Final Placements : JBIMS Mumbai – Class of 2013 (Unverified Report)

JBIMS has never yielded to any of our requests for placement data in the past. We published an unverified report for the same batch 18 months back during summer placements here. It is the most sought after MBA school for CMAT takers and also has a rich history of producing CEOs for Corporate India (CEOs of ICICI Bank, Hindustan Unilever are JBIMS alumni). There are some companies that swear by JBIMS in the toughest of times. It is also the one of the best ‘ROI after MBA’ schools with a 2 year outlay of less than INR 1 Lakh (INR 100,000). We had to do an unverified report.

JBIMS has a batch size of 120 and always has ample opportunities for a small batch. There are many types and levels of reservations at JBIMS and it is very difficult for an Outside Maharashtra general category candidate to get in. Even for General category candidates within Maharashtra only about 40 seats are available. One must note though that, this has not always been the case.

There was a time when JBIMS was among the top 3 institutions in the country and its location in the financial capital of India, within the old financial district (the new financial district in the country is Bandra Kurla Complex) gave its students great advantage vis-a-vis schools located in places like Ahmedabad and Calcutta. However, over the years that position has declined. More dynamic schools in other parts of the country have surged ahead. JBIMS is still very fortunate to have a great list of recruiters due to its alumni legacy and its location in the city of Mumbai (Bombay) but it will not be wrong to say that despite its legacy, placements have not evolved at JBIMS in the same vein as they have at many other younger schools.

Here is the unverified report for the Class of 2013. All data has been compiled from media reports and the JBIMS website. We have not heard from the placement committee at all. Media reports talk about a lot of companies ‘participating’ and ‘visiting’. We do not know if they actually recruited. Please speak to students at JBIMS to confirm this.

Banking & Finance

Franklin Templeton, Standard Chartered Bank, Citibank, HSBC, JP Morgan, Nomura, Yes Bank, ICICI Bank, Ratnakar Bank, Tata Capital, Indiabulls and Fidelity.

A lot of the above roles are for Corporate and Retail Banking profiles. Roles offered by companies like JP Morgan and Nomura are middle office roles. Some of the names above also include PPOs being offered. However, it is an impressive list of companies in this domain if the batch size is only 120 and looks better in the final analysis when compared to some Old IIMs.

JBIMS claims Morgan Stanley offered a front end investment banking role.

Assuming 25% of  the batch opts for Finance, the list above provides ample opportunities. However, do not expect many front end Investment banking or Markets roles at JBIMS especially from bulge bracket international banks.

Consulting & General Management

For years now, JBIMS is the 5th campus after IIM ABCL that Mckinsey and Co. recruits from. It  is interesting to note that JBIMS students have beaten IIM I & K, XLRI, FMS students for the coveted  role at the batch day process in Mumbai with alarming regularity. It is interesting that Mckinsey & Co. never adds JBIMS to its list of campuses to visit but almost always recruits a JBIMS graduate from batch day.

Accenture is the other big name that recruited from JBIMS. Deloitte and JonesLang LaSalle (Real Estate consulting) are other names. There are no other noteworthy names in consulting.

General Management line up is very impressive except that TAS does not visit JBIMS any more. JBIMS was dropped a few years back by TAS. JBIMS press release claims Reliance Industries Ltd, Schlumberger, Bosch, Lodha Group, General Electric, Mahindra & Mahindra, Larsen & Toubro, Tata Steel, Jindal Steel and Power, Shree Renuka Sugars Ltd, Godrej & Boyce, ACG Worldwide, Alfa Laval, BASF, Cummins recruited for General Management and Strategy roles. We would like to state again that for a batch of 120 this is a very impressive line up. International profiles were offered by Petrofac and SADIG Group.


JBIMS has always had top FMCG options. HUL and P&G have always recruited from JBIMS and will continue to do so. Nitin Paranjpe, CEO of HUL is a JBIMS alumnus. Colgate-Palmolive, L’Oreal, PepsiCo, Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages, General Mills are other names.


