Final Placements : IIM Lucknow – Class of 2012

IIM Lucknow completed its Final Placements for the Class of 2012 and it seems it won’t be too long before it enters the big league (read: IIM ABC) as long as Recruitment in India is concerned. Top Consulting companies like BCG and McKinsey are not only regulars at IIM Lucknow but also they hire in good numbers now. Finance has taken a hit but then that is the case across campuses and hence should not surprise anyone. Other more stable domains like Sales & Marketing, IT etc. have maintained a strong presence as always and should have given a wide variety of choices to graduates of the Class of 2012.  A slightly bigger batch size in a difficult environment would have made it an extremely competitive year especially for the coveted jobs.

If there is one suggestion we can give to the Class of 2013  and aspirants with calls across IIMs especially at IIMs LIK is that – Your best chance in this scenario is to get a great summer internship and then get a PPO! Reason : We see a rising trend where companies want to use the Summer Internship followed by PPO route to hire fresh graduates rather than visiting campuses again for Finals also. Companies prefer hiring candidates after having spent 2 months with them rather than 20 mins. Just compare the Summer and Final Placement Reports of most IIMs and you’ll get the point. You may wait to decide where you want to go till the 6th term only to realise that companies where you want to go don’t hire during Final Placements!

Please find below the IIM Lucknow Class of 2012 Final Placement information.  IIM Lucknow placement committee also shared with us some interesting statistics on trends which you shall find at the end.

Please Note : The companies mentioned include the companies which gave PPOs and may not have visited the campus for Finals.


Top Recruiters at IIM Lucknow

IBM – 20 offers

Deloitte – 16 offers

Larsen & Toubro – 12 offers

Cognizant – 10 offers

Boston Consulting Group – 9 offers

Procter & Gamble – 8 offers

Bharti Airtel – 8 offers

Infosys – 8 offers

Very Interesting graph – The last one. Shows clearly why 2008 was one of the best years to graduate out of an IIM. We would see a similar offers to company ratio across IIMs if this data was available for 2008.

With increasing batch sizes across IIMs, implementation of OBC quota in full, and a worsening global economy  it was natural that more recruiters would have had to be reached out to. IIM Lucknow seems to have done well in that regard.

Other interesting trends are:

-The sudden pick up in Consulting offers over the last 2 years. This is a trend which you shall observe across top B-Schools in India.

-The reliance on Sales & Marketing in bad years.

– Not surprisingly a decline in Finance offers over the last 5 years in % terms.

Do note however that these percentages need to be looked at in context of the growing batch size over the last 5 years.


We would like to thank the placement committee of IIM Lucknow for providing information in the format yet again after the Summer Placements. We believe it will be of immense help to readers , aspirants and recruiters. IIM Lucknow has gone a step further and given very interesting data over the last 5 years.

This is the third in a series of reports that will bring to you. We are committed in bringing you a complete picture. We will also ensure that no irresponsible reporting is done on this website. Attempt will be made to verify the data with the institution before any publishing is done. However, lack of response from the institution will not prevent us from providing insight to our readers. We must also put a disclaimer that despite our best efforts it is not always necessary that the data given to us is 100 % accurate.

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Kiran Shah


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98 companies giving 596 offers in 2008!! What kind of a ratio was that?! Jaane kahaan gaye woh din 🙁


I don't think there is merit in publishing ambiguous reports and then saying that the reports stick to insideiim format. Couldn't find any salaries in this. Seems like it is upon the placereps to decide what they want to share rather than on insideiim to ensure that there format is adhered to.

Team InsideIIM

IIM Bangalore and IIM Lucknow have decided to not publish salaries for over 4 years now. We are primarily interested in knowing profiles offered on campus. Its not too difficult to figure out salaries once you know what profile was offered at which campus. We do not lay any importance to average salary figures. We have stuck to our format.


@Virendra, IIML does not report salary information. This has been the practice at the institute since several years now.


Does the InsideIIM team know if IIM Lucknow managed to secure 100% placements for all its students?


It seems obvious from the above report that placements have been very poor this time in IIM Lucknow and high chances are there that good number of students are either jobless or have below-IIM-standard jobs. As is a known fact that in these kinds of trying situations, the unplaced students are just numbers for the placement representatives which affects the careers of a few deserving students significantly.


It is most importnat to note that the recruitment process at IIML – atleast for the bacth 2010-12 is not fair. Less number of job and lesser salary is secondary. The Students of the batch 2010-12 were not treated with parity. IIML must look into this aspect and remove such unfair practices – it at all they want to achieve some status in Business school community. I never thought that an institute of repute – IIML will allow such thing to happen at its premises.


