Final Placements : XLRI Jamshedpur – Class of 2013

First in our series of reports for this year. XLRI was one of the first schools to report completion of placements this year. XLRI registered 100% placement in this tough year. 63 PPOs would have helped. Over 25% of the batch was placed before the placements started and that would have made life considerably easy for the placement committee.  (You can read about the Summer Placements for this batch here)

Though they had a smaller batch to place, quality of the placements is very noteworthy especially in the General Management domain and the FMCG sector.  ITC was the largest recruiter in the FMCG space. A multinational electrical giant offered a coveted role in strategy.

Boston Consulting Group made 5 offers at XLRI this year. (It should be noted that while BCG added XLRI and IIM Indore together in 2011 for Finals recruitment, the number of students recruited per year has steadily gone up at XLRI while it has remained the same at IIM Indore (3,4,5 vs 2,2,2).)

Companies offering General Management roles seem to be in plenty. Banking and Finance may seem thin but it should be noted that there are decent number of opportunities for a batch 120 BM students.  Standard Chartered bank was the largest recruiter. Treasury roles were offered by Axis Bank and ICICI Bank. L’Oreal, Airtel, Dr Reddys and L&T Finance offered roles in corporate finance.

You can find Final Placement Report for the Class of 2012 here

Please find below the domain and profile-wise report:


If we had one wish, it would be that XLRI give data seperately for BM and HRM. A lot of companies recruit from just one of the programmes and not the other. It would just be better for potential applicants and recruiters to know. Also, some companies offer only Business profiles and not HR profiles. For e.g. In the note sent to us it is mentioned – “In marketing /operations and HR, HUL, Procter & Gamble, ITC, Kraft Cadbury, Asian Paints, Castrol, GSK Consumer Healthcare, Coca Cola, Pepsi, L’Oreal and Colgate Palmolive among others offered roles in sales and marketing and HR functions.” Now it is very difficult to figure out whether all companies offered roles for Marketing and HR or if it was a mix. Hopefully, with time there will be more clarity on that.

As always, we cannot guarantee that 100% of the information above is accurate but we do our best to verify. We would like to thank the Placement Team and the External Relations Cell at XLRI for their co-operation. It is a tough year and a lot of business schools are shying away from sharing even the slightest information on placements.

30th March Update

We have received a few queries after the XLRI placement report published on pagalguy. It says Mckinsey & Co. in the report under consulting. We can confirm that no offer has been made by Mckinsey & Co. at XLRI. Mckinsey hasn’t visited XLRI campus either.

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One important question
How many of these companies recruited only in summers and how many in finals ? 63 out of 233 is a huge number…more than 25% and none of the IIM's can match it. so basically 170 people needed to be placed and in all the IIM's ( older 6), 170 people are well placed.


This is probabaly the only TOP B SCHOOL from whom we have heard some positive news….. For the rest it has only been depressing n disappointing!!!!


The top 200 people in all the IIM's including ABCLIK has been decent enough. Its only the last 30-40% of the population who have suffered the most. Colleges like XL, FMS and JBIMS had an advantage in this regard.
Overall the quality of placements especially in finance has been bad everywhere.


its fraud yaar, most of the companies listed were from sumems, which didnt come to finals. And there are companies like Microsoft IDC which came but didnt recruit anyone. Only thing +ve is due to small batch size , all were placed.
Also in consulting, most of the roles were for HR, not BM


Dude please check your facts before making such nonsense claims. I am an aspirant and have one of my best friends studying at XL. All these companies have come and recruited as they have been mentioned. They could have easily mentioned McKinsey in their recruitment pool but they didn't despite the fact that it visits XL year on year simply because they did not make an offer this year


thats honest……a welcomev change from inflated reports of other colleges……


"Also in consulting, most of the roles were for HR, not BM" ,'most' is a very subjective word and anyways if half of batch strength is for PGDHRM, what do you expect? you don't expect recruiters to hire accountants from engineering college or engineers from CA institute, or do you?


its fraud yaar, most of the companies listed were from summers, which didnt come to finals. And there are companies like Microsoft IDC which came but didnt recruit anyone. Only thing +ve is due to small batch size , all were placed.
Also in consulting, most of the roles were for HR, not BM


I can vouch for the fact that none of the companies mentioned here are summer companies that didn't come to XL this year. Please get your facts straight before making tall claims. Please don't malign the institute or the editor by making irrational claims.