Amazon and Flipkart in the E-Commerce space. Jumbo Electronics offered an international profile (Middle East). Castrol is also in the list of recruiters.

The pharma space was well represented by Cipla, Ranbaxy, Glenmark Pharma, Abbott Pharma, and Janssen Pharmaceuticals.

Microsoft, Zycus, HCL Technologies, Wipro, Cap Gemini, Accenture Tech, TCS and Infosys were names in the IT space.

Companies that offered PPOs/PPIs 

Abbott, Accenture Management Consulting, Castrol, Citibank, Colgate-Palmolive, Flipkart, General Electric, GSK Consumer, Hindustan Unilever, JP Morgan, Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Jones Lang LaSalle, Kotak Mahindra Bank, Mahindra & Mahindra, Nomura, Procter & Gamble, Reliance Industries, Standard Chartered Bank and Vodafone.

22 PPOs + 33 PPIs with overlaps where PPIs some PPIs got converted to PPOs. We dont know the exact number but assuming the number to be around 40 (removing the overlaps), 1/3rd of the batch landing PPOs and PPIs is a decent statistic even for a batch as small as 120. (This stat was provided to us by a student claiming to be from JBIMS in the comments section below.)

They claim that the highest salary offered through PPOs is  INR 24.22 lakhs (INR 2.4 Million). We are still trying to figure out which company they are talking about and how exactly the calculations have been made.


Median Salary – INR 1.4 Million ( INR 14 Lakhs)

Average Salary – INR 1.53 Million (INR 15.32 Lakhs)

Highest Domestic Salary – INR 2.6 Million ( INR 26 Lakhs)

Total number of recruiters – 88

Total number of first-time recruiters – 36


We hope that we can manage to get JBIMS to share the report in the InsideIIM format in the future. As mentioned before, this is an unverified report. Please take adequate caution before believing any claims.


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One correction. PPOs+PPIs = 55 but there are overlaps. You cannot straightaway add PPOs and PPIs. Approximate numbers of PPOs was 22 and PPIs was 33. And, the total is NOT 55. I had this posted on fb as well few days back. But, insideIIM repeated it here. Request you to correct it.


Although this is an unverified report, it is very clear that JBIMS placements are better than IIM Kozhikode placements by a mile. Interesting fight between SPJIMR and JBIMS and FMS. FMS is overrated just because of its fees.


In terms of ROI and less competition, JBIMS is a lot better than IIMI, IIMK, IIMS and the newer IIM's. I feel they also edge SPJ, XL and IIML to some extent in this regards.

Common Man

Why didn't you add IIM ABC? Don't know how people ended up doing MBA from coveted institute given the fact they don't even know how to write two correct sentences.


This reservation has already ruined this gr8 institute…There are only 8 seats for general category students from rest of the Maharashtra…Recruiters need to know that when more than 50% batch is on the basis of reservation, quality is definitely not going to be the best one.
Absolute Q-tiyapa by Maharashtra Government…
I pray for the companies that have recruited so-called JB graduates, who don't really deserve to be a part of such a great institute.


Yeah right. McKinsey recruits from JBIMS only to hire people who don't deserve to be here !!!

While I agree with your view on the reservation part, you have no right to comment on the quality of the students without any evidence.


While I agree with you, I dont think giving a Mckinsey example is an appropriate argument. The girl who was recruited at Mckinsey already had a PPO from Accenture Management. Also she was from the general category.


correction : There are 16 not 8 seats for general category students from rest of the Maharashtra, and this quota policy of Mumbai university has been prevalent since its start , still JB has produced the likes of Uday kotak ,ajay piramal , chanda kochar , vinita bali , Harish manwani, nitin paranjpe , siddhart roy kapur , mani ratnam and many others u cnt say that reservation policy is affecting the quality.

PS : Even at IIM ABC 49.5% seats are reserved ,don't you see quality going down there ?