Overall i think these trends suggest poor Placement trends @ IIML.. offers per company are around 2 whereas in previous years it was around 3….calling PSUs for placements itself tells that Placecom had hard time… also no of offers in Marketing & Finance have gone down whereas IT Management has picked up.. would like to know is it due to candidate profiles or poor economic scenario?


Batch of 2012 did have a reasonably high level of work-ex and most of it from IT sector. So the increase in number of students opting for IT sector isn't surprising.

Calling PSUs for placements isn't a bad thing as most of them offer decent pay. And the number of people who went into them aren't that high either. Kindly keep in mind that IIML has one of the largest batch sizes among all IIMs and definitely larger one than some of the other B-Schools you are trying to compare with.

Tushar/Shabana/Virender and rest who are wondering whether the scene was bad at IIML – The placement scenario across IIMs and all other institutes were subdued this year due to the weak economic scenario. It was clearly an employer's market and Finance sector was hit across all IIMs and other B-Schools. You will see that when other IIMs release their reports too and in the various newspaper reports out there already. In the face of all that, IIML still had decent placements.


I agree with Virender. The funny thing about data is the level to which you can twist it in your favour, despite its true nature, is immense. Providing only the best figures doesn't mean that the performance is great.It is obvious to note that the key figures are missing out and all the required data are hidden, so it doesn't serve any meaningful purpose other than false show off. Hence the conclusion ['it won’t be too long before it enters the big league (read: IIM ABC)] is not only void but it is also ironical as it puts a big question mark on whether it is just a marketing gimmick for brand enhancement.
@MBA Aspirant: Be Aware


I dont get it, when XL posts its reports IIM L students are right up on the comments section working hard to prove how IIM L is better, after this report is there anything left to debtate? Small batch sizes always offers better opprtunities.


Not publishing the CTC Details is fine…Given the company name and job profile one can get a rough idea…But what about aspects like
– No. of unplaced
– % of batch placed in PSUs
– first time entrants to campus
– new sectoral hiring –
– % of batch placed Overseas?

Team InsideIIM

We haven't published first time recruiters though it was given to us. The number is 57. A lot of the parameters you have mentioned we do not track and do not ask information from the institutes either.

We will be reviewing the format again in June 2012. We'll keep some of these parameters in mind during our review.

We do ask for overseas offer numbers. And if an institute does not provide the information we mark NA against it. IIM Lucknow did reveal the number for Summer Placements for the 2011-13 batch


And as far as I know, L&T is not a great pay master….Atleast w.r.t. BTechs……I dont know about Management grads, though….


L&T offers different compensations to mgt grads acc. to college category(A/B), so the package depends on which school u r studin at

Team InsideIIM

We expect readers to understand that it is not obligatory for the IIMs to reveal this data as there is no formal law in place regarding the same. It is to the credit of these institutes that despite that on the request of InsideIIM they share the information as they see these reports as a step in the right direction.

Readers must also note that these reports have been shared despite end term exams going on across campuses. That is one of the main reasons why we have been delayed apart from the fact that the placements have actually concluded late on most campuses.


Another question, folks…. Whats the difference between Business Consulting and Business process Consulting – w.r.t. IBM….??? Is strategy consulting at IBM the same as the Business Process Consulting role offered by IBM ?


Sorry for going off-topic, but please do correct the formatting of your articles atleast. The font size various at its own will and so do the graphs. Moreover, the grammar looks like its being written by a 5th grader. Please look into these issues.



font size VARIES at… .instead of various.
looks like IT IS being written… instead of its


"Be careful not to do your 'acts of righteousness'. IIML is only IIM league institute who have published its Placement report here so for. Its official placement process was over by mid -Feb & it waited till now to fulfill its moral obligations. Having said so , I believe Aspiring MBA students should confirm the facts before preaching on the public forum. As a established institute of repute, it understands its duties pretty well.
@Others students of reputed institutes: we never mud-sling on any institute nor we cry for fake showman ship. If any such act is done, I (behalf of IIML community) am sorry for that. We belief in Hardwork & through that we like establish ourselves only.


Correction:- IIML is second IIM league institute who have published its Placement report here so far.



Interesting to hear that placements ended in Mid Feb. Did IIM Lucknow manage to secure 100% placements for its students this year?

Also what moral obligations are you hinting at?



I think it is well mentioned both in the Inside-iim report & as well as in my earlier comment. If you are looking for something/someone specific then we can take it separately. Moral obligations are well defined for institute & its students. I guess , you must be knowing it pretty well too.


