Final Placements : IIM Kozhikode – Class of 2013

In Nov 2011, Class of 2013 at IIM Kozhikode was the first batch at any business school for which the InsideIIM Placement report was published. Read the Summer’s Report for this batch here. Read Final Placements Report for 2012 here.

IIM Kozhikode reported closure of Final Placements last week. Although the salary figures are not audited by an external agency, we were very impressed by the amount of detail available for the salary numbers. Apart from the usual, IIM K has also reported salary figures for women and salary figures for offers made by PSUs. There are also salary figures for each sector for the last 3 years. Assuming the numbers are accurate it will surely help potential aspirants.

A massive 40% of the batch was placed in Sales & Marketing roles. General Management line-up is very impressive too. Banking and Finace has been a tough sector to get offers from across all campuses. Deloitte has a special liking for IIM Kozhikode and a double digit figure of hires justifies such a perception.

IIM Kozhikode has also specially thanked its alumni for being supportive and offering great roles in companies that they have started. Such a gesture towards alumni is always appreciated and something other schools can learn from.

Please find the report in the InsideIIM format below with additional details provided by the committee.

Given below is the sectoral break-up over the last 3 years. All figures are in lacs. Source : IIM K website


We cannot guarantee that 100% of the information above is accurate but we have done our best to verify. We would like to thank the Placement Team at IIM Kozhikode for their co-operation.


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Kind a brave and ethical for IIM Kozhikode to give figures in this detail. Also I believe that IIMK having less than 350 seats have helped them close placements faster and good quality it seems. Mean and Median of top 250 looks comparable to what reported by XL for their top 170(if looked at K's Top 170 I mean).
I can see good progress into FMCG and Pharma space. Its time they got one big consulting name to campus.

Good work K.


Without audit no figures make sense, whether IIM K or XLRI. Just giving more information does not mean the information is accurate.


Same as XLRI. Batch day process in Mumbai with XLRI,Indore,JBIMS etc. No offers were made. In their official report even Microsoft and Amazon have been mentioned. Confirmed Participation/Participation. No offers. Standard Placom tactic to mislead junta. Thankfully, now we have resources like InsideIIM. I'm doubtful of Vodafone,Airtel and Idea too. It says 'participated' in the report.


Airtel, Vodafone and Idea have made offers at IIM-K, that too decent numbers during the final placement.

K Student

Airtel, Vodafone and Idea all three participated – 13 students from Class of 2013 would be joining these firms. Microsoft participated but did not make any offers.


You say "Placom". Its a tell of your B-School. Do not question everything on another B School's report. InsideIIM is not a place for that. Hope for you school to publish it soon.


I didn't want to bring in the business school comparison part at all. You did it and now you are ridiculing my insti. But the colour of your face will only turn pale when you read IIM I's report. Boston Consulting Group recruited for 3rd straight year at IIM I and decided to add FMS this year. IIM K is still waiting. Bank of America Merrill Lynch made offers at Indore. Microsoft made offers at Indore. P&G made offers at Indore. E-Bay. Johnson and Johnson Consumer. Flipkart. I can go on. But then wait for the report. Every big company above in your report has recruited at Indore barring Nestle. Go eat humble pie.


Gautam, I think he means that Indore will take sometime to close placements and may be won't easily this time. Hence likely to be bad quality in an overall sense. The offers you are talking about not available at K will be 10 in total. Do not argue here please.


Hehe. Is that what you are telling yourself to make yourself feel better? 325 students were placed at IIM I by 20th Feb. We have already placed 400+ and report will be out soon. And boss go ask anyone – names like BCG,Bank Am,P&G,J&J,Ebay clearly show how much placements have matured in an institute. You couldn't match up despite having 100+ girls. BCG has come to Indore for 3 years now. Please eat humble pie. Facts and Figures are against you.

Pradipta Baisya

R u a fresher ?? u r fighting like a kid man….desperate to prove your point I is better than K n all….pls grow up dude….the aspirants know it better which one to choose when it comes to institute selection…J&J Consumer recruited 2 students for last year summers of the graduating batch of 2013, P&G picked 3, Flipkart recruited for finals 2012 batch, summers 2014 batch, BofA recruited from Class of 2011 batch (name : Ashish Gupta), this year for Class of 2013, they participated in finals, but unfortunately did not make any offer…EBay visited our campus last year for placements….only BCG does not visit/haven't visited K from the illustrious list (is it illustrious at all, cos like a bleeding Flipkart can find a place there, not TAS) you have mentioned….Only an immatured kiddo like u brother can comment without knowing and checking the facts….and nobody here is boasting that K has completed its placements earlier than any other IIM or I for that matter…Sensible folks very well understand it takes too much time and effort to place a batch of 400+….Scene would be the same for K when the batch size increases in subsequent years…and I seriously don't know what you were trying to prove with your 100+ girls comment …only reflects on your poor and sick mentality and ofc your immatured thought process…As an individual and a MBA graduate, I have utmost regard for IIM-I just like other IIMs and top B-schools of our country. Request you to refrain from mudslinging and be a bit more "matured" while commenting on a forum like this

Pradipta Baisya
IIM Kozhikode
Class of 2013


i understand u making it a slugfest as to who is better or whatever but why bring iimk in ur comment?? do u even know whether he is from K…. i guess u were here to show off the 4-5 big names at I… well both u and I are from a b school, and we know one year a company gives an offer the next year they may not….PnG always hires from K in the "same profile" they do at I, this year they didnt next year they will…..

wonder why you bragging for no reason watsoever….and ur comment about 100+ girls leaves a bad taste, shows the mentality my friend…

As pointed out the nos stand at 13 from vodafone airtel and idea…. u shud be having lots of friends at K..please verify…. no one is here to fight …..

IIM aspirant

I havent seen P&G's name in IIM K reports in the last few years. I have heard that P&G has blacklisted IIM K. Could u comment why there's no P&G in ur summer/final report

K Student

u should have found PnG's name in last year's final placements with 3 ppos offered…. u will find them next year again……


I would like to correct you. Only one offer was made and that was to a student from JBIMS.


If it indeed is McK knowledge center thats quite bad, cuz then where is the differentiation between an grad and an MBA? McKc recruits from our grad college too..Anybody to confirm this from K?


It is pretty clear that neither Mckinsey & Co. nor the Mckinsey Knowledge centre has recruited. Why speculate and create controversy by making such statements?

Students had an opportunity to get into Mckinsey & Co. through a batch day process in Bombay which is held for schools like XLRI, IIM I , K, JBIMS etc.

K Student

It was Mckinsey & Co which had a batch day process where students from other B Schools were invited. No offers were made


@K Student: Dude, no offers were made for IIMK. They did hire 1 from JBIMS in the same batch day process.


Mckinsey recruited only from JBIMS(1) and IIMAPGPX(1). I guess JBIMS, IIMI, IIMK, XL, IIMAPGPX and FMS were called for this.


32 is highest , 29 is the second highest , both in Mumbai and different firms. Needless to say they are Fin Roles.

Ankut Malhotra

Airtel, vodafone & idea recruited in numbers at IIM Kozhikode (internal source)…… and more details increases chance of information to be legible & as they can not actually fool people by loop holes…. so if data is more …it is deemed to be perfect … that is what we consultant earn respect … by showing credible data and showing result based on that….. its a nice way to say that dude I am correct!!!


First among IIMs to come out with a report. Good names out there. I think K has improved more in comparison.
K should be attracting better students this time around.


Achievement is to place all the students…..non of other IIMs except A i guess has done it so far….

IIM aspirant

dude when u have the smallest batch size amongst all big IIMs it is not surprise that u place them first. Also there are still some students left to be placed at C. So do u think K is better than C?? Atleast put some logic in ur thought.

Ankur Malhotra

Have you ever heard about normal curve?..I guess not. The quality of student varies in same proportion in a batch . So, it is always a achievement whether you place 10 students or thousand. Morever there is only marginal difference in batch sizes among old IIMs…. K is 320 and C is 360. (Batch of 2012)…. I dont see any different.

And as per your logical thinking, IIM K should increase its batch size to show that they can place all the students before C….whatt a joker u r ?…..


I think the 2013 batch has 320 in K and 460 in C and being a part of the top 3 b schools in the country and having seen the effects of increase in batch size, i can probably say that the normalisation curve doesnt matter at very high batch size limit due to demand-supply mis-match.


@ InsideIIM: Just curious, what is the purpose of statistics around "top 250 offers"? Do you ask for details around "bottom 100 offers"?


There are other schools in the same league which have batch sizes of a similar size. We do it for the sake of comparison. Also, helps compare figures before and after batch size increases.

We don't ask for bottom 100 offers. It is unlikely that any school will provide us that information.

Rohit Pramanik

Dear Pritesh, Please dont get me started. Can you name 3 companies at IIM K that offer more than 25 lac? Forget 32.


Here are my few observations that will put a BIG 'question mark' over the credibility of the entire placement report of IIM-K:

(1) IIM-K has reported salary figures for each sector for the last 3 years. However, there are huge discrepancies in the average salary figures reported for the year 2011 in this report as compared to their original 2011 report (Link:…. As per the original 2011 final placements report, average salary figure for Consulting stood at 14.42 and for Operations, 13.62. However, in this year's report, the average salary figure for Consulting for 2011 has suddenly gone down to 11.80, and for Operations, it has come down to 10.1. Then, there are discrepancies in numbers for other sectors as well. If an institute can wrongly report the numbers that it has itself published 2 years back, who is to say that they won't do the same with this year's numbers?

(2) IIM-K's official report ( has mentioned "McKinsey" in Consulting under "Offers". It has already been confirmed by InsideIIM that Mckinsey did not even visit IIM-K, let apart anyone getting an "Offer" from it. If an institute can go to the extent of putting a company like McKinsey's name under "Offers" in its official placement report, when that company never even visited it, then the credibility of the entire recruiters' list mentioned in the report becomes questionable.

(3) Then, as per the placement report, they had 22 international offers. Nowhere in their calculation of 'mean salary figures, have they mentioned 'domestic', which means they have included even the 'international' salary figures in calculation of already 'questionable' mean salary figures, which is clearly deliberately intended towards misleading potential aspirants.

(4) Something as important as 'median figures' is missing.

(5) Then, IIM-K chose to not to report to InsideIIM 'the number of students' signing out of the process, whereas in their placement report, they have mentioned that they have "ensured successful placements to all the students".


Excellent observations ( Especially first) !!
No Reply from IIM-K students/Placecomm ?? At least accept and rectify the mistakes….


Yes. No reply yet from IIM-K students/Placecomm, and expectedly so!

@IIM-K Students: Given such a discrepancy in the average salary figures reported for the year 2011, there is no point harping on the amount of detail available for the salary figures.

IIM aspirant

Points at the right place. K has probably become the most unethical campus. My cousin is an HR in a company which is going to K for recruitment in mid of this month and they have a double digit list of applicants. I wonder how can K declare placements for everyone and release their report while companies are still coming to campus and students are still unplaced?


@IIM aspirant – Please put your revelation as a separate comment and not as a reply to my comment, since not many people who visit this page, will click on 'replies' to read them. Since the content of your comment is something that I believe everyone should read, please put it as a separate comment.


IIM B report should be up soon. We are already in touch with them. We haven't heard from IIM A yet. But unlike last year we will publish an unverified IIM A report if found necessary. We will definitely publish all reports by May 15th, 2013.

Shubham Agarwal

And what about IIM C? Their placements got over a long time ago, I believe. There have even been a few unofficial final placement reports in the mainstream press.

Shubham Agarwal

What makes you say that? Are you a student there?


@Shubham IIMC had a batch of 460…they are yet to place some 50 60 odd students. Rolling process is gng on at C.

Well wisher Do you plan to publish unverified reports for both IIM A and IIM B? And what about IIM C and IIM L?


Why are the total number of offers skipped?
This was a common metric every year until today.
Clearly proves the point on why they did not report "No. of signouts".

Rohit Pramanik

I refuse to believe the PSU average salary. And anyway, PSU salary, first IIM to report placements, are these the highlights of IIM K's placement report? InsideIIM has tried so hard to glorify the salary figures. But we can see through the sham. XLRI and SPjain figures are also questionable but 11 lacs for PSUs makes me laugh.


nobody is asking you to believe but learn to verify before shooting random comments. Kindly check from ur friends if u have any in the iims about the salary the psus actually offer. U may find a certain bpcl in other b school reports and they offer the same.


@ 'Mr. I refuse to believe': for your information…Power finance corporation mentioned here in gives core finance role at its corporate office in Delhi with a CTC of almost 13 lakh+ psu benefits….higher than the mean. So better get your facts right before commenting with guess work.