This is a placement report of an institute , how the hell does it become a reservation debate ?? when almost all IIMs including ABC have 50% of seats reserved why should there be a reservation debate on only on JB's placement report. In fact JB has less then 50% of reserved seats …total general seats are 38+9+18=65 which is more than 50% , just that it has its general seats into mumbai university , outside mumbai university and all India seats …and this is the policy for all university colleges in Maharashtra. Also the competition for those 38 mumbai university seats is no less, with cut off always being above 99.9%+ and most of the times higher than all india seats.


Well, in case of IIMs as well the quality is getting affected…
The thing is : toppers from reserved category come there…OBCs are doing good in many IIMs…I don't know why they really need the reservation.(Their annual income is much higher than many General category candidates)But SC, STs have pathetic percentile, which wouldn't even place them in tier-III MBA institutes…That's why big companies have started recruiting toppers and outstanding students from number of campuses


Dude, seems that you are pushing forward the same point again and again.
Read the title of the page. Its about JBIMS placements 2013 and not about reservations. Please focus. Your point is noticed and there is nothing anyone can do about it but the government.


Dude, my comment is not only relevant with McKinsey…it's generic…Some of my friends from JB itself have made this comment in private conversation with me. I am from Maharashtra itself…I have written MH-CET, I have scored 99.8+ & didn't convert due to this bloody reservation. Though not all students from the quota are bad, most of them are…I am lucky to study in one of the best institutes in India…no need to reveal the name…& to be honest, company like McKinsey knows every detail of the student it recruits, right from CG, CAT or MH-CET percentile n all. It has its own hygiene factors & it generally doesn't wish to dilute its brand. No offense against JB. It's a gr8 institute on the verge of fall in the imminent decade if it doesn't free itself from the shackles of bloody, stupid & caste oriented Maharashtra government. Peace…


Which institute doesnt have reservations? (Excpet SP and XL). All IIMs including the most coveted ABC have caste based reservations. I initially thought you were talking about the regional reservation which is a different problem. And, all these are political decisions. Institute cannot decide upon whom to admit and whom not to.

And yes, recruiters know about it. Most companies ask about the selection criteria of the institute before they come to hire. If you dont have quality, you ll be exposed in the placement process (and obviously not make it to Citi StanC HUL n Png).

(P.S. you had 99.8+. Considering approx 100000 students took CET, there were still 200 students ahead of you. So, I guess you wouldnt have made it to JB even without reservations 😉
No offence intended. You could have scored 30+ in GDPI and could have converted JB)

Down with IIM K

Mckinsey, Morgan Stanley,Franklin Templeton, Accenture, P&G, Flipkart, L'Oreal – I don't see those names in the IIM K report. Lol. guess director appearing in media all the time does not help its placements. Nor does having 100+ girls 🙂


The institute once so great is struggling to maintain its reputation. However it is still better than IIM I and slightly better than K in terms of placements. To my information, around 45-50 people get better jobs which the aspirant would settle at peacefully, paying CTC more than 11-12 LPA. Last 20 guys suffer a lot and the others fall in between 9 to 11 LPA.. The real average falls in the range of 11 to 12 LPA. Overall a good performance.. but for a batch of 120, its just ok.

IIM I student

Wait for IIM Indore report. IIM Indore is miles ahead of both JBIMS and IIM K in terms of placements. On any given day the top 120 at IIM Indore are better placed than at both JB and IIM K. Except Mckinsey and L'oreal, every company recruiting at JBIMS has recruited at IIM Indore. Report will be out before May 2nd week with all details.


Dude, everyone knows that IIM Indore convocation is over long ago. Why release report in May 2nd week? Just to influence CAT aspirants? Or wait is it because the placements or not yet over?
May be both !!!

IIM I student

Yes. About 30 students weren't placed when convocation took place. But hey, why don't you ask the same question to IIM C,L,K,ISB,FMS? At least we are honest enough to admit it. IIM K released a report full of holes and lies just because they wanted to release it. And @forjb – At least we give opportunities to more students to graduate. You are in operation for more than 50 years and still have only 38 open category seats for students in your own state. And man by man our top 120 will eat your 120 raw in terms of the placements and profiles. Like I said, wait for our report. No point jumping in joy about placing a partly 120 kids and pointing fingers at institutions that have placed over 400 successfully.