@Rajagopal, Bhakt:

To be honest, apart from few companies roles and offers at IIM Lucknow are at par with ABC. And those company also do not come to ABC due to cartalization of their alumni. But time will come soon to break through the cartel. XL and FMS also have good placements but they don't have headache of huge numbers to be placed as compared to IIM's. At the same time XL and FMS are far older than IIM's LIK but still they have not matched with ABC.


Thats a valid point – XLRI (oldest institute in the list here), FMS Delhi (1950s), JBIMS (1960s)…where are they today? Their batch sizes are also small. If you consider that IIM L I K despite starting decades later and IK are not even 15 years old. They have marched ahead in that respect.


"IIM Lucknow completed its Final Placements for the Class of 2012 and it seems it won’t be too long before it enters the big league (read: IIM ABC) as long as Recruitment in India is concerned" – Is it just to get some more hits, because there are no facts to substantiate this statement. Atleast in this report.
Top half looks extremely good even after finance has taken a hit…But so many PSU's making a visit, lack of data about the number of opt-outs, a month long delay in publishing the placement report does make people suspicious about the bottom half of the batch.
Anyways, congrats to the 2012 batch!


@Kaushik By substantiating the point, do you mean to say anything other than performance is criteria? Year after year it is performing on the same criteria that other institute follows. Infrastructure, course content, faculty,placements & Alum(s). The fact that in 26 years it has carved its own place is commendable. Basically one can be better by other is through own performance showing rather than demean/bash ing others.At-least it is followed in IIML. So don't think that I will start a Hate XYZ institute campaign just because you or someone else is doing to us. Fake showmanship is the last thing we can do. About PSU's making visit to campus, If you have carefully analyzed that then you would have seen most of them are in power sector. Let me get from you , in power sector any other (public-private)company in india which have a better profile to match?? Also lack of data in term of opt-outs, lets put it at institute prerogative to share it or not. I know its always advisable & hopefully institute will share it soon with others here. Let it be based on mutual respect note,congrats to 2012 batch.


Appreciate your comments…As far as comparison with ABC is concerned, the only parameter measured here is "Recruitment" and this article doesn't provide enough data to substantiate that. I'm not bothered about other aspects because this article talks about placements. We all know the quality of students in terms of profiles IIML has, but it saddens me see the amount of chest-beating they do trying to prove that they are much above XL and belong to the ABC league. IIML is a great college, provide the facts and leave the rest to the judgement of concerned people.


Shame for an institute where its students are not in unity. Though quite possible of an internal feud between factions.If it is so than its a bad sign for premier institute. Although the link provides comments hinting on one point that placement was not completed which i guess Bhakt hinted by moral obligation thing & one month to settle the rest of the lot.Phew Whats there for other institute in store???? One of my cousin studies there & last week when I inquired, he was telling that Placement got over & most of his seniors are happy lot. I guess, I missed the "Most" part completely. Still can we believe in unsubstantiated rumors where ID of comment maker not known but trash verified Inside-iim report completely??


Ohh great some put an unsubstantiated comments & what a discovery. Sorry guyz you need to do something better than that to impress. Whole comments are about unethical practices by placecom, what kind of unethical practices? which placecom?who? Nobody knows really, but people believe its something bad so must be true. Commonsense is so rare these dayz? isn't it?

The student

dude there is TOI comment which compares IIPM with IIM-A….hahaha…and u take them seriously…

Team InsideIIM

We don't understand why our placement reports are being used as a forum for institute-bashing. Please refrain from passing sweeping judgments about institutes.


This is because you guys are making sweeping judgements without proper facts…E.g the statement "it won’t be too long before it enters the big league (read: IIM ABC)…." – How can you pass such a judgmental statement without knowing the number of opt-outs, number of people actually placed,the duration of the process. You just cannot make a judgement based on a sole parameter.


great going iim lucknow. time has already come to say ABCL instead of ABC. this is even the perception of a lot many friends of mine studying in ABC.
And yes,great placements.


