through the summers and final placement reports published by you. Keep doing this great work.

Ayush Gupta

Can we expect something for MDI,Gurgaon now tht they have already published their final report?


Are other IIMs fabricating data? 😀 XLRI and IIM C finished at the same time… XL report came long long time back.. What happened to IIMC? Are placements still on? 😀


Buddy IIM C report in on their web site
somewhere on jokatimes page
IIM C would never need to fabricate data

Check the report and you will shut up !!
It is that kind of report.

And think before you make any kind of comment against A,B,C


Buddy, IIMCs placement figures already look unachievable for any other campus in India. So there is no need to fabricate data. Just improve your search skills. You seriously lack on that front, else you would have got the report on jokatimes. Also, IIMABC are busy with admission process of around 400 each not just a bunch of 240. Besides this, IIMC is busy preparing for the international B School conference which will be organized in January. On the same front, IIMA and IIMB is busy with its initiatives for new programs and analysis reports. Afterall they are not placement agencies to put entire focus just o placements.


So you guys are now branding ABC vs others? The industry is giving undue importance to these 3 schools…. The quality is equally good in other schools if not better….And they are charging fee as per their whims and fancies….. Is it even worth it?


In fact companies are fast realizing that 50% of the crowd even in IIM ABC is not on merit. They'd rather go to LIK and get the top guys there. Whats the point of picking up rank 300 in IIM C when Rank 20 in IIM LIK is ready to work for you more earnestly!


Worthiness can be commented on by someone who has entered these great B Schools. You can say that industry is giving undue importance to IIMs. But how is it going to impact? It is just your perception. And the faith of such a big bunch of companies will definitely be more worthy and valuable than that of one or two souls, some might be beleaguered people who lost calls from IIMs trying to malign. IMO, for IIMs, everything to give is worthy. Its been 50 years, its still there and it will be forever that IIMs will be the best. People have tried and people will keep trying to malign them, but this mud-slinging will not help the frustrated cats.


as per 2011 report, avg salary in consulting – 14.42…but how it is 11.2 in the above report (low base effect :P)…similarly for other sectors..

p.s. they should have provided change in their accounting policies(if any) in their supplementary notes. analysts would need them badly.

apologies if my observations are wrong.


Kudos to InsideIIM for separating the wheat from chaff with its reporting. The gap between IIM A.B,C and the rest was well known. The interesting trend emerging this year is how IIM L and XLRI are racing past the likes of IIM I,K etc as far as placements are concerned.

@hello Good point, it does look like they are trying to make the placement report look good by fudging data on salaries. That key companies like Mckinsey & Co, Accenture Business Consulting, HSBC, PWC, HUL(S&M roles), Hewitt and P&G decided drop IIM K from their recruitment plans is also instructive


You havent seen IIM I's report yet! On what basis are you saying it? The only reason IIM I has suffered is because it has a 450 strong batch size. McKinsey & Co. has done a batch day for both IIM I and K like they do for XLRI. HSBC has hired at IIM I (given PPOs and visited campus for Finals), PWC has visited both IIM I and K. BCG has picked up students from IIM Indore for 2 years in a row now(BCG doesnt visit FMS or IIM K). HUL (S&M) has always recruited from IIM Indore and its the first year that they haven't offered a PPO to an IIM Indore student. Accenture Business Consulting has hired students from IIM Indore for Summer Internships. So I don't know what 'racing ahead' you are talking about.

Btw…I cannot see Deutsche Bank or Bank of America Merrill Lynch that hire at IIM Indore in the XLRI report either. Yes. Placements at XLRI Jamshedpur have been better than Indore for the last few years mainly due to IIM Indore's increased batch size.


@Karma My point is IIM L and XLRI could manage decent placements for their students even in a slow year. Yes InsideIIM has not carried a report on IIM I placements. But it has been widely reported in the mainstream media that IIM Indore has been forced seek external agency help (a first among top B Schools) to just place students this year. It has also been commented some where on this thread that 20 students are yet to get any offer this year at Indore. Hence it has not been difficult for me to arrive at the conclusion that all is not well as far as placements are concerned in Indore (Unless the final report released by IIM I paints a different picture).

As far as specific companies are concerned I was merely comparing IIM K's 2012 report to 2011 and the obvious drop in quality. As an external observer I have no way of knowing which company visited which campus so I'll take your word for it. But whats your point?


Point is that the statement – "The interesting trend emerging this year is how IIM L and XLRI are racing past the likes of IIM I,K etc as far as placements are concerned" is a wrong conclusion. You are comparing a 240 batch (120 HRM in it) with 450 at IIM Indore and over 300 at IIM K. Try comparing top 200 placed guys of IIM I,K,FMS and XLRI and your statement becomes a slightly immature conclusion.

And sorry to burst your bubble but IIM Lucknow is far ahead of XLRI Jamshedpur when it comes to placements. One just needs to look at the Summer Placement Report on InsideIIM of both the institutes. Having said that, a student has a better chance of finding a better offer at XLRI and FMS due to a smaller batch size.


Yes sir … Please try comparing the top 200 placed guys of XLRI and IIM I/K … :P… I know the answer for sure after going through the list of companies from the final placement reports of these colleges.


As a neutral, I have always found that some IIML guys are hell bent on proving that they are ahead of XL…Despite the fact that XL is the first to release its placement report and their students are also more dignified about the whole process hardly ever trying to prove that they are ahead or behind some XYZ college…On the other hand IIML despite all its problems, controversy created by the student-placecomm public spat are always there on forums trying to boast how they have bridged the gap between ABC…Way to go guys, Action speaks louder than words!

