Final Placements : JBIMS – Class of 2014 (Unverified)

In the first week of April, we thought we had broken the deadlock with the JBIMS Placement Committee. However, we are back to square one. JBIMS sent us data but it had names of companies that didn’t recruit but may have ‘participated’ or ‘confirmed participation’. We do not allow those names to be put as this practice is highly misleading. JBIMS says it is against their policy because it spoils relationship with recruiters. That is a very strange logic because – if recruiters were indeed desperate to be part of JBIMS’ placement report, they would have actually recruited and made offers. How plausible is it that a company will decide to end/spoil a relationship (if it exists in the first place) with JBIMS because they didn’t mention the name of the company in their report on insideiim even though they haven’t make a single offer?

The data below is not verified. It contains names of companies which may not have made a single offer at JBIMS. However, in the interest of our users we have still done our analysis which is our practice for schools that do not wish to provide data for whichever reason.


This is an highly selective B school, with only 120 seats. It is extremely difficult for a non-Maharashtrian candidate (especially from the general category) to get in. The small batch size means that a limited number of companies is enough to absorb the students of JBIMS. And with a course fee that is Rs 1 lakh for a year, JBIMS offers one of the best ROIs for an MBA in India.


Banking and Finance (Many of the companies below may not have made any offers)

JBIMS has been traditionally strong in this segment. Read our alumni reports in 2013 (here and here) to get a perspective of JBIMS’ strength in this segment. In fact, even during the great recession, when we observed a broad shift from Banking and Finance towards Consulting, the data at JBIMS indicated otherwise. Banking remained a strong draw during the lean times. And it continues to be popular with the students of the campus. There is a really good diversity of profiles – transaction banking has names like Citibank, Standard Chartered and HSBC alongside Kotak Mahindra Bank (Uday Kotak is an alumnus), HDFC and Ratnakar Bank. Bulge bracket investment banks do not offer front-end investment banking roles at JBIMS. In all other aspects, the performance of JBIMS is impressive.




Consulting and general management (Many of the companies below may not have made any offers)

Big names include McKinsey & Co, and Jones Lang LaSalle. McKinsey & Co is headed by Noshir Kaka, a JBIMS alum. McKinsey has regularly recruited from JBIMS – the firm conducts a batch day process – where students from IIM I, IIM K, formerly XLRI, JBIMS and some other B schools are interviewed an one or two candidates selected. Over the last few years, that candidate has been from JBIMS with great regularity. General management has got names like Cummins India, Tata Steel, Manipal Group, L&T, Siemens etc. Three big names – Mahindra & Mahindra, Aditya Birla Group, and TAS are not present in this list.




FMCG, Pharma and others

In FMCG, the big brands are present. HUL (Nitin Paranjpe – former MD of HUL and now global head of Home Care for Unilever, is an alumnus) and P&G are present, so are ITC and Pepsico. Again, given the small batch size of JBIMS, we do believe they have a wide range of opportunities.




Technology, Consumer Products, Telecom etc

Two high-tech software behemoths – Google and Microsoft, are the marquee names in this section.




Pharmaceutical companies

There is a good mix of Indian and foreign names including Cipla, Glenmark, Ranbaxy, and Abbott, GSK Pharma, Eli Lilly etc. In this list, Cipla and Ranbaxy have offered general management profiles, while the other companies have offered sales and marketing profiles. This is a testament to India’s booming pharma industry.




Other statistics you may be interested in

Summary: Exactly half the batch had either a PPO or a PPI. Assuming an equal split between PPOs and PPIs, and further assuming that at least one third of the PPIs were converted, we are talking about roughly 0ne-third the batch having a job before placements. That ratio is pretty good, and comparable to XLRI (32%), and higher than FMS (around 17%) in 2014.jbims2014summaryfinals


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