After pay commission in 2007, CTCs of PSUs have greatly increased. apart from this they get DA which increases every year and hence the CTC. ( I am an XL graduate who worked for PSU before joining XL, and have no intentions to protect image of IIMK, but just wanted to clarify about PSU thing. My own CTC as a graduate engineer in a PSU was about 7.5 LPA and this is not inflated, and this PSU is not even one of the highest paying one out there)

Rohit Pramanik

22 International offers?! InsideIIM please check stuff before publishing. Even Summer Internships at IIM B has a number of 20 odd. Whom are you fooling?


The names of these recruiter are not mentioned in the report. For obvious reasons. And most of them are in middle east.


most of the offers are in the middle east and there were quite a few companies from there


It was not just Deloitte S&O but even TSA(Technology,Strategy and arhitechture) and ERS(Enterprise Risk Services) roles that were offered this time.


Why do you shout lady? IIM kozhikode has made a press release claiming 100% placements in the Hindu Business Line. We don't know if that answers yur question.




Again. Please do not shout Ma'am. It would be great to know the number of students signing out but why should we not publish a report which has a lot of other useful information for aspirants and potential companies?


McKinsey has not visited IIM-B this year and has given nly PPOs…Dont know how K has reported McK under recruiters…..


This has been addressed in the earlier comments. Please read the replies to Shrinivas' comment.

IIMB folk

Half knowledge is a dangerous thing. It's obvious you keep track of placements at IIM Bangalore. But just for your information, McKinsey & Co. did visit IIMB during final placements and made two offers to a couple of toppers of the batch. This was in addition to 8 PPOs that took the count of McKinsey recruits from B this year to 10. IIM-A too saw a total of 10 offers (6 PPOs + 4 Finals) from McKinsey. At other campuses however the numbers were in single digits.

Well, McKinsey did threaten IIMB to pull out from the finals process if it does not agree to conduct the process as per its terms. However, the brand B eventually proved to be too strong in the end.


How can IIM K place a batch of 300 odd people with only a handful of these companies, also there is no mention of number of offers , were there force sign outs ?? This is truly not believable.

Either inside iim or the students of 2013 should have the courage to explain all the details rather than keeping the incoming batch at IIM K in a false hope..


do u have data?? if yes post it if not don't make random claims…having ur name as truth does not prove anything…..

and false hope?? well i believe it is a very transparent report …… as a pass out somewhere I know an average or median of 16+ is impossible and 14 is also difficult to achieve…. false hopes?? write somewhere else my friend


dear arnab,,

do u have the complete data , if yes , post it here, we all know that these 50-60 odd companies cannot place the entire batch of 300+ and how many were the number of offers , do u have the data , if yes ,post it , Is the complete batch placed..? I am not saying the data above is wrong , but it is complete and it gives a wrong interpretation of placements at IIM K .


I didn't want to comment again after some of my batch mates got angry with my earlier comments but your query needs to be answered and right now…I don't really care what anyone thinks.
The report given above mentions 62/63 companies by name while 146 companies made offers. These remaining 83 companies are mostly small companies, start-ups etc. and majority of these paid in the 5-7 lacs and 7-9 lacs brackets. When I quoted the figure for the no. of students in the 5-7 lacs bracket to be~50 and 7-9 lacs to be almost 100, people started commenting about simple averages etc. but trust me that is indeed the case. Someone posted here that SBI Caps had the lowest package. Many received way less than what SBI Caps paid. If insideiim wants I can send a mail from my official IIM-K internal id (it will be deactivated in a few days, we have already been asked to back up our mails) with further details. Regarding my comment about MBA coaching institutes recruiting, there was a lot of outrage…check out what VISTAMIND is. It is listed under education sector companies in this report itself. It is a company founded by former teachers at T.I.M.E, CL and IMS. Some IIM-K alumni are also working there currently. Even among the companies mentioned, Idea Cellular, Sudarshan Chem, Bajaj, HSBC, FINO, CRISIL and several more pay significantly less than 10 lacs. In retrospect, I am struggling with my excel sheet to arrive at the 12.4 lacs average salary figure even after converting international salaries at 54 INR. However, I am not aware of what things have been included in the CTC by our place com. The sad thing is the college has allowed the place com. to publish such a report. Regarding forced sign-outs etc. forcing people to accept 30K per month before tax after paying >8 lacs at an Indian Institute of Management is nothing short of a travesty.


Well said…..its time such crap in the name of placements is brought to the fore…..


Data reported here is correct…. I understand that on an individual basis someone can get a job of less package….. anyway instead of building that report of yours in the college… you would have done a constructive work of preparing for placements….. I bet you missed out many names & you are not aware of the actual figures…. but plz you can't say that you had all the data and unable to correlate with this report……

If you would have been that brilliant I bet you would have cracked some good brands which pay as per your standards.


@ Kat – If youve gotten a good placement then STFU….. why are you trying to stop or prevent others from communicating their feelings and thoughts on a public forum. Like you others have also paid their damn fees and gotten their MBA!!!! And as for brilliance, even you and i both know how much of a factor LUCK, CONTACTS & PARTIALITY play when it comes to placements at b school….Cheers….


Please give me your contact details….. I will make sure that Niether Luck, contacts or partiality help you during your placements…… when you don't know anything then please don't reply….. you are stupid as shit & talk like an asshole….. try putting your shit somewhere else…..

just because of last 10-15 students who didnt get a good salary., I obviously wont tell that placements at my college has been bad… so U STFU…


Building of lies , doesn't contain any mention of number of students placed, shameless reporting.


@Shikha.. You are welcome to contact any current or recently passed out student to get the details. There are absolutely no lies. 22 international offers is a reality..primarily in the middle east and Africa. Believe it or leave it! And Yes..More than 300 students have been placed. Merely writing stuff like "Building of lies" does not serve the purpose..Get in contact with a current student!


Normally colleges come up with placement report after every one is placed…. that is the reason no other IIMs have come up with their report…. A is an exception


Only Marketing placements seem good enough and we can guess that a major chunk of those 117 girls got there. Otherwise, it's a very mediocre performance by IIMK. And why didnt they mention that the lowest pkg was as low as 5lpa.


majority of the batch got into mktng so isnt it obvious that majority of girls will also go into mktg??


the highest salary figure is correct but the report should also mention the lowest salary which was 5.1 lacs (in hand in lower 30's) and the huge number of offers at less than 7 lacs (~50). the 7-9 lacs bracket had ~100 offers. the no of international offers is correct but they were mostly in places like saudi and middle east at bare minimum salary levels…the average figure quoted includes international offers…domestic average is around 10 lacs. telcos did recruit and 10+ ppl will go to telcos this year. mckinsey did not visit campus. several start-ups recruited this year…even mba coaching institutes. the psu average, is not very far off than the actual figure. psu's gave a grade higher than the entry level and salary was >10lacs for them. finance placements were better than what was being expected at the beginning of the season but overall it has been a tough year.


I am a 2013 passout as well arnab…if I am not mistaken you are Mr. Guha Mallik 🙂 Congrats on your telco job. unfortunately not all of us were so lucky. I had to settle for 7.5 lpa and could not even recover the fees. IIM dream is over for me. nevertheless, it is not my intention to malign the institute. I am stating the truth and portraying the actual picture to other middle class aspirants like me who will struggle with a heftly loan 2 years from now. so there is absolutely nothing random about my comments. anyway, won't be commenting here again..there is simply no point…

Ankur Malhotra

and shikha you should just bugger off from here…… Your comments are stupid & you have no idea what's going on in outside….. If you were not able to score good marks in CAT..its not our mistake… please take out your frustration somewhere else.


@ arnab – Whats ur friggin problem if someone decides to speak the truth and alert others about falsities…..

K student

well the problem is that the person above may be trying to give a decent picture but he is giving bloated figures out here…something that is random….

once an insider

the true stats of this year's placements may be known in the next year's placements "observer" pointed out…they may bring down the figures to make next year's figures look better….

Also, median of 250 makes little sense…apparently they might not want to trouble excel sheet by calculating for 325 cells…


We realize the comments section on InsideIIM is a problem because we allow anonymous commenting. We allowed it because of certain reasons.

It has been misused thoroughly. Very soon all commentators will need to have a registered ID. We can't do much about the old comments but in 2-3 weeks all new comments will have a traceable ID. Even now we have access to IP addresses. We routinely block miscreants.

But soon the comments section will become more transparent.


yea you cant let the truth out, i is a buisness for you, but i have a person in the placement committee in iima tell this to my face about false placement reports


The lowest was sbi caps…. no one accepted any offer below that as far as I know. You can get in touch with placements committee member and verify it urself. And SBI CAPS gives the same across all campuses


Frankly speaking , a very disappointing performance…expected much more from IIM K….I doubt if after the top 120 people got decent roles or companies…SP Jain and JB would have done better than IIM K I think….


The roles have been mentioned, the companies have been mentioned in the inside iim format …why doubt???

A smaller batch size has lots of advantages one being –> the first 180 getting placed by jan 25… anyway its cynicism that killed the cat

Ankut Malhotra

I believe people who are commenting here have no clue about what MBA is, and morever they don't understand logical maths
1. Shikha closure of placements implies that all the students are places & no of offers are reported in the report. Please check that.
2. SP Jain & JB has performed better….lol…. Do you even understand that companies offer different roles in these colleges & they don't even receive many leadership roles at their campus.
3. Most of the IIM has policy of not calling a company offering less than 7 Lpa. SBI caps is an exception because of the brand name.
4. Please shikha & others, don;t make me laugh with your ridiculous comments for > 100 offers with 7-9 lpa package, You should use basic maths when median & mean is provided in the report. Try thinking of Normalization, does that blink any light.
5. Disappointed is surely from tier2 colleges like SP jain or JB. dude nothing will happen. Your decision to select that college was wrong altogether, you cant improve them by writing comments on inside.iim


sp jain…tier 2 ?? just check their placement report once, which btw is IPRS audited. JB is struggling to place 120 and has run into rough weather but please do some basic research before commenting.
This is the insideiim version…the audited one will come out soon. SPJ and IIM-A are the only two top bschools who have adopted IPRS.

I am not an SPJ student.


Are u illiterate or something? :O Can't u understand simple ENGLISH? :O When someone says that "SPJ & IIM-A are the only two Top-10 institutes in this country who have adopted the IPRS", does this statement ANYWHERE mean that IIM-A & SPJ are comparable? :O Even a stupid college like TAPMI has adopted the IPRS—– Oh My God!!! Now that I have said that, does this mean that I am comparing TAPMI to IIM-A? :O U have been spewing fire on this thread for quite some time now. Instead of doing that, learn some basic Language skills man… 🙂

As far as placements are concerned, any HONEST guy would admit that besides Gen-Man & to some extent, Sales & Marketing, the placements are very very average. Furthermore, with the horrible criteria (I am not sure as I lost touch after last year but I guess they are giving 5 straight marks to a Girl this year, right? 😀 So, with everything getting halved in IIM-K 's criteria, that means a 100%iler guy is less deserving than a girl with 90.01% 😀 Says quite a lot about the batch quality of the institute). Mark my words, forget about reaching our level, but in 3yrs time, even MDI, SPJ & JBIMS will surpass u Konverts…. Feel free to spew some more fire or ask ur friends to do that for u 😀


Fact is SPJ has already surpassed it….period


Who told you JB is struggling to place 120 students ? At least 30 students from a batch of 120 bag PPOs . So do you think JB would struggle to place 90 students with a 48 year old alumni network ?

PS: Mckinsey recruited 1 from JB this year too and has been doing so for last consecutive 5+ years which highlights its trust in Brand JB. Also Accenture business consulting (ABC) gave 3 PPOs. JPMC ,Franklin templeton, HUL, PnG,Loreal,Citibank,Standard chartered and many more names which do not recruit from IIM I,K recruited from JB.Of course this has been the worst year for placements all over because of the tremendous volatility globally and JB is no exception. But you don't need an expert to tell you that Institutes which have a strong alumni network and small batch sizes are affected least in times of despair.


Mr. IIM aspirant. Get your facts clear. Not all the firms recruit regularly from K and I.

I dont see Franklin Templeton, McKinsey, GSK, PnG, Loreal, Nomura, StanChart, Accenture Management Consultung, Schlumberger, GE in the report of K which recruited from JBIMS this year.


IIM aspirant

@ajinkya – out of the above mentioned firms, McKinsey, StanC, GSK, Nomura,Acc Management Consulting,GE are very very regular recruiters at either I/K/mostly both.(all of these firms recruited from IIM Indore last year/this year (either summers/finals, check their report) And Frnakly speaking Franklin Tempton, Schlumberger are not dream recruiters at all. So y the fuss about them?


jbims is a tier 2 college??what kind of an immature student says it.the finance placement at jbims is far better than iim k.and don't forget mckinsey made an offer there and did not dole out offers at FMS,XLRI nd even ur college.oh and by the way,by mckinsey i mean mckinsey consulting and not knowledge centre

Ankur Malhotra

@waiting_for_BCG : dude, you have high hopes for your college and just in case if you are not aware 5 marks criteria is adopted by IIM L not K. I have not started this dirty war of debilitating any_college_other_than_yours, you did. Lets accept the fact that for very first time a B school has come up with a true report rather than covering it up with bunch of lies.