JB Student

Buddy, I dont think any JB student has raised a finger at IIM I or any other institute. That is NOT how Bajaj works. Please focus on drafting your placement report instead of making loose accusations against Bajaj.

Also, keep your 'free ka advice' to yourself. This is not a 3 Idiots movie and you are not Aamir Khan. Why talk about reservations on a placement report. As someone already pointed out we have 64 general seats which is a higher percentage (albeit marginally) than other institutes with reservations (all except XL, SP).

Lastly, this is an Academic Institution and not a Placement Agency. Students come here to learn from the who's who of the corporate world and then sit for placements. So we are more than happy catering to a focused lot of the best 120 than dilute the quality of education and 'give more students opportunity to graduate'. Your making institutes with large batch sizes sound like NGOs for social welfare which they are clearly not (at least I hope not!) .

"Will eat your 120 raw?" Presuming you are saying this because of the canteen issue you guys had. Dont get the proper nourishment according to a story that broke about 10 months back.

Anyhow, I have full faith in the quality of our pedagogy, our students' profile and placements. We don't make claims about eating anyone raw because we are well nourished and its inappropriate to comment on other institute w/o having proper information so I will not descend to passing remarks about your students/ placements.

Besides, students kahan bhi ho, its not nice to stay unplaced post convocation and sincerely wish you the best for the rest. Its the markets that are really bad right now not the institute/s / students.

Well wisher

This is getting ugly now. I can see two women "School A" vs "School B" fighting with each other.


Well said.

Sometimes the quality of comments in social media reflect the quality of students in an institute.
Thumbs down to those brash comments from those from the so-called elite institutes. Grow up kids


Given the drugs scandal, mess (real time mess up) food poisoning issue, growing number of unplaced folks with each passing year, mediocre placements and so many other awesome facts, i too cant wait to read the 'to-be-out' placement report.

Well wisher

May be JBIMS Placecom does not know what front end role means. The fixed pay at Morgan Stanley Investment Banking division is 32 LPA while the bonus for an analyst is upto 80 – 100 percent. And this role is usually offered at ABC (More at A and B). However this time they recruited summer interns from FMS and IIM A only.


Lets not undermine JBIMS…..If i remember clearly, a certain Oliver Wyman Consulting used to hire from here…Sadle do not see the name this time around……


One of the biggest strengths of JBIMS is its Alumni network , its alumni network is almost as strong as that of ABC and ,in fact this placement report is below its potential. Mckinsey India's MD Mst. Noshir Kaka is from JB ,also Oliver wynman's India Head Mst. Atul Khosla is from JB.The institute needs to leverage on its alumni network.


Throwing some light on the profiles offered by all the companies ( I might have missed a few).

Standard Chartered Bank: Client Coverage (WB), Consumer Banking
Citibank: ICG and RCB (corporate and retail banking)
HSBC: Retail Banking ( RMTP program)
JP Morgan: CAG (Credit risk) and CRG ( middle office IB)
Nomura: Middle office IB
Morgan Stanley: Front end IB (Limited to one year period, not a permanent job)
Avista Advisories: Front end IB
Franklin Templeton: Corporate Sales B2B
Yes Bank: Corporate Banking, Retail products manager, Indian Financial Institutions
ICICI Bank: Structured Finance, Treasury, Retail Banking
Ratnakar Bank: Front End Trading, Corporate Banking
Kotak Mahindra Bank: HNI wealth management
SBI Caps: IB (not clear whether front end) , Debt Markets
Indiabulls: Treasury, Commercial Credit
Tata Capital: unknown
Fidelity: unknown
Shree Renuka Sugars Ltd: Corporate Finance
Wipro: Corporate Finance
Vodafone: Corporate Finance
HUL: Corporate Finance
P&G: F&A (Corp Fin)
Jumbo Electronics: Corp fin
Deloitte: Risk Mangement (not consulting)
Lodha Group: Finance manager
FINO: i could not understand the profile
India Forex: Sales (not finance profile)
Magma Fincorp: Treasury
FSI Global: Unknown