Points put by Kaushik are completely valid. Here “recruitment” is the only parameter measured and the limited data provided here gives enough clue of the facts being presented in a biased manner. Bhakt seems to be an insider who has bagged a good job offer and simply don’t care about the others in his institute who, unfortunately, couldn’t land up with either decent jobs or any job at all. As per the comments in the ToI article, it is clear that at L, efforts were made only to place the top three-fourth of the batch and not the rest. L can join the league of ABC only after it starts focussing on the entire batch, as it is always easy to place the toppers, but the real test starts when the number of unplaced students drops. Yes, L is way ahead of I and K but it still has long way to go before it can catch up with ABC.


if 213 companies indeed recruited from IIM Lucknow making 446 offers, little can the placement committee of IIML do anything about it. The Placecom has done its job pretty well – IMO…. (as far as getting companies on campus is concerned…)…. Students at IIMs, including ABCL, should realise that by the sheer virtue of the IIM tag, they are not going to bag good jobs and competitive remuneration…. If a student attends 40-50 interviews and yet is unplaced, the problem lies with the student and not the institute or its placement committee.. Enough opportunities are available for everyone at these elite institutes to groom themselves, make themselves employable. If the two years at an IIM bring about little or no transformation in a student in terms of employability, I believe he is himself to blame for it. An institute's job (placecom's job) is to bring enough companies on campus to cater to the aspirations of its students. I believe by bringing 213 companies, the institute has done its job.


@Rajesh As rightly pointed by Shabana – “the funny thing about data is the level to which you can twist it”. To get a glimpse of the number 213, just count the number of companies reported in this report. I can go much deeper into the facts leading to the huge difference but you can understand it yourself by discussing it with your friends in top management institutes. Your second point is valid but one needs to look into the range 40-50 too. Has it been achieved? You can easily understand rest of the ground realities after you go through the comments on the ToI article whose link has been given by ‘crk’


@ Bhakt,Student I guess you are pcomers..If so, kindly include ingersoll rand to the above list…its unique “Entrepreneurship” program deserves to be mentioned….And loreal, Airtel etc offered corporate finance roles….and some other good companies and roles like RBI are left out…you should have included them becoz many guys here started speculating wrongly that (213 – x companies in the report) is the number of PSUs visited….Btw I see barings in the list..really?? not aware that they made an offer….if not, kindly remove it…..Overall, Given the economic scenario and huge batch size, IIML has done a commendable job….

@others, wait for IIMI,K’s report….you guys will find IIML is next to ABC undoubtedly…

@ Rajesh, Couldnt agree more….


@insider – I doubt either IIM Indore or IIM Kozhikode will share the report in the InsideIIM format. I dont think they'll have the courage to do so.


@Insider, I am not a pcommer. But I do have high regard placement process, both because of complexity involved & impact it makes. Yes to an extent i have seen placement too close both at undergrad level & here so I was little blunt on earlier posts about some rumors & misconceptions though. but your points are valid & i will communicate the same to the person(s) concerned.
@Ramesh, I will count on optimism rather then pessimism.To an extent discounting verified placements reports & taking cognizable of slanderous ,unsubstantiated comments shows how people are hungry for sensational, incorrect information


Why isnt IIM-C placement stats out ?? wasn't it supposed to be out last week on inside IIM…

Team InsideIIM

We are still waiting for information. We had been asked to wait because of end term exams and convocation and other things. We can only post it once we get full information from the placement committee.


Wanted to understand the placement trends of IIM-A. We understand this year consulting firms are very active especially BCG and IBM. But has IBM recruited for their India consulting business or global


Besides the two you mentioned, infosys has also recruited in good numbers esp. in financial services domain…IBM had close to 80 requirements in India. they did not recruit for global roles…


Infosys hired for financial services domain…Are you referring to the ERP – Finance roles, that every Tom, Dick and Harry gets into? The ones that pay 8-10 only? Associate Consultant profile?? I am shocked if they hire IIML folks for it??


Anjan and I are talking about consulting….not the ERP roles u are talking abt….the range is 13-20 depending on the profile,,,


IBM has hired about 21 students for IIM A this year which seems to be the highest number by any recruiter this year in IIM A according to media, my gut feel is that they might have hired for the India consulting business with a focus on domestic market. Any views on these



Infosys came to hire for their Management Consulting practice. The management consulting arm of Infosys was set up in 2004 as “Infosys Consulting, Inc” head-quartered in Fremont USA. This used to be a separate entity (a subsidiary of Infosys Ltd.) with just 800 consultants ( ~120 in India and ~680 in US, UK & Europe). In 2011 end, the subsidiary merged with Infosys Ltd. Even now it is a separate practice with around 800 consultants. The management consulting(MC) practice is a separate horizontal within the firm.

Infosys management consulting only hired from ISB and IIMB last year. Last to last year they hired from IIMB. Before that, they didn’t hire any fresh graduates. Only experienced hires. This year they went to the IIMs and ISB and XL.