& See my friend what have you done ? you have pissed JBians too. everyone understands that you are the one with no data who just like to blabber in public. Go & become a politician, you are no good for a data driven company like BCG.


I appreciate the fact that IIM-K has come up with such a detailed placement report, something that most wont dare to do, especially when the placements are so average. My objection was to ur aggressive & derogatory statements like "Disappointed is surely from tier2 colleges like SP jain or JB. dude nothing will happen. Your decision to select that college was wrong altogether, you cant improve them by writing comments on inside.iim"…….. This is ur statement, is'nt it?? 😮

And I did'nt get into a colg like this just by blabbering nonsense buddy 🙂 Infact when u blurted that out with such confidence, I myself got confused thinking that an IIM-K guy must be knowing the criteria of his own college. So i went back to PG to verify & am shocked to find the kind of students studying in K. Dont u know the criteria of ur own institute? 😮 So, here it is for ppl like u, IIM-L does'nt give 5 marks for being a girl, it gives 3 for non-engg + 2 for girls. But out of the remaining 45 marks, 38 alone is alloted to ur CAT score which means NO ONE with a high CAT score will get rejected.

IT IS K that has started giving 5 straight marks to girls. Considering K halves every single parameter, so this 5 marks essentially makes a lowly 90.01%ile girl much deserving than the 100%iler. If u go through the PG threads, u will realize that majority of the ppl called for the interviews are those than did'nt have any other call 🙂 Who the hell expects an IIM call at only 91%ile? 😀 U are going to get an "AWESOME" batch from this year onwards. 🙂 Seems like flooding the batch with girls is not helping in bringing the Big Guns [ Afterall It's ur director Dr. Debashis Chatterjee who had given a statement in EconomicTimes saying that having more no. of female helps bring companies by giving them plenty of diverse options :D] Ha Ha, seems like K is THIS close to being overtaken by SPJ, JB, MDI, maybe even IIFT 😀


-IIM L gives 2 marks to non-engg nd 3 marks to girls
-i agree with ur point of view about the quality of students which IIM K is missing out on(no disrespect meant to the people studying in IIM K)
CAT -99.75perc and guess what no IIM K call!!
pps:people with far better percentile than me havn't got IIM K calls!!


brother JBIMS is already superior than K.Fee structure+ awesome placemts gives it a cutting edge.leave them,a criteria no one can relate to,and a placement report that is utterly confusing.looks like a lot of people in K are frustrated due to the kind of placemnet going on.don't worry,apply cold water to the burnt area mate.


I am a JB aspirant and how come JB is a tier 2 college?? I thought its as good as XL/FMS if not better..



No need to get shocked about JBIMS. It is Tier I only.
And about the comment above, u must be knowing this phrase "HAATHI CHALE BAZAAR KUTTE BHONKE HAZAAR".

Hope I made my point clear 😉


@Ankut Malhotra

I was really disappointed to read such an immature comment from you to call SPJIMR and JBIMS as Tier II colleges.

Companies offer the same profiles with same packages at these institutes. If not, give me some data that which company offered a different pacakge or profile at JB or SP than IIMK. First get your facts clear before throwing mud on other institutes.

And in a way you are also blaming insideIIM, coz according to u, these stupid people included the tier II colleges like JB in SP premium institute of yours om their site !!!!


I have 3 years of experience in IT Company, Currently my salary is around 7 LPA. I got a Interview call only from IIM K. If I will select for PGP program in IIM K so, is it good decision to join IIM K Or shall, I wait for the next year to join IIM A/B/C.

IIMB folk

I would say please do a realistic assessment of your chances of making it to the top three IIMs. CAT is no longer THE gateway to the IIMs. Academics are kind of more important than CAT. And there is absolutely nothing, apart from forging marksheets, that you could do to improve your past academic performance. So if you have done well in your academics and have the zeal and enthusiasm to get a respectable score in CAT next year, go for the top IIMs next year.

But then again, what do you aim at after getting into a top IIM with four years of IT experience. Chances are very minimal for getting those plum and supposedly self-fulfilling consult and finance jobs. However, if you wish to continue in IT, then it will be worth it. In any case, the brand value will always be with you for the rest of your life.

Do take a sound decision. Do a realistic assessment.


Thanks for replying……..As I know the placement of IIM K, mean salary is around 12.31 LPA, may be 30-40% of salary is variable pay as well as approx 100 students are in 7-9LPA salary bracket. so my only concern is that, I already have 7 LPA salary package, If I will join IIM K (If I will convert) after investing Rs15-17L(Rs10L fee+ Rs 5-7L interest, and at least 30k EMI) and after 2 years I got placed in some company with 9-10 LPA from IIM K, is it a good decision?

Your suggestion will be helpful for me, please reply


In the long term it will be a good decision. Coz you will have a management degree.

And which college doesnt charge 15-17 lacs ( apart from JBIMS and FMS)?
Do not think in that way.

Moreover, you cannot say for sure that you will get admitted to ABC next year. And,post that one more year of wait will mean 5+ yrs of ex and you will have to go for an Exec MBA which again is as expensive as normal PGP if not more.

I would suggest go ahead, crack the intvu and join K. ATB !


u have already 3 workex…….why wait more to move ahead in life…go and make the best out of iimk. dont look at the few 20 odd students left


Dude… I am from K…. only last 30 would have got salary in the range of 8-9 Lpa… so you wont be at fault…… but your high IT work ex can be an issue……. First try to convert the interview.


Pls my sincere request not to mislead the students yar.. keep ur mouth shut if u hv to, but don't present false facts..





I am asking this again and again because I personally know students who are still unplaced.


@shikha..If u know personally some unplaced students then better go and ask them..Why r u maligning post again and again.


@Deepak beacause under the law it's a crime to mislead a consumer (and education comes under service as per law) hence the report is illegal. SIBM's management was also convicted in one such event.


Its high time Inside IIM stops "Comment as a guest". While we guys here at IIM-K have been transparent enough to reveal the above figures, people have not been taking it kindly. Infact, I am pretty sure the above that of "Shikha" are simply to malign the college image..and have been posted by students of other colleges. Again, get in touch with a current student of Placement Committee member for clarifications. The aspirants have a mentorship programme and all the queries are addressed by seniors.


Dissapointing performance by IIMK. Learn to take it wid a pinch of salt. & try to improve nxt yr guys. cheer up. We all know its been a bad yr for all the iim's & other top 10-15 colleges. But, K's has been significantly low quality as compared to the other top 10 colleges. That's my view. Bad times do come sometimes. Try to face it bravely rather than nipping it in the bud 😉


Dude let the others at least come out with their reports first.. oh wait let them first conclude their placements and then we ll talk. People so have the habit of crying foul no matter how little they know about things. And pls learn to know the difference between bloated figures that most B schools come out with and the genuine ones.


@Maddy: Well, you need to have a parameter to call IIM-K's performance disappointing. Whats the parameter? Last year's performance? Because there have been no placement reports coming in from comparable colleges, apart from SPJIMR (highly inflated figures, you must expedite this too if you got the sources to expedite iimk's report). There is no reason for us here at IIM-K to feel disappointed. We have seen how the things went and how the economy is tight now. Considering the batch size, the college has made all the earnest efforts. Again, no reason for us to take it with a "pinch of salt" or feel disappointed.


Very mediocre placements by an older iim standards….And yes, is k better than spj or jb…..u gotta be kiddin me dude…..smaller batvh size and lower fees any day make k a lot less preferred option to the other two…..


we are not saying we are better than anyone here..old iim standards?? I hope u r not a student doing mba…. if u were u wudnt be talking shit here…. most of the new iims still have people unplaced with a batch size even less than 100 (the range will 5-30 left still), most colleges in mumbai or delhi having above 300 students (comparable to k and considering k has a locational disadvantage) still have over 50 left in their college , yes and they all are in top15 in every rankings…… all the older iims have been trying to do their best for their students…… for ABC their rich alumni network can easily bail them out..if u have friends there ask them the mood in those campuses…… spjain and jbims are much older colleges and with batch size as 120 and 180 its a no brainer to get them placed…..K had 120 placed by 13th January and 180 by 18th or 20th…..

we are not comparing anything…what we are saying is it becomes difficult to place all students and the placements committee has done their best to help everyone…the economic condition is worse than in 2009… no hiring in IT sector too…. if u prefer jb and spj over K we cant help it..ur choice but y malign?? wonder what u have against K….if u are good enough u will end up with A…. no big deal ……

and if you want to believe 16 as median or mean as believable please go ahead….we know the market we know the companies and their offers…. we know the reality…..


@Kp IIMK – What transparency are you talking about, when your college has outrageously misreported the average salary figures for 2011? Such a huge and absolutely unacceptable discrepancy in your report simply renders it unreliable. And, I suppose, I need not remind you about 'McKinsey & Co'.

IIM Kozhikode Final Placements 2011 Link:


@ deepak – WTF is your problem if someone is disputing the facts here with some facts of his/her own….. Nobody gives a !@#$ whether reputation is hurt or no, folks wanna know whats the actual truth and you have no damn right to interfere in someone's posts…..


@Maddy: Well, you need to have a parameter to call IIM-K's performance disappointing. Whats the parameter? Last year's performance? Because there have been no placement reports coming in from comparable colleges, apart from SPJIMR (highly inflated figures, you must expedite this too if you got the sources to expedite iimk's report). There is no reason for us here at IIM-K to feel disappointed. We have seen how the things went and how the economy is tight now. Considering the batch size, the college has made all the earnest efforts. Again, no reason for us to take it with a "pinch of salt" or feel disappointed.

IIMK student

we are not saying we are better than anyone here…nowhere did we say that we are the 1st iim to complete or publish a report cos it doesnt prove anything. WE have seen how things were and we know how difficult it is to place 300+ students; more difficult to place 400+ and its perfectly normal… for aspirants and ignorants please get the picture…dont malign…next year u might be the last one left even if u crack IIMA….

As for news we have most of the new iims still have people unplaced with a batch size even less than 100 (the range will 5-30 left still), most colleges in mumbai or delhi having above 300 students (comparable to k and considering k has a locational disadvantage) still have over 50 left in their college , yes and they all are in top15 in every rankings…… all the older iims have been trying to do their best for their students…… for ABC their rich alumni network can easily bail them out and hence they come out fine and not bruised..if u have friends there ask them the mood in those campuses…… spjain and jbims are much older colleges and well respected and of the very best……we have the highest respect for ppl studying there and the college itself… however with batch size as 120 and 180 its a no brainer to get them placed…..K had 120 placed by 13th January and 180 by 18th or 20th…..

we are not comparing anything…what we are saying is it becomes difficult to place all students and the placements committee has done their best to help everyone…the economic condition is worse than in 2009… no hiring in IT sector too….

and if you want to believe 16 as median or mean as believable please go ahead….we know the market we know the companies and their offers…. we know the reality…..


@IIMK students it's good that u answered as per confirmed new IIMK has placed 180 by 20th Jan. So I assume others still trying to get placed as you are IIMK student and you don't have further news.


We can safely assume that you are an idiot. If 180 people are placed by 20th Jan..does that mean the remaining are unplaced till April ?? Between, Jan 20th and now, the remaining must have been placed along with sign outs if any (I honestly don't know). Don't just comment for the sake of commenting.

Ankur Malhotra

shikha please you have been anointed stupid in this forum, it will be better for your kind to be away from any intelligent discussion such as this forum.. I dont think any logic can pierce your hard brain. Better please don't give others another chance to ridicule you.

Yours sincerely


Then why placement report specify 100% placement why these convoluted figures. You cannot defend the such a sham.

k student

a placement report comes out only after all are placed…its as simple…'am u r dumbness personified…

K student

i am student and i know the truth…an outsider like u talking nonsense here doesnt prove anything….


IIM K has been the most shameless institute this year..and even more shameless are its students who are writing anything to hide the facts. Do you have answers for
1.Why the mention of Mckinsey in your placement report whereas we all know the truth.
2. Why on earth you have lowered your previous years average salary to make the current figures look better in the comparison charts.

Do you guys have a course on Business ethics?? Anyways..not your fault entirely..Because of the weird criteria even in General category one can find ppl with 85% in CAT..thats worse than many below rank 30 colleges ..This is bound to happen!!


