Final Placements : SPJIMR Mumbai – Class of 2013 (Unverified Report)

This is an unverified report. We wrote to SPJIMR asking for the report in the InsideIIM format but we did not receive any response.

However, you can expect the CRISIL audited report later on in the year. It will help you get the accurate mean/median domestic and international salaries. But that’s about it. The IPRS report does not cover job profiles. We believe that ‘type of roles offered’ is a better indicator of placement quality on any campus than ‘average salary’. We try to throw some light on it through the placement reports in our format. However, it is very difficult to do this for institutes like SPJIMR. We will do a short analysis based on the data available on their website.

Banking & Finance

45 students to be placed in Finance. Must have been slightly tougher this year. But SPJIMR has a decent PPO/PPI record and some recruiters are certain to support because of good relationship management over the years.

The website says – “Offers were received across a plethora of functions ranging from Investment Banking , Corporate Banking, Institutional Equities , Equity Research , Credit Rating, Credit Risk, Treasury , Project Finance and Corporate Finance.”  However, we do not know which companies recruited for which of these roles.

JP Morgan, Deutsche Bank and Nomura – None of these roles are front end roles. They can be classified as middle office/support roles across IB/Markets/Risk/Research

Citibank – Long term recruiter at SPJIMR. Corporate/Retail/Transaction Banking roles. No front office Investment Banking or Financial Markets offers.

Other names are – Edelweiss, GE, Franklin Templeton,ICRA, Axis Bank, Yes Bank, SBI Caps and TATA Capital.

Edelweiss, TATA Capital and SBI Capital offer interesting opportunities in IB/Markets/Project Finance.

Consulting & General Management

Accenture Management Consulting, Bristlecone, Capgemini, Cognizant Business Consulting, Deloitte, Ernst &
Young, KPMG, Miebach Consulting, PwC , PRTM Consulting, TSMG among others.

If you have been following our reports, it should be fairly easy for you to figure out by now which of the above would offer Business Consulting roles and which ones would offer Business Process/IT/Supply Chain Consulting roles.

TAS, Mahindra and Mahindra, Reliance, Ranbaxy and Raymond are the marquee names in General Management. TAS has been a long term recruiter at SPJIMR now.


Website says – “27% students were doled out offers by the FMCG sector”. However, we would not know the split of offers for Sales & Marketing, Operations/Supply Chain, IT or Finance. You would have to depend on the word of current students whom you know at SPJIMR.

SPJIMR has an impressive line-up of FMCG names. Hindustan Unilever Ltd., P&G, Kraft,PepsiCo, GSK, Johnson and Johnson Consumer, Asian Paints, Britannia, Marico, Coke, L’Oreal, Reckitt Benckiser, Marico, Wipro Consumer. However, we cannot tell you which companies made offers or how many offers were made for Marketing and Brand Management from the list above.

In the overall analysis, not only does SPJIMR have a very impressive FMCG line-up but also the placements for Marketing in general are one of the best in the country.

Technology, E-Commerce, Marketing, Strategy, Other Niche roles

In addition to roles in the previously mentioned domains/sectors the roles below lend a good balance to ensure there are quality opportunities for a batch of 180.

BD/Marketing/Strategy : Airtel, Vodafone, Philips, Raymond, 3M, Cummins

Tech & E-Commerce : Microsoft, Google, Dell, HCL Technologies offered Sales roles. Amazon, Directi, Makemytrip and Interglobe made offers too.

AC Nielsen made exclusive offers for their Emerging Leaders Program. Texas Instruments & Shell offered roles in Procurement, Inventory and Product Life Cycle Management.

International Offers

Foreign offers were made by Ranbaxy, Jumbo Electronics

Other Important Statistics
Participants in the Batch 176
No. of Students Opting Out 2
Total Number of Offers Made 206
Number of participating Companies 97
Average Salary INR 16.13 Lacs

Total Number of PPOs/PPI = 85. However, we do not know the split. PPIs as a statistic is not of too much use if we do not know how many were converted into a final offer.

● 61% of the batch has offers of Rs. 15 lacs and more

● 83% of the batch has salaries of Rs.13 lacs and more

● The median salary for the batch of 176 students was 15.95lacs


We believe that SPJIMR is one of the more transparent business schools in India. It is the only school in the top 10 that has subjected itself to IPRS after IIM Ahmedabad. It is a different business school in many ways. We hope that they provide us with information in the manner deemed useful by both aspirants and potential recruiters, i.e. in the InsideIIM format. It will only help them talk about their achievements better


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I guess having specialized MBA courses help. Also having an internship during a period when there is no competition is favorable. So is the location and a good alum base.


