Final Placements – SPJIMR Mumbai – Class of 2015

The most fascinating aspect about SPJIMR report is the number of PPOs. More than 40% of the batch (92 out of 228) gets placed after Autumn internships. Quite a telling statistic. We have often mentioned in our reports on previously that SPJIMR students stick around longer in the first job from campus because of their orientation in a specialized field. This makes them preferable among many recruiters. The list of recruiters at SPJIMR will be very consistent over the years because they keep recruiting year after year. Clearly, satisfaction levels are high at the campus.

(SPJIMR Final Placement Reports – Class of 2014, Class of 2013)

BCG seems to have hired from SPJIMR for the first time this year. Amazon, Microsoft, Snapdeal, Flipkart, Goldman Sachs,HUL, P&G, KPMG, TAS make up an impressive list of big names across various domains and industries.

Strength of SPJIMR in the FMCG sector is notable when compared to other comparable campuses.







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2013 Reported avg 16.13lpa. Crisil audited report Avg MEP (Maximum Earning Potential which includes long term and non cash benefits as well as Bonuses) 14.3lpa.
2014 Reported avg 17.2lpa. Crisil audited report Avg MEP 14.65lpa.


Lol..Same goes for IIM K, I , IIFT, JB MDI FMS.. You just need to deduct 2 lacs from the displayed avg package… So it becomes: *Average package for 2015 batch*
IIM K : 13.5 lacs
IIM I : 12.2 Lacs
IIFT 12.4 Lacs
JB: 15.13 LAcs
MDI: 14.9 lacs
SPJain: 16.2 lacs
FMS: 15.1 lacs