Now coming to your doubt: the profiles you are talking about are not part of Infosys Management Consulting practice. They are mainly SAP, Oracle etc functional consultants with salary ranging from 6.5 to 7.5 LPA. These are the “Tom, Dick and Harry”s you are talking about.

But the salaries for MC (who are hired from IIMs, ISB and now XL) are just GREATER THAN DOUBLE of what your “Tom, Dick and Harry” gets. And that’s just the starting salaries in MC.

Hope you get what I am trying to convey. There are significant differences which, I hope, now you would appreciate.

Thanks & Regards


What is the profile offered by IBM and other IT consulting company and what kind of package is offered by cognizant , ibm etc


The report lists about 100-110 companies but the total number of companies is about double that number.
the list is quite exhaustive honestly especially when it comes to decent paying companies if not the best. i just fear to imagine what kind of companies would that 100 have been especially atleast 40-50 of them.
As a corollary they’d also pay a lot lower than most of the big wigs give. infact even your present list has companies paying less than 9-10 lakh. think of hte next hundred companies which probably gave offers to about 200 students -‘Food for thought’
Larger Batch sizes definitely have their problems.


Does Equity research come under Front end Investment job?
Approximately how many such offers were made?



There are different profiles in equity research.

If you are in India, and you are covering Indian stocks, then yes, it's a front end job in India and will be remunerative. But the big name investment banks visit very few campuses for this profile and pick up very few students.
You might be in India and be working in a support team that tracks stocks in europe/hong kong etc. This is not a front-end job. Mostly number-crunching and very little client exposure. Big name investment banks visit most campuses covered by insideiim, and pick up decent numbers.
If you are lucky, you will be in Europe/HK/USA covering stocks in that local market. Now that's a front end job abroad.

Neutral Junta

Front end always refers to customer facing job where you get to interact with customers. Front end bankers are provided information by equity researchers who are typically middle office guys.

Neutral Junta

Just checked that BCG hired 9 from IIML. Thats a great statistic. Any info on how many Mckinsey hired ?


6 I guess, 5 PPOs +1 in Finals..Though 5 got through in the finals ,4 chucked Mckinsey offer to go to BCG.


While comparing reports of FMS and IIM Lucknow, i noticed an interesting thing. While there is not much of a difference between the repute of companies reported, FMS report contains almost all of the 96 companies that recruited. For IIM Lucknow, its less than half of the total.

Though I understand that its not possible to mention all 200+ companies, but i would not be wrong to assume that the best companies have been mentioned.

Interpretation is up to individuals..


However the fact remains some of the top notch firms known for recruiting from top IIMs (including IIML) are still out-of-reach from an FMS standpoint… May be lack of two 'I's before an 'M' on FMS's part causes the damage.


Again, that is the difference between Elite institutes & others. Students( from Elite Institutes) know how to interpret the figures correctly. 389 students in IIM Lucknow, got 213 companies offering 446 offers along with 70 confirmed PPOs & 149 Lateral Offers. So Do the simple maths now & see where students have got the best offers choice. At-least in IIM Lucknow , students have an option to select the offer unlike others who boast.

FMS==>96 companies, Are you kidding by saying best of the companies mentioned?? No much difference in repute of companies reported?? Finance & Consulting companies ( Did any of them visited campus this year for new offers?? International Offers any??


For the second straight year, IIM Lucknow has bagged 100 % PPO conversion for Boston Consulting Group. How about the results for the older IIMs, supposedly BCG's favourite campuses? 😀


Very true, FMS has the same list of companies. a few might be missing but then again a few would be more. So lets forget the BCG everthing else is just the same. so basically the top 250 students were equally placed. that means all at FMS were placed where as the last 200 at IIM L were still left. its a crude way to compare but should give you an idea of what you can expect at the two campuses. these last 200 students couldnt have got an average of more than 8 lakhs and i can bet my life on that. how do you expect to pay the humongous loans with that. It's quite clear which one is better to go for.

totally real

Very rightly said…IIM L still has a long way to go to reach ABC status. Personally i doubt they can every do it…you dont become an ABC just by shouting all the time that 'we are now at par with ABC'. you can mislead ppl for a while but not forever.


Just wait and watch the list of su mmers companies at IIML. Some top notch companies will be hiring from IIML this year. It also includes a leading management consulting firm which till now recruited only from the Big 3 IIMs. IIML is slowly moving into the league of ABC. Very soon it will be ABCL and the rest 🙂

Aakhri Jang

How's the final placement scenario of PGP-AGM? Do they also get finance jobs? What kind of jobs do they get? How's their salary?