Even IIFT is done with its placement. Please publish that too. Looking forward for it since I may join the college this year.


ohh.. ok.. May I know why is that? is it because TeamInsideIIM doesn't perceive it to be good enough? But from what I have heard from many B schoolers is that in some ways IIFT is better than IIM I and K let alone SPJain and JBIMS…
Please I don't want to kick off any comparisons or ugly arguments by making the above statements, am just curious about the exclusion of a reputed colg like IIFT from the featured list of colleges at Inside IIM.


Idiots some people really are…dont even feel pity for these ignorants passing blunt comments


Well, the ones that i have heard are:

1) The placements of the current year with IIFT able to place all its students in record time.
2) IIFT wins hands down in case you are interested in Foreign Trade specialization.
3) a 50 year old institute so a vast alumni base…

Neutral Junta

ahahahahaha…congrats…but u and i know that it took 4 months to get summers done for 200 odd students….we all know it got over in december……


The report looks really but sorry guys this isnt the reality.The average salary has been far from 15.6 lacs.


My friend in SPjain said that the average package is 11 lakhs.But since they are ready to get their placement report CRISIL audited,I doubt whether the CRISIL system of auditing has some flaws in it ?


I don't know if the CRISIL audit system has flaws or not but I was going through IIM-A audited reports and almost all statistics are always based on 250-260 datapoints. When there are more than 350 students why aren't the data for the remaining students considered for mean and median?


Hey, I am SPJIMR student( this year) and hardly anyone has got a package which is less than 12Lakhs so an average package for 11 Lakhs is just not possible.
If you have any confusions than do check with any1 from SPJIMR !. SBI caps is the only company which offered a package less than 12 Lakhs, That also students have joined after leaving 15+ Packages because of obvious reasons ( i am assuming you educated enough to know)

16 LPA average is pretty normal as far as SPJIMR is concerned. if it would have been inflated, it would be 18 🙂

neutral junta

Lat year the average was 15.41 and this year its 16.1?? Are u kidding me ?? spot the lie my friend


I think they have divided the packages of total 206 offers by the no. of students(176) to come at this average salary of 16.13 lpa. Otherwise none of the companies mentioned here are such big paymasters.


Dude, all of the companies mention here pay 14-22 lakhs, how can you be ignorant enough to know about the current CTC packages? Strange that you would have mentioned such a statement and losing your own credibility !

B schooler

Seriously , How can these B schools come up with 15 lacs+ figures in times of the worst slowdown in the job market since 2009 . Its fine if the salary graph goes down during one odd year but fudging the data despite knowing the macroeconomic reality hurts more to the students who have got packages in the range of 9-12 lacs while their friends outside are thinking they are earning 15 lacs+ , not good.


Dude, they are earning ( I being one of them) how can you be so idiotic so as to mention that the above companies do not pay 15+ packages? In fact a CTC of 15-20 is not even that high. Most consulting, FMCG, genmen, banks pay in that range. WHat is wrong with you ?? don't you have any friends in good b schools?


Yes Bank,TATA Capital,Wipro Consumer,AXIS BANK … do they all pay above 15 ? what do you think , people outside won't come to know anything ? And SBI caps !! are u kidding me ??? does it even pay 8 lacs ? !


Read my reply again, most do – not all. average 16 means there are companies which pay both less than and more than 16 CTC. And dude check the packages – not from spjain but from any b school-i am just surpirzed at your ignorance. Axis bank does pay 15+, yes bank DID not recruit from spjain, wipro consumer is around 13. SBI caps pays 8 but if u wud have been educated u wud have knows that it better than jpmc's ibr 18. u named 5 companies , i cud name 20 with more than 15 lpa but what the point ?? AND LASTLY, 15 LPA CTC IS NOT A BIG DEAL, i m myself earning it i dont understand what the hue and cry about.

Yes bank

If yes bank didnt recruit from SP jain , then why is it mentioned in the placement report ?


What are the profiles offered by Microsoft, Google, Amazon? What is the salary range?
Do they hire for lateral placements or even freshers?

Kindly throw more light on Microsoft and google profiles and profiles of students who got in? Any requirements? I mean CS background, IT work exp…etc.. is required for these?

P.S: I am aspirant and would be really interested to take up a role in Microsoft, Google, Amazon, CTS…


MS, Google , Amazon have offered sales/BD/ marketing/product development roles. Range is 12-20 and google and CTS offered a lateral role. IT background is preferred but not required.