IIMK alum

HUL gave 4 PPOs for S&M at IIMK and they did visit the campus for finals as well for S&M roles. Not sure why this data is missing from the placement report. And HSBC did visit in finals, recruited and gave PPOs as well, PWC has given PPOs. P&G has offered roles in Ops. McKinsey did participate. Only Accenture BC & Hewitt missed IIMK.

Now IIMs A,B,C always have better placements. K never claims its placements are better than the older institutes'. We are a young institute, our alumni does not hold the power that ABC alumni has and it is well known that ABC alumni prevent companies from going to other campuses due to their inflated ego. We are becoming better each year, and are able to attract better companies although some marquee names might be missing. Again, some students in K get better placements than several students in A, B, C – a fact that cannot be disputed. And some students of IIM K are way better in their intellectual ability and talent than many students of A,B,C. And finally, placements are just a beginning. We, at K, start our careers with a hunger for more and not with a false assumption that we are the best because we were able to score one or two marks more in CAT than others.So let's leave placement reports at that.


Good to know that its just 20 students yet to get placed in IIM-I. Some rumors stated its 50+.
And yeah, valid point raised by 'hello', how could the last year's average get reduced this year ?


please do verify before you comment.. iim k had 4 ppo s from hul…. sales and marketing which i believe is more than all other iims just like TAS which took 8 from iimk in summers(highest across all iims) and 6 in finals(again highest)…deutsche bank also gave offers be it ppos or finals and so dis hsbcGR, hsbc consulting………. btw placements is not the only factor when it comes to bschool nor ur future….. we sometimes place a lot of importance on placements….but there are other factors..all of u are bound to have friends in iims and other colleges…get the true pic and then decide which college is good for you… check about the place, the professors who teach there, the quality of students(the no of students in the top 5 of most competitions across india and by that i mean competitions held by top notch companies….. check cos IIM K IS ALWAYS THERE….!!)…. the new season begins…atb for all….


@TeamInsideiim: Shouldnt atleast the bank offering 32 lakhs in India be a front end role, or from when have back end roles become so lucrative


The 32 lakhs offer is definitely Deutsche Bank GMC. Bonus component has been added in that figure of 32. Fixed salary is about 16-18. And it is a middle office role.


Is it now the policy of all IIMs not to release the overall salary figures? or is it that insideiim didn't ask for them? or is it that IIM-K will be following IPRS from this year?

Team InsideIIM

We have reported whatever was shared with us. IIM B and IIM L have not released salary figures for a few years now. IIM K has released domain-wise salary figures.
We believe average salary figures are not of too much use unless you report it in the IPRS format of IIM A. Most salary calculations are misleading.

InsideIIM focusses on profiles and that should tell the story easily including the salaries.


thanks for the clarification. Till last year IIM-K released some figures like mean, median etc, that's why I asked the question whether this year they have made a conscious effort not to release the figures. And yes, reporting profiles is more important than the ctc.

Neutral Junta

Its very clear that there is ABC and then the rest. But for ABC its mostly because they are older colleges. In due time LIK will be very close to ABC. Also one of the reasons for K doing good in some cases is because of their forced diversity factor and everyone knows that. Moreover if you look at placements at I, the top 250-300 placements are very good as will be evident soon when the I report comes out. Its also futile to compare L with XL as its more like a see saw and the batch sizes varies for both colleges. With time the IIM brand will become stronger and will only go up.


FMS is better thanoth L and XL on multiple fronts. No one who has converted FMS will ever join XL


I would say IIM Lucknow, XLRI and FMS fall in the same category or cluster. It is futile to compare them and assign ranks to them. In my opinion, IIML has better placements than XLRI which in turn has better placements than FMS. Some may agree with me, some may not. The kind of opportunities that each of these three institutes has to offer are comparable. Personally, if I had a choice among IIML, XLRI and FMS, my order would be IIML(would have joined), XLRI and FMS. That is my opinion. And I am pretty sure people ditch FMS for XLRI just like some ditch XLRI for FMS. And between IIML and FMS, more people end up joining IIML over FMS than other way round.


i wud say even JBIMS , falls in the same category as IIM L, XL ,FMS . if u rate them on the basis of placements , alumni network etc . JBIMS alumni networks is as strong as dat of IIM L, FMS,as well as XL .


In my opinion, JBIMS is one notch below IIML, FMS, XLRI.. It is comparable to these institutes when it comes to alumni base. But in terms of placements, these three colleges are a tad better than JBIMS. JBIMS at best is equal to IIMI and IIMK when it comes to placements.


Does it mean that if someone gets salary of 15 lakh,then it includes bonus also & hence actual salary is around 7-8 lakhs only?


Its highly possible…..There are several components to the CTC….
One could have a Joining Bonus, which one wont get the next year…..
One could have a retention bonus, which one will get only if you complete the entire year….
One could have a variable bonus, of which one may get just 20-30% of….
The CTC may contain training charges too, for any training programmes that the MT may have to complete/attend…
So, yes, a 15 lac jo could actually turn into just 9-10 lacs fixed…..


When can we expect a similar report for FMS and SPJIMR? Their official report was released a while back.


from the placement reports and figures it seems that placements of non IIMs like XLRI ,FMS and JBIMS are better than that of IIM I , K . Also given there small batch sizes the probability of a student landing with a better placement in this institutes is higher.