85% is the first barrier my friend…. I am from K and my percentile was 99.17….. I don't think anybody with percentile as low as 85 ever got in,

They try to access all the qualities of student before taking them in. I have seen students with 99+ percentile in cat & no fit for MBA. Cat doesn't ensure that you will be good as manager my friend.

Secondly if you want to know about the quality of students, you can check the site for demographics of batch. every IIM has almost same percentage of IITians, BITSians, NITians, SRCC etc. Quality of students doesn't matter much approx campuses. You will come to know about it once you interact with them. Don't write stupid comments if you don't now the ground reality.


@U_failure_in_life – If 99 percentile doesn't matter then why conduct the sham of a thing called CAT…..Just have a Roadies type Audition and select candidates who can do push ups or dares ….

I cant believe youre actually justifying an 85 percentile choice over that of 99 percentile in the name of "Fitment of MBA"….Where was fitment all this while?


Dude I said no one with 85% ever got in…. and moreover that criteria is just for initial scrutiny, sometimes somebody with an utter brilliance can be there…. In my batch as far as I remembered everybody had 99+/- percentile.

Essay writing & PI is not a Roadies task dude. The full matrix goes like this
50% to Essay Writing & PI
50% to academics ( which internally has 50% to CAT , 15% each to 10th & 12th, 15% to graduation
& 5% to work ex)

Now tell me how some with low CAT score will ever enter?


dude i have seen people studying there with 96-97 percentile and i know a girl with 93 percentile in general category studying some analysis and then pass arguements


That's what I said… if someone has excellent academic record + had amazing interview, he can get in and there will be very few students like that…… other guy was comparing it with 85….

I also know ppl studying in IIM B with 95% percentile in general category, that is how distribution across all IIMs. You also know every IIM has reduced importance of CAT % in their selection criteria.


I don't know which IIM-K batch u belong to but u surely cannot be from the current batch as u are grossly misinformed about the IIM-K criteria…. The guy above is not totally wrong (though 85%ile is absolutely wrong)…. Out of 100 marks, IIM-K gives 5 marks straightaway to girls (started from this year). Out of the remaining marks,

1) 50 is for ur CAT score. Now here is where the utmost stupidity lies. I dont know who created this but he has got to be utterly stupid that he does'nt know the difference b/w a PERCENTAGE & PERCENTILE. IIM-K just halves ur CAT score and arrives at the marks associated with this 50. This is soooo mind-numbingly stupid as HOW CAN U DIVIDE A PERCENTILE SCORE??? 😮 Due to this, a 100%iler gets 50/50 while a lowly 90%iler gets 45/50…. 😀 Hardly any difference between them. Furthermore, if u are a woman with only 90.10%, then u are actually getting more than a 100%iler [50.05 in case of the former > 50 for the topper :D). EVERYBODY knows that for weightage (x), the simple formula can be (MARKS OBTAINED/TOTAL MARKS)* Weightage…. [ IIM C,L,A all follow it. So if the professors of IIM-K dont know this simple difference, then maybe they can ask their peers ]. You give the topper a sizeable lead but let others make up through exceptional acads—> How difficult is it to understand this simple logic….

2) The remaining 45 marks is divided b/w Class 10, 12 [15 each] & Grad [10/10 if u have >65%]

So ur argument regarding making way for brilliant students falls flat on its face a girl is potentially 10 marks [since everything gets halved in K] ahead of any friggin topper. Since u dont have any idea about current trends, plz go through PG. The BITS PILANI topper at 99.97 plus 95+ in 10,12 plus 85+ in grad did'nt get a call, the IIT-D electrical topper at 99.99 plus 90+ throughout did'nt get a call & so on…. This year, the majority of the people who have received calls are the ones b/w 90-97 with very few above 99 getting a call. If u go through PG, u will feel embarassed to find that many have ONLY IIM-K as their lone call with many tier-2 institutes not even calling them & some of them have posted how SHOCKED they are at receiving a call 🙂 Afterall, who the heck expects an IIM call after getting only 92… This year's batch of K is going to be very very average, even worse than last year's…. K (which was once showing the potential to compete with even L inspite of being quite new) seems to be on a downward spiral primarily due to Debashis Chatterjee's stupid BRING-40%-WOMEN criteria… I wonder why the alumni & board of directors are silent spectators in all of these…..


Sorry 😛 Its 15-15-15 for Class-10, 12 & Grad…. seems like insideiim does'nt have basic EDIT feature….


Fail to understand why I and K are being singled out for their admission criteria. B has always given profile based interview shortlists (read a lot of around 90%ilers would get a call). L has the highest number of girls in their 2014 batch (around 150) with them first giving grace points to 'diversity' during the interview shortlist and then also in their final selection. The only one that was left out was C but this year even C has given 3 marks as grace points to girls which i am totally against being a 99%iler and a girl myself.
But the key point I am trying to make here is good or bad whatever the policy may be, almost all the IIMs have eventually moved towards it. So why cry foul about I and K?


Why cant people understand such simple statements? 😮 How many times do I have to explain the same thing again & again? 😮 Well one last time for u,

1) C & L too gives a certain number of marks (3 to be precise) to women. But deserving top scorers don't get kicked out at the shortlisting phase itself. In C, yes a woman needs 99.1 while a guy needs to score 99.61 (provided they have >=81 in both 10 & 12). But atleast ANYONE who gets above 99.61 is sure that he is atleast gonna get a call & get the chance to impress the panel. Same for L. L gives 5/50 for being Girl+Non-engg. But it has 38 weightage to ur CAT score that ensures that ANYONE above 99.5 with decent acads is gonna get a call.

2) For B, yes it gives profile based calls but the quality of people that get shortlisted is simply too good. You honestly cant criticise the people who get shortlisted as they may have gotten 94 in CAT but their acads is simply awesome. Based on my call, I think an engineer needs 92+ in 10 & 12 and 85+ in grad which is really really high plus very high quality work-ex. It is an institute for ppl who have been VERY HIGH SCORERS ALL THEIR LIFE. Plus 99.8+ ppl always get interview calls with decent acads.

3) The difference b/w them & I and K is that for I & K, their criteria very very weird & mind numbingly stupid.
A) K does'nt know the difference b/w a PERCENTAGE & PERCENTILE. IIM-K just halves ur CAT percentile and arrives at the marks associated with this 50. This is soooo mind-numbingly stupid as HOW CAN U DIVIDE A PERCENTILE??? 😀 Due to this, a 100%iler (AIR 1) gets 50/50 while a lowly 90%iler (AIR- 20,000) gets 45/50…. 🙂 Hardly any difference between them. Furthermore, if u are fortunately a woman (who get straightaway 5 marks just for ticking the FEMALE column & mind u, since IIM-K divides the parameters by half, this essentially puts them ahead by atleast 10 marks which is HUGE to be bridged even the friggin topper), with only 90.10%, then u are actually getting more than a 100%iler [50.05 in case of the former > 50 for the topper ] 🙂
B) It could be understood if they are actually calling consistent academic performers but even that is not the case. It is sooo random from last year that u have to actually see it to believe it. This year, the BITS PILANI topper at 99.97 plus 95+ in 10,12 plus 85+ in grad did'nt get a call, the IIT-D electrical topper at 99.99 plus 90+ throughout did'nt get a call & so on…. This year, the majority of the people who have received calls are the ones b/w 90-97 with very few above 99 getting a call. If u go through PG, u will feel embarassed to find that many have ONLY IIM-K as their lone call with many tier-2 institutes not even calling them & some of them have posted how SHOCKED they are at receiving a call Afterall, who the heck expects an old IIM call after getting only 92? 🙂 There is this girl called NIKITA MAHIPAL (u can find her on PG). Her profile is 90 (in ISC), 88 (in ICSE), 75,2 (B.Tech). Now tell me how is this profile so awesome that it merits a call at 93? 😮
There is this girl called Ankita Awasthi with (82, 86, 71.3) who received a call at 94.36 😮

As I told u, its all very random & absolutely ridiculous. If u are a guy, u can never ever predict if u will get a call regardless of whether u are an academic topper or CAT topper…. No wonder that IIM K & I are getting beaten by SPJ, MDI, JB and even a super specialized college like IIFT. They are honestly just destroying the awesome brand that they had created in such a short time , just bcoz of the whims of certain people. Really wonder what the role of the alumni is in this mess & whether they have any say at all or not….


It is fundamentally your perception that makes the criteria of B good while that of others bad. They dont sift through all profiles qualitatively before giving them calls. I know the calls and surely they are good acads (jus lik I and K) but NOT ALWAYS VERY HIGH SCORERS like you want to believe. Having said that, I am not saying that a student wouldnt select B over I and K (that is a no brainer).

I didnt want to get into individual cases because I swear I can enlist lots of them too. 99.99 + girl (one among the only 4 girls to have that score) – all calls but no B. 99.8 guy – no B. Similarly there innumerable BLACKI cases without B if at all you would be open to see it that way.
B has 80%+ criterion for grad which eliminates lots of ppl in varied backgrounds and state universities where 70%+ is more of an exception. Quality of work-ex is only considered in the final round but not in the initial shortlisting.

As far as the 150 odd girls in L go, most of them have 93-94%ilers.

And as per your argument, the 99%ilers are surely getting a chance from the other IIMs right? So why bother? He will anyways not choose I n K over ABC.

My entire argument rested on the point that everyone seems to be moving away from the only CAT to a multi-criteria model. I and K were the first ones to do so. Why are the others incorporating similar parameters if it is all that bad??

PS – just so that you see my arguments in a better light, I am a 99%iler with very high acads, good profile and yes a girl.


Until 2008, it was only IIM Bangalore that adopted a multi-criteria model for admissions. The ones who did well in CAT and had good academic record got BLACKI while the ones who did well in CAT but had poor academic credentials landed up with ' I LACK "B" '. Post that it was IIM Lucknow and IIM Ahmedabad which looked at academics for shortlisting. With the older IIMs going the multi-criteria way. IIM Indore and Kozhikode too started looking at academics. Eventually IIM Calcutta joined the bandwagon.


That I am hearing for the first time. I and K are forever tagged to have started this thing. Truly speaking would hurt much less this way though. And I think the point anyways has been driven through.


only a high percentile doesn't make u a business manager….the skillset required are different from those involved in solving iq tests lke CAT (though which are very very heavily biased towards creamy English medium students like dps, etc.).

However, in the absense of concrete candidate judging capabilities, nowadays indian b-schools end up taking people with high marks in matriculation…which also doesnt have any relevance to a buisness manager mindset… the schools in US are much more mature……..



Yes that is true….. But at the same time if someone TOPS in the exam in which you have failed miserably, if someone beats you by a mile in the SAME exam, u should atleast respect that guy. I am not telling that someone who gets 99%+ should be showered with rose petals & go straight to the IIM campus. But at the same time, u should atleast let these toppers come for the PI & give them a chance…. How can u reject the 100%iler of the entrance test that u urself have devised?? 😮 Do u know that 98% of the people b/w 99 to 99.39 has absolutely ZERO IIM calls? 😮 Do u know that the 100%iler this year does'nt have calls from I & K? 😮 U are talking about US but someone who gets 780-800 in GMAT (with decent acads, nothing jaw-dropping) atleast gets a call from HBS/Stanford, Chicago Booth/MIT Sloan. He may be rejected later but he atleast gets a chance to impress……
And the first part about CAT, yes its partially true but MAJORLY incorrect. How does being good in Physics, Chem or Maths show that u are gonna be an awesome Mechanical or Civil Or Electrical engineer? 😮 But the IITs have been producing amazing talents year in year out. We believe in the system that we have devised… The IITs dont reject a rank-10 guy for having only 82% in ISC…..Same can be said for the NLUs as well which takes students via an aptitude test too…..
An aptitude test (with GK included) is the best way to judge different students under the same umbrella. And ur comment about english medium students rocking in VA section is simply hilarious 😀 U seem to be someone who has failed in competitive exams & u have no idea how to crack it [Plz dont give the cliched line that "I am from the elite X B-school". No, U ARE NOT!! Its very very evident from ur post & ur though process. If u are still adamant about it, I will give u my email & u can mail me ur credentials & I will do the same]. On the very first day during our prep, out IIM-A passout teacher told us that THIS IS NOT ENGLISH LANGUAGE. ITS VERBAL ABILITY. IT IS NOT MATHEMATICS. ITS QUANTITATIVE APTITUDE. English medium students don't read Kafka or Rushdie all the time so that RCs are gonna appear joke to them. English medium students don't solve PJs or Sentence Completion or Sentence Correction all the time….. Its just that they are fluent in communication & they know basics of language which I am sure they forget by graduation [Ask any english medium Grad student what a GERUND is or how many ARTICLES are there or what are the different PARTS OF SPEECH and they will give u a blank look]……..