McKinsey: Front end consulting
Accenture: Front end consulting
Jones Lang Lasalle: Front end consulting + sales
Positive Moves: HR consulting
Protiviti: unknown

General Management:
Reliance Industries Ltd: Gen Man
Schlumberger: Supply Chain
Bosch: sales n marketing
General Electric: FMP
Mahindra & Mahindra: Corporate Strategy
Larsen & Toubro: unknown
Tata Steel: Sales n marketing, operations
Jindal Steel and Power: Gen Man, corporate strategy
Shree Renuka Sugars Ltd: Operations, Corporate Strategy
Godrej & Boyce: SnM, operations
ACG Worldwide, Alfa Laval: unknown
Cummins: Operations
Petrofac: unknown
SADIG Group:unknown

Colgate-Palmolive, L’Oreal, PepsiCo, Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages, General Mills. HUL: SnM
Vodafone: SnM
Castrol: SnM
Jumbo Electronics: SnM, operations

Amazon: Account Manger
Flipkart: digital marketing, strategy

Cipla: Gen Man
Ranbaxy: Gen Man
Glenmark Pharma: SnM, legal compliance
Abbott Pharma: Area Sales Manager
Janssen Pharmaceuticals: SnM

Microsoft: Program Manager
Zycus: unknown
HCL Technologies: Consulting, BA, presales
Wipro: Presales
Cap Gemini: Multiple IT profiles
Accenture Tech: Multiple IT profiles
TCS: Global Consulting Practises, presales, BFSI
Infosys: Multiple IT profiles
Mindtree: Consulting

Opt outs: 3 ( 1 person gt through Aditya Birla Group as MT, 1 has family business, 1 for further studies)


Respected Sir,
I have fortunately converted IIM-L & FMS via CAT this year. Now, plz pardon me for this novice query, but can u plz explain a small thing to me—>

I have come to know from seniors that Front-end IB opportunities are very limited in FMS & L and usually the students with IIT/NIT/BITS/SRCC background get them. Most of the profiles offered are mid-office & back-end. Now ,being practical, I think I should'nt enter these institutes with such sky-high expectations. Can u plz tell me the difference b/w FRONT-END, MID-OFFICE & BACK-END IB? 😮

Sorry for this silly query but I just wanted to know in detail about what I was getting into & what are the difference b/w these 3 often talked about profiles. Plz reply



Can you guys please throw some lights on what are the various IT profiles offered by Accenture Technologies. I heard few best profiles in IT come from Accenture. Any info on it would be great

Well wisher

Well, they should have spoken about which IIMs do they go to. As per my knowledge, just like many other consults, they do not go beyond ABC.

CAT aspirant… … there are 86 visiting faculties at JB ,all of who are or have been CXOs,MD,VPs in various MNCs and most of them are past alums of JB. JBIMS strongly believes in the visiting faculty model of teaching where faculty has had some experience of working in industry. Even Chanda Kochar taught Financial management in JB for 4 years. One of India's best lawyer Mst. Nani Palkhivala used to teach Business Law. Also you can google the names of the visiting faculties to find out who they are and what position they hold in industry. Also regarding permanent faculty,in fact there was no permanent faculty ,only 1 director 10-15 years ago ….still it managed to produce the likes of Uday kotak ,ajay piramal , chanda kochar , vinita bali , Harish manwani, nitin paranjpe , siddhart roy kapur , mani ratnam and many others.


Exactly my point. This goes on to show that you dont have an option for FPM/Phd and that is why I hardly see any prof. in top B school from JBIMS.
Out of those, only three Profs. are Phd. Placement is one aspect but research is also equally important for any B school.