Can someone please clarify a doubt of mine? If I take up PGPM in Information Management (IM) in SPJ, am I allowed to sit for any marketing profiles in companies like Google, Microsoft etc.? Do they prefer such people (IT workex + IM) for their marketing profiles? Also what about general management profiles such as TAS and Reliance – can one sit for those?


Hey, You can sit for marketing roles in IT / product companies including Google, MS etc. Yes, they prefer people with IT work expand do hire IM students. Although roles are open for marketing batch also but their preference is inclined towards FMCG companies. GenMen IS OPEN for all specs !!


How many did TAS, M&M and Reliance recruit from SPJIMR in the finals? What were their shortlisting criteria? Did they prefer people with any specific background or specialization?


Wow.. no response.. I have a feeling no one got through TAS, M&M or RIL this time.. or the number isn't much to brag about..


can you please state a couple of reasons about why they are not considered good to work for?


RIL- lot of politics, 6 day working
M&M – sarkari style
PS: my opinion was in comparison with TAS & ABG

these are my personal opinions. RIL is growing extremely fast and entering new segments, I am sure the role could be challenging and exciting too. Also another good point about these companies that they are into multiple businesses so you MAY have the flexibility of choosing what you want.


whatever makes you happy dude, although check with any contact from spjimr i am sure you will know the numbers and if you are the non-believing types then go the TAS office (i.e. if they entertain you). show some maturity,grow up and don't make any assumptions.


SPJain also (like other B-schools) inflates figures. Their reports in the media from 2012 are in contradiction with their audited reports released later. Bottom line – no MBA college is honest about the pay. Whatever they claim, cut it down to 70-80%. That is probably the real CTC. Cut the claimed average to 70% and that is probably the actual fixed / monthly you will get if you're lucky. Here are last year's stats for information:
Average 2012 CTC in media: 15.46 LPA
Mean (MEP) CRISIL audited report: 13.95 LPA
Mean (Total guaranteed cash) CRISIL audited report: 11.75 LPA
Mean (Fixed yearly cash i.e without one time components): 10.85 LPA


the officially released average is that of the CTC component. since all colleges release average of the CTC components, it comparable. cash components and annual pay are of course but it will stand true for all colleges. It all depends on what component you want to compare.

If IIM k would say that there average package is 13 lakhs, then cash component average would also be around 9 lakhs.


@ Jokar – My friend, how can you add the onetime joining bonus as part of the CTC….obviously no one is going to get paid that every year….so automatically the figure drops…

All the same..given the macro conditions where even ABC had difficulty in placing the whole batch, i dont think the average could be anything more than 12-13….Anything more than that is bull!!!!!


I've been selected for the PGDM programme in Information Management @ SPJIMR. Now I know it's a good opportunity and all but with all the hoopla about placements I have a few apprehensions and was hoping to get certain details URGENTLY. What is the profile offered and package at Amazon. I saw someone's profile on linkedin and it said Account Manager. Can someone clarify what kind of role it is and the salary break/CTC?

I've also been trying to find out about the role and compensation offered by Microsoft and Google. Can someone throw some light on this too?

Finally, if anyone knows about GE's IMLP/ITLP program, could u tell me if they are both the same. Some people from the 2011-13 batch did their autumn internship at GE (as on linkedin), thus again I'm wondering about the profile and compensation offered. It would also be great if someone could tell me how many people made it to the above mentioned roles.

Please respond ASAP since I would need to make a deposit soon! Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks 🙂

Seeking Info

Considering that several replies go unanswered here in insideiim, I would be really grateful if someone replies to me in detail……

Can all the experienced people here plz give me 1 info –>

What is the package offered by the following FMCGs in Marketing & Sales domain the top-14 B-Schools in India?? 😮
Marico, HUL, J & J, Dabur, Reckitt Benckiser, HCCB, PepsiCo, Red Bull, L'Oreal, Kellogg’s, Godrej & Boyce, Titan, Raymonds & Videocon. o.0

[For e.g- ITC offers 17 CTC, PnG- 17, Airtel- 16+, Colgate Palmolive- 20+ (very very inflated though :p ), GSK- 18, Amazon- 22. Similarly can u plz tell me about the CTC of these? ]

Someone who knows this, plz plz reply as it's urgent.

Team Insideiim

More than 40% of the batch on average at most schools in India are freshers. Apart from a few very specialised roles being a fresher may actually be an advantage

Team Insideiim

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