Somehow I believe you are correct… all the IIMs are pretty biased towards 10th,12th & graduation marks as that shows the consistent performance….. It becomes very difficult for a CAT aspirant to even get a single call at 99+ if he has fucked up 10th, 12th & graduation.

One of my friend got a single C call at 99.99%….as his graduation score was fucked up. But your analogy of forcing it only for K & I is again wrong. All IIMs are following this pattern. I believe they have lost faith in their own exam :(.


well people who haven't fucked up 10th,12th and grad also don't get a call now-a -days esp if u r a GEM…….i mean 92.5 in 10th,94 in 12th ,hons in grad, 99.75 %ile in CAT and I don't have K,I,S call(just an example)…….the point is that IIMs seem to have employed a random process to give calls and lucky ones (no disrespect meant) get calls and this is especially true for IIM K,I,S,,,,,!!!

and yeah u r correct,unfortunately they have lost faith In CAT…it just feels that people making admission policies are disconnected from real happenings…it doesn't require one to be a genious to understand that 90+ % in 10,12 can be easily achieved by mugging for a month(more than 25K class 12th student of CBSE board got >90% this yr ) but it takes immense ability,hard work and dedication to score 99.5+ in CAT….


This is all HRD conspiracy….they only wanted to increase importance of 10th & 12th std……. they have screwed JEE also now


Actually I will exclude the names of C & L from the list of institutes with weird criterias…. In C & L, if u get 99.61, u will atleast get a call (Ofcourse, ur 10 & 12 marks have to be greater than 81)…. I single out K & I as the worst ones because of their shameless weightage to women which is IMPOSSIBLE TO BE BRIDGED even by a topper, their mind numbingly stupid decision to equate PERCENTILE with PERCENTAGE. considering a 90%iler (AIR approx-20,000) to be on equal footing with a 100%iler (AIR-1) etc etc….. NO OTHER CRITERIA IN INDIA IS AS HORRIBLE AS THIS (except Icfai which even calls students for PI even if they dont appear for the entrance test 😀 )!!! I honestly don't know what they are possibly thinking but they have flooded this year's call getters list with 90-97%ilers with a few high scorers sprinkled here & there… Its absolutely despicable seeing such average students (most of them dont even have great acads to justify getting a call at 93) grace an IIM classroom…. No wonder SPJ, JB, IIFT, MDI are progressing sooo fast coz they atleast believe in a FIXED system….


last year L gave some 10 marks to female students….. I instead of 99+ percentile didn't get any call.. yeah C can be consider an exception


L gives 3 marks to women and 2 marks to non-engg


Just curious how much did Infosys offer…..Was it the it consulting role which offers 8-10 lacs p.a. or the business consulting one that pays 12-13+ lacs p.a.?

K student

I sincerely do not wat problem u have with K?? are u an aspirant or did they reject you?? either way u sound a loser who has been posting here for no reason watsoever….. Infosys has one offer and that was in the HR domain…read..they hired a HR…..not the 50-60 lpa guys they pick up from other reputed colleges


It's clear that the report is a big sham.This institute' placement policies and it's admission policies has let it down. This institute is running on taxpayers money and if we all decide we don't want to pay for this anymore this ought to shut down.


omg ? ours is a sham?? wat about xl and spjain who claim a median and mean of 16??? u aint making any noise there madam…. considering u bring out admissions everytime well i guess u have been rejected by the insti …..please get a life…ur comments are downright sick


@KStudent – Firstly, Compare apples with apples and oranges with oranges…. Compare an XL or SPJ with colleges like IIM A, B, C, L or FMS or JB…..Not with run of the mill ones like K or I……I has become like a modern day icfai with its alarming batch size and K is on its way to get there pretty soon.


When you don't have points for your bschool, you have started jumping guns on other. How has XL fudged data and how is it sham. Please let me know otherwise simply shut up.


Lets appreciate the fact IIMK has been able to complete their final Placements… Its true that most of the IIMs faced a tough situation this year… The no of offers were also low compared to previous years….
Comparing YoY definitely shows that this year placements have not been that good…But is that a right measure to gauge placements when economic situation is bad?

One can only appreciate IIM-K's placements by looking at other top B-Schools placement reports…
But remember the fact that how many of the top B-schools have been able to complete their final placement process… I know that IIM-I, IIM-L, IIM-S have not completed their final placements of-course due to a higher batch size…

New IIMs struggled with even smaller batch size… Except IIM Raipur none of the other new IIMs have reported completion of final placements…

K junta

The fact that IIM Shillong and the other new iims havent been able to place a batch whose size ranges from 70-104 proves a lot of things…raipur has finished because its batch size is 50 odd

As mentioned we are not here to prove anyone anything but then we find some people writing mindless posts when certain other colleges declare 16 lpa as mean and median….. Whaat i find strange is that if those huge numbers are believable, then why doesnt a transparent report which talks about the economic scenario, the difficulties, the help from alums (a lot of them has started in the education sector just like kriya education which an iimi alum run and owns insideiim)??

Its surprising there is 100 odd comments here for no reason watsoever……again IIMK has been brave enough to write what the actual average is and it is 12.31…..even IIFT has a higher mean/…….so what??? but then ignorants and gutless fools will comment…carry on


You mean to say, IIFT has fudged its placement report? Or is it that IIFT is not capable of achieving a mean salary figure greater than that of K's?


Dude instead of trying to focus on other colleges, focus on your college…Just read the posts above and you would find someone claiming to be a K student who states that this report contains false information…If students from your own college don't believe your report, how can others do? I hope that answers why there are 150 odd posts in this thread


@K Junta WIth all due respect to IIMK, I strongly object to your insinuation that IIFT has fudged its Placement Report. I am a passout from 2012 Batch and know how ethical my Institute is in reporting the Placement Statistics. Please try to improve your Institute without demeaning other's.


"even IIFT has a higher mean"…well it does and without a doubt, it is because of the smaller batch size (210). However, this attitude is going to be very costly for you in the near future.

Do check the comments thread in PG where the report is published. I guarantee you won't find students of IIFT complaining about unplaced people and bloated figures. The reason being…it is as truthful as it gets. Feeling very smug about HUL, TAS, RIL…are we ??(never mind the fact, that IIFT has umpteen big names which doesn't visit K to balance these 3) Well, guess what, FYI, IIFT till a few years back concentrated mainly on International Business and Trade (there are 25-30 students every year who don't even apply to other domains except trade)…now the institute has taken up other sectors on a war footing. IIFT is becoming a more mainstream business school while retaining its core competency. Another major issue with IIFT was the PSU culture but the institute appointed a new director last year…not the typical bureaucrat who usually gets the role. This guy is a firebrand and in just a 10 months, there have been changes, initiatives and new relationships which were unimaginable at IIFT in this time span. Very soon people will see, what I am talking about. Lastly, IIFT doesn't believe in CAT (apparently IIM-K doesn't as well after reading some comments here) which is essentially a game of luck right now. IIFT's independent entrance exam is becoming a huge strength for the institute and the same is being echoed by corporates across the board. A certain FMCG major came with a number of 3 in mind and took 7 instead and said that the quality of students at the institute is better than most of the other institutes he visited and at par with the absolute top in this country. A first time tech major which is a coveted name anywhere in the world was reluctant to come at first and when it was finally persuaded to come, it took 6. Continue being complacent and stick with this attitude of "We are above SPJ, JB, IIFT etc." and IIFT will continue to improve and focus on making the transition from a niche institute to a mainstream one. Best of luck handling your internal strife.


@ K junta – The only "100 odd" term used in this article is the 100 odd IIM K folks whove had to make do with 5-7 lacs p.a. packages…..And the info was provided by one of your very own beloved students….So, use your compressed grey matter and argue properly…..

And you think putting a 12+ figues is good enough to hoodwink others? Its like being a politician and stealing only in lacs because if you steal in crores you are more likely to get caught and hounded! Dude, even a 10+ figure would be a great achievement by K Standards….. forget 12+…

And regarding IIFT….Think again….A TAS or a P&G dont make up an institute…If 30-40% of the batch gets plced with sub 10 lac range then something must be very very wrong w.r.t. the placements….So stop sugar coating the facts and blaming other B Schools……

K junta

Where did we say that IIFT has fudged its data…what I meant is IIFT has put a mean, if we had to show some superiority we could have put some random higher number but we have given the mean as it stands..and it stands lower……please try and understand…….. nobody said a word about iift fudging data….IIFT had one of the most transparent placemnets report even last year…

and yes a PnG and TAS cannot make up a placements with turbulent economic scenario startups will come, not everyone can get into the big companies….last year it was the ecommerce companies that made a dash towards every bschool this time they are not hiring and a lot of alum driven or other iim alum driven startup have come and given an offer….we accept that and mention it…..

and about somebody mentioning the report is false, well the numbers he gave are clearly bloated and way off the actuals…u can get in touch with placecom members and they will tell u the numbers…


Bottom line K placements have been very shabby….
Very immature of frustrated K students trying to discredit other institute placements…


I am an IIMK 2013 aspirant and hoping for a convert ! Just wanted to know from IIMK seniors whether any particular category of students have faced more difficulty in getting placed this year. I mean was it more difficult for freshers, those with workex or women candidates to get a good placement. I am a fresher, male with an engineering degree from a decent college(though not IIT/NIT/BITS etc) and average extra-curriculars.


It depends on an individual. Normally freshers are recruited more by marketing & finance firms and Work ex guys by IT, Ops etc., but there is no hard & fast rule.

There is no bias in the mind of recruiters for female candidates. Since the number of female candidates are normally less their average shoots up.


Thanks ! I was wondering whether because of the tough economic conditions companies may prefer people with some workex as they may be productive faster. Also, are the CAT scores of students made available to recruiters during placements ?


This is confidential. I am not aware whether placecomm does that or not. Normally they do not disclose anything to us :).


Actually shikha might be ryt. heard dat kozhikode still has candidates in double digits yet to be placed (around 15). It seems K published the report before completing 100% placements..


As has been told many times back, K has successfully placed ALL the students long time back….


A Placements Report is released only after the completion of placements of ''all'' students. K has completed 100% placements and this has been put up in the official report as well.


So "M G" and "Sanity_prevails", do you mean all 325 students received jobs at IIM Kozhikode? And shall I assume that "No of signouts" is zero? All I am wondering, why did IIM-K PlaceCom chose not to share that particular statistic? It would have certainly earned brownie points for the institute.


"A Placements Report is released only after the completion of placements of ''all'' students" — You guys are repeating this as if this is a rule made by the government of India.. 100% placement is a rarity even in better IIMs.. Some students are left out because they are not good enough to get a job worth 5-6 CTC and some more are left out because of the expectation mismatch.

You guys are quite immature and need to learn to cheat properly.. At least you should not have reported 11 LPA for PSUs. Remember how you were fooled by your seniors.. Now you are doing the same to the aspirants.. Showing them dreams.. big dreams.. You do not really need to do this.. Because of the shameful criteria put by IIM K , the pool of selected candidates do not have any other comparable option.. They are anyway going to join your college.. By stooping to this level, you are not only harming your college in the long run but tarnishing the reputation of all the IIMs and other good B-schools. Tomorrow nobody is going to believe in these placement reports. I urge honest people from IIM K to think about it improve the system. Safai ghar se start hoti hai


"Some students are left out because they are not good enough to get a job worth 5-6 CTC and some more are left out because of the expectation mismatch." Couldn't have agreed more and that is precisely what they might have ended up with anyways (Disclaimer: this might not be true in all cases though and no offence intended to anyone). We never said all the students got a 12 lpa job.

And mind you Mr Sajal, just dont keep harping about the admission criterion just because it sounds fancy and specially when you dont know much about MBA anyways as an outsider.

And which world are you in? PSUs offer 10-12 lpa right after graduation. Thats their starting grade.


FYI PSU's do not differentiate between MBAs and B.Techs and give same salaries and position to both. These companies include SAIL, BHEL, HPCL, IOCL, BPCL, GAIL and the likes..The package for most of these companies is between 9 to 10 LPA. However there are some companies and roles which are not available to engineers and those include RBI and power finance. RBI gives 10.5 LPA and this post is also open open to normal graduates through a competition. So here also no differentiation between MBAs VS simple graduates. Not sure about Power Finance CTC, however it includes training cost which heavily distorts it salary figures.. might be the first government company to do so.
Government companies do not give any preference to MBAs. MBA is just another degree for them. Its fair also as they do not need to market themselves – their demand in the market is already more than they can supply. This is why PSUs are last option for IIM graduates.

@Sanity_prevails Have a rethink on your statement — "when you dont know much about MBA anyways as an outsider" I know much more about MBA than you do. An IIM passed out myself from 2011 batch. Came here for time pass but was socked to see your report. Bye Bye


I guess you have misunderstood what is the different . Most of the PSU has 24 k as a monthly base for B tech and 29 k for MBA's …. and then including TA & DA…. for B tech it goes to 9.5 LPA i suppose & 11+ for MBA….. I don;t know how come you don;t this after passing out from an IIM…. may be u were more keen on job in private sector


True that placement reports come out only once the process is said to have completed but placement committees always have the 'high-handedness' to forcefully sign out students .. or even get them to accept sub-par jobs. It's a fact with big batch sizes. All B-schools big or small (& their students) worry way too much to accept this and would go to any extent to maintain this charade in the name of 'upholding the college's reputation'. Saving few enlightened souls nobody would come out and say anything in public – lest they be chastised by their placecom. Bottom line is – all fingers of the hand are not made equal. Even at the best of the best B-schools (I'm not naming any) .. there are always 'aberrations'


There were no forced sign outs. That is precisely what we have been harping on – the veracity of all the data in the report. But I guess people are so used to of hearing bloated figures everywhere that they somehow never get the difference. Believe it or leave it.


No forced sign outs ? In a batch of 325 everyone got there desired profiles … such turbulent macroeconomic scenario ? K is not A !!!


As per the human phsychology….. no one will be happy ever with any kind of job… people getting placed in RIL will be thinking of HUL or what not…. and in all IIMs once you get a job whether u wanted it or not …. you are placed……


@Sanity_prevails: Yeah you suit yourself and leave it! .. cuz nobody else is believing it .. not even YOUR OWN batch of students that just graduated. Of course there were no forced sign outs, nobody 'opted out' and nobody accepted profiles from unknown companies doling out peanuts. While we're at it, I think Santa came to your house last Christmas too!-) Stop selling a sham! .. u'll leave in a year and those behind u will have to propagate the same snarling lies all in the name of the college's reputation. It's high time people realise reputations have more to do with the college's education and its general ethos than flimsy placement reports propped up by a bunch of immoral placement committees. It's all about stoking one's own ego – for all the bschools kids – and so they are scared of admitting to a bad market.


I have realized the futility of arguing any more. Wouldnt want to stoop down to your kind of language anyways. There were no forced sign outs and hence the average salary figures are much lower than what they generally are. Some people are permitted to sit in a few more companies that were lined up just so that they can get better offers that what they currently have. But never mind, you can only make someone understand if he/she is willing to. They will cry any which way. I rest my case henceforth.


🙂 Thank you so much! No more lies being fed at least. I'm sure your're one from the hallowed placement committee


While we're at it IIML has REDUCED its fee – being the first. This too, is an indicator of the cost vs reward situation currently prevalent. Just read the writing on the wall & stop trying to pull wool in front of others' eyes!


IIM K reduced its fee last year…. why don;t u guys read news…. I have seen ppl completely unaware of their surroundings.

K student

some person definitely wrote some calculations, excel ……I have my own calculations for the top 125 offers (as far as i could recollect) (includes 16 foreign offers and only big brands…mentioned in the above report…some not taken as well as i dont remember the no of offers….no startups btw.. )…. average 16.57, median 16lpa
Leave the foreign offers from the above statistic, Average: 15.92, Median: 15.5…..

what does it prove ?? NOTHING….
does it help in comparing with institutes with batch sizes same as this?? upto people making random comments and maligning for no reason watsoever

Its been a tough year economically and placing 320 odd students is no odd joke….WE have seen how things were and we know how difficult it is to place 300+ students; more difficult to place 400+ and its perfectly normal…for ABC their rich alumni network can easily bail them out and hence they come out fine and not bruised… however with batch size as 120 and 180 its a no brainer to get them placed….

The insti is really grateful for the help received from the alums, many of them who have started up and own their own company..they have come forward….
btw these are ctc figures..apart from iprs ones..all state that..


Maligning for no reason. Why has K released the placement report before completing 100% placements? & it is confirmed news. Is it ethical for the institute of the stature of IIMK to publish reports before completing full placements? What do you intend to gain out of it? Tell me. Just for the sake of maintaining good outer appearance. Are you even on campus, or just safeguarding the institute without even knowing the facts. This isn't fair to the student community. Lakhs of ppl apply every year to IIMK & you're simply breaking their trust. What harm would delaying the report by a month or two cause to your institute's repute???? Even IIML hasn't completed their placements yet. Though their batch size is huge, around 430.! Don't tell I'm maligning your institute. Ppl deserve to know the truth imo.


But, has L released a placement report. No na. Why did K not say dat a couple of students are yet to be placed? At least it'd be completely ethical that way. Or better still you could've delayed the report by a month. Agreed that there is no forced signout. But, the placement process is still going on there. Why this hurry?


Bhai ager bachhe placed ho jaye to baithe rahe …just because L is not able to finish their placement…. All are placed uncle.


@K Student

well…you just justified whatever IIM-K student rohit_j (I don't think he is stupid enuf to give his real name) has been telling all along.

Top 125 Offers> Average: 16.57 LPA
Top 250 Offers> Average: 13.31 LPA
Whole Batch (325 Offers)> Average: 12.31 LPA

This implies:
Offer No. 1 to Offer No. 125 (125 offers)> Average: 16.57 LPA
Offer No. 126 to Offer No. 250 (125 Offers)> Average: 10.13 LPA
Offer No. 251 to Offer No. 325 (75 Offers)> Average: 8.8 LPA

From these figures, his claims that there are 100+ students who got offers between 7 and 9 Lacs appears very plausible to me. In fact, I have no doubt now that he is telling the truth. Extremely sad state of affairs.
Not to mention these are CTC figures :/ IIM-K should have never increase batch size beyond 180.


The Only thing that an IIM-K Aspirant should keep in mind is even if it so happens that only one student in the entire batch gets placement then that student will be you. That goes on to show what you are capable of and you need not get boogied by the institute.
Remember that an Indian institute of management is a not placement consultancy , it is known for its pedagogy and I assume that was very much you statement of purpose when you go for the interview.
Are you joining IIM-K for placements . Consider this , you need around 12-14lakhs to complete the education in IIM-K. Even if someone with three years of work experience earning 7lpa pays a fraction of that money to a HR Consultancy and invests some more in enhancing his technical skillets on the lines of Digital Marketing and Big Data Analytic, don't you think you shall easily get a 100 % hike to around 14lpa in just one year when you switch to a different company like HP and Accenture or an In sourcing Chain like United Parcel Service.
So if placement was your only criteria why are you working so hard for it your ROI viewed only in terms of tangibles goes for a toss.


True.. IIMs are not placement agencies.. neither are any of the other MBA colleges in India or world over. They shouldn't be and students should have a reason more fulfilling than a mere salary hike. Totally agreed.

The problem is, the expectation of hefty pay packages and promise of a great job was set by IIMs themselves when the economy was good and now when it's not, all the b-schools are harping over the 'greater calling'. Talk about double standards. Truth is – 'a rising tide lifts all boats'. People should be made aware of this fact! Anyway, that's not where the buck stops! The even greater problem is that b-schools are so scared about losing their 'heft pay' USP that they had built, that they are ready to resort to any amount of lies to protect that. Why can't colleges give a factual view, 'the economy is bad and as per the end of the term only x% of the batch was able to get job offers and this was the package". Why 'embellish' so much? That's what universities outside do. Let prospective candidates get the true story and make a decision. Misleading them lowers these institutions from the great educational universities they claim to be, to mere ponzi schemes out to get people's money. That's the real problem


Ya.. and one more disturbing fact is that all of the time it's generally the students who play the most pivotal role in this farce. In essence, we are nurturing the 'elite' and training them to deceive and making them feel it's ok to deceive to get what you want. It is like a behavioural conditioning!! No wonder they continue the same behaviour when they hold more important positions in their lives later and let the society go to the dogs if need be.


How is Jindal steel listed under FMCG space when XLRI (and even other colleges in previous years) have always listed them under General Management/Strategy role. Did they offer a different role at K? What role did they offer?

IIM aspirant

Reposting at the right place – K has probably become the most unethical campus. My cousin is an HR in a company which is going to K for recruitment in mid of this month and they have a double digit list of applicants. I wonder how can K declare placements for everyone and release their report while companies are still coming to campus and students are still unplaced?

IIM aspirant

@grow up
i can also name the company and the approx no of offers the firm is making at K. I just want everybody to know the truth. Thats all


lol…. dude really placements are over. I don't know who is conducting the process when placements committee is busy in their internship….. Did u hear K or something else?


Dude.. As I had mentioned earlier in my post, some people are permitted to sit in a few more companies that were lined up just so that they can get better offers that what they currently have. We are only trying to do good but alas, as always, it backfires. No wonder half knowledge is more dangerous. But I repeat, everyone who intended to, had an offer before the report was released.


What if the company is a govt. psu offering 6-7 lpa? Do ppl still prefer it over a 7 lpa pvt job?


Do JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs and Deutsche Bank really visit IIMK?? what about Morgan Stanley? Also do they recruit freshers? How important are acads (i.e. 10th , 12th and grad) during placement?

k student

JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs and Deutsche Bank really visit IIM Kozhikode…..and they have recruited more than 15 students in the roles specified above….

Morgan stanley did not visit… Its not mentioned as well

wat a joke

The roles JPM, GS offer at K are different from what is offered at A, B, C. In fact JPM offers around 11L where as GS offers around 14L

IIMK grad

I hate getting into these debates, but in the interest of future aspirants, JPMC offered two profiles, both for 16.5 or thereabouts. Definitely not 11, as claimed. And acads play a very important role, especially in summers, and especially for freshers who would probably not have much other finance experience.


@ IIMK grad – Are you saying 16.5 just because someone mentioned that JBIMS also gets 16.5 from JPMC!!!! In that case you cold have selected 17, whole number sounds better…..

IIM aspirant

though i m not a K student, everybody knows the 2 profiles offered by JPMC – CAU and CRG and are offered at I/K/L/JBIMS/MDI etc and the package is also the same. A,B,C get front end roles but they are very rare in these market conditions


I have friends in these 2 roles and their package is 12 LPA.. Did they increase the package in the last one month or what? And FYI – same roles are offered in IMT, NMIMS and other similar colleges too.. The profile is also not good. However it still sells in the student community due to the branding of IB profiles


The profiles offered by JPMC are CRG & CAU and it's the same across all campuses barring ABC. The package as mentioned above is around 12(inclusive of bonuses). The profiles are back end and can't be even clubbed into IB roles. It is a division of Global Knowledge Network which kind of provides back end support operations to their IB division.
Unfortunately the students of these prestigious b-schools are guilty of portraying a glorified image of such ordinary profiles and also lying about the salaries offered.


it is not 12 for sure…it was 14 last year…… It much higher this year after the revision…get your facts rite

and yes about the roles, its cau and crg…its not front end ib…no one claimed it to be


If the profiles offered are CRG/CAU it's definitely 12 this year. infact last year it was slightly lesser. The package got revised this time.
If some other profile was offered then I'm not sure about the figure.


my friend has got into CRG this year from one of the IIMs and his CTC is >16. i hope JP is not providing different salaries across non-IIMs


@all: I just managed to browse through insideiim page and had a look at this report. My introduction is i am A passout, worked with one of the top 4 consults for 4 years and now presently enjoying a nice professional break. The comments have been a fun to read.Shows that people have really not matured and are still wasting time calculating the CTC figures. Shows how ignorant you are :). In my opinion, placements have been good considering the name of brands mentioned in the list. And about the rankings i believe i would still say it is (ABC) L/XL FMS/K, I (Others i really dont care). Please understand that there is a life beyond placements in a institute. Lets make things simple. I assume K had no pressure to release the report as none of the IIM's have not released the report(restricting to INSIDEIIM). The fact that these people decided to release the report itself indicates that they had placed the batch. Aspirants please don't be fooled by people bashing other institutes. Believe me some institutes have students dedicated for such activities.


Times have changed sire!!

When you passed out…colleges had less than half the current no. of students and asked for 25% of the present fees. having 4-5 good brands who recruit 2-3 people each doesn't make placements "good" for a 325 strong batch. Thank you for the "words of wisdom" but unfortunately nothing in your introduction suggests that you are an authority on current dynamics in b-school placements. In fact, I dare say, you are terribly disconnected from the current situation. I would advice you enjoy your break and avoid making such comments which reek of ignorance….not to mention vanity.


Seems you have matured enough and have got the nirvana. Your reasoning being that you have already passed out from A. What crap! Your director of IIM A thought otherwise when he himself declared that "we are inviting alumni who are past the age of 50 as visiting professors.. As alumni younger than 50 are still in the rat race and cannot afford to think beyond their careers".
MBA is done for good packages and better roles. Better role again lead to better packages in the long run.. so basically money.. If for interest I would like to play tabla, harmonia and read fiction but will not do MBA. There is no life beyond placements in B-schools in India, If you think otherwise then with all due respect, you are fooling yourself! Actually you have already fooled yourself by doing your MBA and realizing the motives now and hence the break. Hope you enjoy my comment too.


It seems that K has also made a press release stating 100% placements. I believe no institute would give false press reports. They can exaggerate numbers but stating false facts in press is very difficult.


How old are you? .. Even to think that everything in the press is true! 😀 I actually doubt u are 'A passout'. You clearly don't seem to know much when it comes to institutes falsifying facts in the press or about brands and profiles (since this report isn't awesome or anything – good but not awesome). Misleading in the media has been happening for some years now.
For the record, I don't think anyone who has worked long enough in the corporate world really bother too much about ranking or is haughty enough to 'disregard' some of the good colleges u 'don't care about'. Corporate world, a few years down the line, does look beyond the brand of your college. I doubt you're anyone else but a desperate K student trying to be their saviour in the garb of anonymity.. pathetic.
P.S.: I know this is going to make me sound pretentious and pedantic but to be honest your poor command over English makes me doubt you were with any of the top 4 consults you claim to have worked with. If anything they really hire people with smooth English, apart from all the other attributes of course!


@Done and Dusted: No my friend. Fluent and smooth are poles apart and so I meant smooth. Many can be fluent but you need to be able to roll your tongue (read accent) in a manner that makes the mouth water … smooth like cheese .. enchanting, such that you can appeal to the inferiority complex nurtured by many Indians (who feel anyone who can't speak 'fluent' English with a good accent are less smart/educated – sad but true. FYI even Europeans speak grammatically incorrect English with their own accents) and mesmerize as if you just alighted from the 7th heaven.


@Bogus: What are you saying…


Intense debates over K placements. I am not from K but from a so-called top-B school in Mumbai, a big name in operation/SCM (Guess I should have told the name openly :P)

We had great placements this year, but definitely not 100% so far. Heard a good news that the people remaining to be placed has reached single digit.Worth spending 5 lakhs for 2 years and getting placed in a really good profile.

Now, the point is, you don't need to have placecomm in campus to conduct the placements(after the college is over). What for the Placement Dean is there ? This year all B-Schools (exclude IIM-ABC) struggled to place their batch. Placements are still going on in many top B-Schools who have already declared 100% placements to the media. In most top B-Schools, 100% will be placed before the next batch enters the campus. But, I doubt if K has achieved 100% placements by the time this article appeared on this site. And the average CTC figures are highly misleading.


Just because your institute hasnt closed placements doesnt mean the others havent either. K wouldnt have released the report had it not completed the placements as has been rightly mentioned by someone already, none of the other IIMs have done it yet so there wastnt any pressure as such. All the students were placed before the report was published. And mind you even ABC faced a very hard time placing the entire batch owing to even higher batch sizes (none of their reports have been released till now).
And if an average of 12.3 lpa sounds misleading to you, I am sorry you surely are in a different world altogether.


Your response doesn't make any sense. Anyways, I am not here to argue. Suggest people to verify before accepting anything quoted on the media.



This might be the wrong place to place my dilemma, but here I go nonetheless.

I have got admit into IIM-L this year. I am not sure if i should join IIM-L
My profile
3 years exp in automotive domain
btech and mtech (dual degree) from iit
i have the usual positions of leaderships at college and school

My dilemma is this. I make 8pa. The only reason I am looking at MBA is because i am getting close to the glass ceiling which exists for all non-mbas ( not impossible to break through; but there is something to break in the first place)
So, basically I am looking at a jump in pay and a smoother/faster career progression.
I will be losing around 20la in 2 yrs (onsite opportunities included) + 5la debt
I will be losing a promotion

I am very much concerned at the first pay check after iim and jump in organization hierarchy. (In fact, my only two concerns)

So is it worth joining IIM-L?

Some of my specific questions
1. what is the median in hand pay? I hear the ctc at iim are bloated (i get 0.86 of my ctc in hand after taxes and other paraphernalia)
2. what is the median in hand pay of consultants (other than big 4)?
3. what is the median in hand pay in indian conglomerates?
3. how many jobs are usually located outside mumbai and delhi (in India of course)? (ex bangalore, hyderabad etc)
4. will my work ex be of any use during placements?
5. where exactly will work ex guys be located in the organization hierarchy? ( i hoping no management trainee or associate consultant kind of levels)
6. Should I wait for another year and try for ABC?
7. Is 16+ la fees in ABC worth it?



You have a very good profile and have an excellent shot at consults and conglomerates. IIM-L has been able to push good numbers in both these sectors in the last two-three years. Mck, BCG are regular features. AT Krn is a new addition. Bain still visits the top 3 campuses. Same for Booze. Average CTC for these consults will be in the 18-22 LPA range. Consults apart from these eg. Deloitte, AMC, PwC pay between 13-18 LPA CTC. These firms do lateral hiring and your core experience will count significantly.

IIM-L gets all the big conglomerates and their CTC is in the range of 17-20 LPA. Some pay a little more. Aditya Birla Group-a most coveted name has increased their recruitment every year since coming to campus. Took 9 in 12-14 summers.

If you get a lateral placement which is highly likely given your 3 years of core workex, you will not get an entry level position. However, some consults especially the big 4 and conglomerates do hire from campus only for the associate consultant/mgmt trainee/group mgmt cadre/group resource etc. profiles. That will not change unless your workex is very relevant to what they are looking for and if that is indeed the case, you will be recruited at a higher level.

ABC are definitely bigger brands and L cannot match all names when it comes to recruiters and profiles (especially fin, ABC are a class apart in finance profiles). However, IIM-L will provide ample opportunities for a guy with your profile in consulting and conglomerates (similar to ABC). In my opinion, go for L (the fees got reduced as well to 10.8 lacs) save the extra 6-7 Lacs in bschool fees (ABC fess might increase further next year), work hard and get a top 4 consult. placement.

Well wisher

Well, Congratulations on your IIM Lucknow convert. Very few people make the cut at the top IIMs. I am an IIM alumnus. You have a good profile and stand a good chance of making it to the top companies that recruit from IIM Lucknow. Making it to one of the biggies will more or less ensure a hike of more than 100 % in your CTC. As a thumb rule, given your current CTC, you may take anywhere between 5 and 8 years to reach a CTC which you are most likely to get after you graduate from IIM Lucknow. In a 8 to 10 year time frame, you would have recovered your lost money. So say, a decade down the line, you would have recovered your money, would have a higher CTC than the one you would have had without MBA and most importantly you would have an IIM tag. This would ensure a steeper growth for you. So you should definitely consider joining IIML.


Answers to your questions
1. Median In-hand pay at IIML would be more or less equal to what ever you are getting now.
2. The consults such as Deloitte have 12.5(Fixed)+2(Joining Bonus)+1 lakh for every year of workex.
PWC 11.5 (fixed)+upto 40% of 11.5 as variable+ 1 lakh for every year of workex
Accenture 16.x(Fixed)+ arnd 4-5(Joining Bonus)
3. ABG for its LEAP(0-4 yr) pays arnd 20-22 lpa and for its LEAD(4-6 yr) pays arnd 25 lpa. You will not be eligible for LEAD because you do not have 4 year work-ex
TAS also pays arnd 19-21 lpa
Mahindra is now paying around 17 lpa
4. Many jobs are there in Bangalore and Hyderabad. Most companies coming in the laterals are IT firms so there will be many postings in these two cities. Even some roles like Deloitte US S&O are based out of Hyderabad I guess not sure though. Amazon is based out of Blore,Chennai,Hyd.
5. Your work-ex is one of the rare commodities of your Automotive domain and you would in all probability get a Shortlist from the likes of Accenture, Amazon, Deloitte
6. If you are placed in say BCG then u would get a Senior Associate role. In Mck you might get a Junior Associate role. In Accenture at least at Lucknow you would get analyst role.
7. Should you wait for ABC, well you have to answer that..can you get the same/better percentile next year, can you escape normalization devil
8. Again 16+ lakh fee is it worth? If you ask a person who bagged a top job in these colleges then he would say yes and if you ask a person would did not get what he would have liked then he would say that is different for different people.

All,in all with your education (IIT) and your operations workex you would get ample of opportunities at L in many good firms which pay very high salaries. However it is up to you to convert them. There are many people at L with ur kind of pre-MBA salaries atleast in 2011-2013 batch, so you will not be alone.



I too have 3 years work-ex in a manufacturing firm earning about 50k in hand and am considering accepting an offer from L or perhaps even going abroad if I don't see enough 'value'. I have been closely following these threads of Indian B-school bashing! Your detailed response has encouraged me to ask a couple of questions of my own. It'd be great if you could answer them.

1) Generally how easy / difficult it is for people with such workex to get short-listed by the top 4 consults and general management companies you mentioned?
2) You didn't mention the fixed:variable breakup for the general management companies like TAS, ABG and Mahindra. It would be great if you could.
3) The consults that hire – do they hire primarily for their Indian offices or is there also a fair opportunity for their European / American offices as well.
4) Something that struck me as rather odd in your response above – Deloitte has no variable compensation??? Also is it possible to negotiate your profile in the laterals especially at consulting firms other than say top 4, like Deloitte. Again, do they hire only for their Indian office?

Looking forward to your response! Thanks 🙂


1: 3 Years of work ex is just fine, there won't be much trouble for short list if you have the other basics covered ala bachpan se topper and extra co-curricular.
2: For ABG your in hand is more than a lakh while for TAS in 90s. Mahindra increased their package to 17 and in hand is around 90.
3: Indian offices
4. It does have variable…negotiating happens in very very few cases.


1) Honestly, it is very very difficult to predict which kind of profiles do get a Mck,BCG,ATK,Accenture shortlist. Mostly people who get a shortlist from these companies are either IIT,SRCC,Xaviers,Stephens,BITS toppers..i.e. 9 pointers, University gold medalists, fundoo extracurriculars and also pcommers at L. If you belong to any of these categories may be you will get a shortlist. General Management companies such as TAS,ABG,Mahindra will also consider your acads and your college, however they will have their forms which ask you HR questions where you will write essays on how you tackled a specific situation so on and so forth..So shortlisting is done based on both the criteria. Your Grad College also matters a LOT. IIMs are those kind of institutes where your past evil(bad acads,not so great grad college,no extracurrics) will haunt you unless you are in the Top-20.
2) Honestly I do not know the fixed,variable breakup of TAS,ABG and Mahindra
3) All the consults hire for their Indian offices. I dont think you would be working in their European/US offices.
4) I believe whatever I gave about Deloitte was the package that was mentioned at L…that was an outline..may be the 12.5 fixed can have a 2 lakh variable..honestly I believe what I mentioned was correct.
5) I did not see any negotiations vis-a-vis salaries/profiles happening in our batch,heard that happened in previous batches..may be depends on who have the power ,company or the candidate…these days companies have a lot. 🙂 Yes Deloitte hires only for their Indian office, if you get into Deloitte US S&O then your clients might be from US and you might have chance to travel.


Mahindra has a base pkg of 12 which is fixed+10% annual performance based variable+around 3 lakhs retention bonus which you get after 2 years provided you achieve a certain threshold appraisal rating for 2 consecutive years.
Deloitte: 10 base + 1 lakh for every year of work ex. This constitutes the fixed pay. work ex is counted as n-1 years. so 3 years 10 months would be counted as 3 years only. 10% of fixed pay is annual performance based variable. 2 lakhs joining bonus. and there are some more allowances of around 2 lakhs which you never get to see but is counted as your CTC. Normally the CTC ranges between 14-18 lakhs. No idea about in-hand.


Just a few corrections –
Deloitte: 11 base + 1 lakh for every year of work ex. Workex ISNT counted as n-1 but rounded off to the closest year (eg: 11 months is taken as 1 yr). the other allowances ARENT included in the CTC. CTC – 14-18 lpa. In-hand (pre-tax): 1 lac per month (1 yr work-ex).


Could be right in your case, more so because it was close to 1 yr. But I know of 2 cases where work ex in the range of 6-10 months has been counted as 0. And I've seen this trend in deloitte/PwC/CBC. Although I believe this also depends on negotiation and the might of your b-school. Somebody from ABC might able to negotiate while those from tier-2 schools have no such power.
Well there are few allowances which are shown during the Pre Placement Talk as part of CTC but dont end up into the in-hand amount.
The base was certainly 10 in my b-school. Could be some differential in your school although I dont think deloiite has any differential policy for the top 10-15 b-schools


Well, less than 10 months is never counted as a valid year of experience (laterals process eligibility of all the institutes/companies). This is no trend specific to any company.
And about the salary break-up, I am talking from my offer letter details. so you have to trust me on that. Yes the allowances are mentioned but ARENT counted as part of the CTC.


Respected Sir,
I read ur reply to the above query & I am quite scared after reading it, honestly :p Plz help me clear a few apprehensions of mine……..
I have a straight convert from L, XL & FMS & was very eagerly looking forward to joining one of these greats but reading ur reply makes me wonder if it is gonna be worth it 🙁 U said that "Your Grad College also matters a LOT. IIMs are those kind of institutes where your past evil(bad acads,not so great grad college,no extracurrics) will haunt you unless you are in the Top-20." & also that "Mostly people who get a shortlist from these companies are either IIT,SRCC,Xaviers,Stephens,BITS toppers..i.e. 9 pointers, University gold medalists"……… I dont come from a good engg colg & neither am I a 9 pointer. I had 92% in both class-10 & 12, I am a national level cricket & football player & a certified scuba diver. But unfortunately I have only 8.3 in my grad. So, in ur vast experience, do u think I am gonna be shunned by most big companies (only interested in Marketing/Consulting)??? 😮 If IIMs are an institute where the past evils keep on haunting u, will just one mistake in my past ruin my chances at a GREAT job?? 😮 Is it worth doing an MBA from IIM-L at all if I am gonna be rejected by most BIG-WIGS in 6 months time?? 😮
Plz reply so that I can make up my mind on this matter. I dont want to be one of those hapless students confined to an average job. 🙁


Most of the consults look for a spike in your CV. If you are a topper from Childhood and then you went on to blast IIT/SRCC/BITS/Xaviers/Stephens with a 9-point GPA then they will look at you.
Also, if you are a National Level Sports person (along with certification in scuba diving)then you are very distinct and they might give you a shortlist because of your credentials. They want people who are superstars so if you are a superstar and if you can prove it to them (Through your CV as well as through your networking with ur senior BCG.MCK,ATK guys)then there is no reason why they wont consider you.

Whatever I said previously applies to junta in general. Ofcourse there will be exceptions who will not be of great Grad College but with someother Great thing on their CV. If you do not have either of these then it would be futile to aim to those companies.

In IIMs your past evil haunts you because there might be many ppl without any evil around you.. As I said, if you can make it to Top-20 and have good networking skills you will definitely get a shortlist for finals even if you do not get it in summers. There are many such cases.



Since you are answering in most sensible manner on this thread and seems a knowledgeable person It will help me immensely if you can clear my doubt.
I did my B.E. from DCE and have 3 years of workex in a Product based IT company with arnd 66 K in hand. I have converted FMS this year and targeting companies in same domain. I have average acads (81/83/73) and bad extra curricular.

What are my chance of getting a good role after 2 years? And what are the steps I can take to make most out of these 2 years ?

Thanks in advance!!..:)


My personal opinion is if you want to be a Product Manager never go for an MBA. May be reading Marketing Management , Promotional Strategy and Pricing text books/materials from sources such as MIT OCW over the years combined with your experience will give you enough impetus to be a product manager. The top notch product managers in the companies such as Google,Microsoft etc are those people who arose from a technical position. Product Management in any area/domain/technology requires specialization in that area/domain/technology.

Product Companies look for relevant experience so with your product exp you will have an advantage. Take CGPA at your B-School seriously so as to be in a safe zone.

What are the steps that you can take?
Be informed about the developments in products/technologies/domains
After you read your marketing concepts try to apply them to various products across different technologies/domains/platforms say how pricing an Mobile software differ from an Enterprise wide software, who are the stake holders involved so on and so forth. (You will learn a lot of marketing in your B-school)

In B-Schools it is very easy to get influenced due to peer-pressure so be careful about that. All the very best.


If you're targeting product mgmt jobs dont go beyond IIMs-ABC and ISB. L is also marginally ok. but dont go beyond these colleges. even if tech cos come to other b-schools they offer sales/marketing or BA kind of jobs.Product Manager roles are quite rare in these schools
Another good option is to continue with your job and try for PGSEM course at IIM-B. You need not resign from your job and you can complete your MBA in 2-3 years. By that time you'll have 6 years work ex and you'll get ample opportunities in Product Mgmt space.
I did my internship as Product Manager at NetApp and I saw lots of ppl there who had done PGSEM from IIM-B. there were very ppl from 2 year programs of IIMs as most of the requirements are for ppl with work ex in the range 5-10 years.


Respected Sir,
I have fortunately converted IIM-L & FMS via CAT this year. Now, plz pardon me for this novice query, but can u plz explain a small thing to me—>

I have come to know from seniors that Front-end IB opportunities are very limited in FMS & L and usually the students with IIT/NIT/BITS/SRCC background get them. Most of the profiles offered are mid-office & back-end. Now ,being practical, I think I should'nt enter these institutes with such sky-high expectations. Can u plz tell me the difference b/w FRONT-END, MID-OFFICE & BACK-END IB? 😮

Sorry for this silly query but I just wanted to know in detail about what I was getting into & what are the difference b/w these 3 often talked about profiles. Plz reply


I think u should give ABC one more try. The numbers that the big consults hire from ABC (McK, BCG, ATKerney mostly take in double digits) vary greatly as compared to those at L. So the probability of you making it is way higher. Not to mention the portfolio that doesnt visit L (has already been listed in the last post). Also, it is way easier to get into these roles from an on-campus process (a lot of profiles are infact not offered through offcampus lateral processes after you get your 1st job).
And your chances of making it B are very high (profile + high work ex).
The difference in salary totally evens out in the long run and shouldne be much of a deciding factor. It is the brand that you shall live with for your life. ATB


I think u should give ABC one more try. The numbers that the big consults hire from ABC (McK, BCG, ATKerney mostly take in double digits) vary greatly as compared to those at L. So the probability of you making it is way higher. Not to mention the portfolio that doesnt visit L (has already been listed in the last post). Also, it is way easier to get into these roles from an on-campus process (a lot of profiles are infact not offered through offcampus lateral processes after you get your 1st job).
And your chances of making it to B are very high (profile + high work ex).
The difference in fees totally evens out in the long run and shouldne be much of a deciding factor. It is the brand that you shall live with for your life. ATB


I have been closely following these threads and would really like an honest review. I am an MBA aspirant and have converted S P Jain, XLRI BM, IIFT. I am awaiting IIM K and I results. Has IIM K and I reached/surpassed the above mentioned cluster of colleges? Honest feed-back from current IIM K students would also be welcome!

from I

Speak with the alums dude. Speak with the faculty from coaching classes. This online platform can actually mislead people. No disrespect for SPJAIN IIFT, but i dont know anyone who has skipped I and K for these colleges.

Well wisher

That's weird! Do you really think alums give a better picture? Many IIM-Calcutta alums told me that IIM-C is the best. And how it beats the other two IIMs hands down. And the fact of the matter was, most of them did not have an "A" convert. I would certainly ask folks not to talk to alums. They are as biased as the current students, if not more.


I dnt understand why you are confused ? none of the other colleges are evn comparable to XLRI , JP morgan mentions on its website that they recruit only from IIM A,B,C and XLRI for front end roles in india. You can judge the quality of a college by the number and quality of I banks and consults visiting , XLRI is clearly right after A,B,C.


Okay, I'm an alumnus of a B School which belongs to the same cluster of institutes you've mentioned & let me put it very clearly – XLRI does not belong to it; it's way above that.

Once you have an XL-BM convert, the only cause of confusion should be having an L convert too. But since that's not the case, i'd say blindly go for XLRI.


Don't believe ppl, Brand always have value. The difference between K and XL will be the IIM Brand.

Anyway everything boils down to an individual, if you are good you will get same opportunities in all the top 10 B – Schools in India

Sabka brand bajega

Frankly there is no Brand IIM as such. There is an IIM ABC brand , IIM L brand , and an IIM IK brand , and the new IIM brand and frankly XL brand is right behind the IIM ABC brand along with IIM L.

K student

go for a college that has the smallest batch size and good alum backing… xl wins in this respect hands down…
k student myself….

IIM Indore and Kozhikode would have crossed your benchmark had they kept the batch size to 180-240….


I think your choice boils down to XL BM or SP Jain. Don't think about K or I. Apart from the points mentioned by others, look at what area (Fin, Mark, Consult etc.) you want to get into and look at the companies which visit the above mentioned campuses. SP Jain is great if you are interested in marketing and even for fin and a smaller batch size (60 for each of the areas) would greatly increase your chances of getting a good summer and then final. As compared to XL where you will have to compete with 180 others (I'm taking only BM here).

IIM I student

Obviously an IIM K student will talk highly about themselves. The truth is that at least 5 big ticket companies have not even visited IIM K and have not only visited but recruited from IIM Indore.

BCG, Bank of America, P&G, Microsoft, ebay, Yahoo, Flipkart. The list is long. Wait for IIM I report which will be published soon. IIM K could not place 320 students well and keep bad mouthing IIM I which places at least 350 people well out of 450. Not to mention the big ticket companies that don't go to IIM K. BCG has now recruited for 3 years at IIM Indore.

You should not believe in anything an IIM K student says because it is a bagful of lies. They are experts at it since years.

IIM I student

Please don't listen to @Kat on this forum. The student is from IIM K and has been misguiding students on this forum for a while. Not to mention bad mouthing other institutes whose placements are better than theirs. Facts trump lies spread by such people. Request insideiim to note this person who has been misleading aspirants with his/her biased mindset and 'IIMK is the better than IIM I' hidden charade.


I've been selected for the PGDM programme in Information Management @ SPJIMR. Now I know it's a good opportunity and all but with all the hoopla about placements I have a few apprehensions and was hoping to get certain details URGENTLY. I have pasted this post at SPJIMR's thread too but it seems to be dead for a while so I'm not sure if I'll get a response.

Could someone tell me what is the profile offered and package at Amazon. I saw someone's profile on linkedin and it said Account Manager. Can someone clarify what kind of role it is and the salary breakup/CTC?

I've also been trying to find out about the role and compensation offered by Microsoft (MSMG) and Google. Can someone throw some light on this too?

Finally, if anyone knows about GE's IMLP/ITLP program, could u tell me if they are both the same? Some people from SPJ's 2011-13 batch did their autumn internship at GE (as on linkedin), thus again I'm wondering about the profile and compensation breakup.

Please respond ASAP since I would need to make a deposit soon! Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks


Depends on your other option. SPJIMR IM is a good place to be if you don't have any other big bschool calls.

Down with IIM K

All roles offered by the above mentioned companies are same as those offered at IIM I,K,XLRI,FMS In fact some of the roles offered here may not be offered in these schools. From what I know all of them are 12 lacs+ for sure. Amazon and Microsoft are more than 15+ for sure.


Amazon opens around 6-8 profiles at NITIE, Guess, it should be the same at SP Jain too. And they offer 21 LPA as CTC

AFAIK, GE has renamed its IMLP program to ITLP. Good profile. Pay isn't great. Around 12 LPA as CTC

For Microsoft, the CTC is 16 LPA last year. Not sure about it now.
No idea about Google.


I'm a NITIE 2013 passout & can tell you that Amazon offers a range of profiles right from those in Supply Chain Management to the very senior ones like Program Manager/Engagement Manager (it opened a total of 12 profiles here). Package varies in the range of 21-23 but has a bonus component to it. SPJIMR would probably have the same profiles on offer.

As someone rightly mentioned, ITLP is the new name for GE's IMLP program. While the program is indeed very good, the package is 12 LPA. The profiles offered by Google & Microsoft varies considerably across campuses & so does the pay. So won't say much on that.

Down with IIM K

Mckinsey, Morgan Stanley,Franklin Templeton, Accenture, P&G, Flipkart, L'Oreal – These are names in the JBIMS report for a batch of only 120. I don't see those names in the IIM K report. Lol. guess director appearing in media all the time does not help its placements. Nor does having 100+ girls


First of all not every company which visits a certain B-school should visit the other.
Mckinsey had a batch day for K as well as JBIMS.
Your intentions are very clear by your username.
Look at the number of companies which visited K and did not visit JBIMS.
The worst thing about such reports is that people are unable to understand the different profiles which are offered at different B-schools. Only names sometimes mislead people


I also wanted to know the same question as asked by ROBIN. Are ITLP and IMLP the same? How much do they pay?


Respected Seniors,
I have fortunately converted IIM-L & FMS via CAT this year. Now, plz pardon me for this novice query, but can u plz explain a small thing to me—>

I have come to know from seniors that Front-end IB opportunities are very limited in FMS & L and usually the students with IIT/NIT/BITS/SRCC background & awesome profile get them. Most of the profiles offered are mid-office & back-end. Now ,being practical, I think I should'nt enter these institutes with such sky-high expectations. Can u plz tell me the difference b/w FRONT-END, MID-OFFICE & BACK-END IB? 😮

Sorry for this silly query but I just wanted to know in detail about what I was getting into & what are the difference b/w these 3 often talked about profiles. Plz reply