Before maligning any institute, get a life and don't act as a sore loser.I personally know the guy who's gonna work in MSIDC. You need to get your facts straight before jumping guns.#Soreloser


IIMs Ahmedabad and Bangalore did better. IIM Calcutta is almost there. The first 340-350 jobs at IIM Lucknow have been better. But not to take credits away from XLRI.


Congrats XL!
I am unaware about this year, but last year, IIM A and IIM C had similar PPO percentages, with bigger batches. So this is not something new. Again, I am unaware about other IIMs.
But apart from finance(which apparently has been bad everywhere), the company line up is pretty good.


Exact figures last year: IIMA = 102/380 or 26.84 %; IIMB = 93/372 or 25 %; IIMC = 95/355 or 26.76 %

This year IIMA again touch the 100 mark, IIMB was with 97. No news about IIMC this year.


To inform you — The poor ecnomic scenario is also reflected in recruitments via PPO. Plus when you talk about 170..PPO or campus recruitment – Nobody is hired if he isn't competent enough. Also please note 170 people in XL is 100% of the people sitting for placements which is not so in IIMs. Percentages are for the people who actually sit in the process.


May be except A, B and XLRI, all others have struggled this year for various reasons. The PPO count is the same for top schools such as A, B and XL. I don't see any deterioration there. XL has done exceedingly well this year. GenMan list looks awesome. Finance is average on an absolute scale but relatively good. Consulting is picking up. Hope to see more consulting firms recruiting from XL in the coming years. Marketing has never been bad at XL. An average job at XL is as good as, if not better than, the one at the top IIMs.


I did a quick google search on PPOs for the top 6 institutes. Here are the findings. (Order is 2010, 2011, 2012). Numbers in percentage of the the bacth size.

14.0 – 27.5 – 13.0 – 13.0 – 22.5 – 23.0
31.0 – 25.5 – 24.0 – 19.0 – 19.0 – 22.0
28.0 – 26.0 – 28.0 – 18.0 – 30.0 – 21.0


last 30-40% is a huge number boss. Obviously they knew that they have a larger batch to place and if they did not prepare themselves for this then they are themselves to blame. Markets/economy is all fine, but if you know that you have an additional 50-100 people to place you would prepare with a proper plan rather than just hope for the IIM brand to do everything. My point is this, any good manager(including B school placecoms) would factor the additional size in their equation and get additional companies/push for PPO's etc rather than get screwed in the very end. I am with you in your counter that the top 200 had OK (maybe not decent) but let that not be the saving grace of IIMs.


XL is the best, when going gets tough, tough gets going. Those colleges that will achieve 100% will be considered in top league rest will go into doldrums.

This is the test year, to test the mettle of MBA colleges placements.Final placements report of this year will define the destiny of MBA colleges from thereon.


Dear Moderator of this website ,

Its a shame that you have set up a website and keep on publishing these reports without any authenticity and reliability .. What is the correctness of this report in a strict sense , because if keep on publishing these falisifies reports , new batches of students would always be mis guided.

For example : a couple of companies without taking their names had offered roles in HR, but you had mentioned them in marketing/strategy section and not under HR section , this is what i know for sure, who knows how many other instances are there like this..

Buckle up and publish articles only after verification…


I am an XLer and I can vouch for the fact that each and everything mentioned here is the plain TRUTH…..Overall the placement wasn't as good as XL is used to , yet it was satisfactory given the market and how other colleges are faring….And for those IIM grads who are saying that it is easier to place smaller batch…well remember smaller batch means you call less companies as no company would like to come when only 10 people are left and plus Jamshedpur doesn't have an airport and companies take a lot of trouble to reach here either through Ranchi or Kolkata…Its the quality of XLers which convinces companies to come here…


I think a small batch size makes XL a niche campus…..And BCG taking 5/120 BM students is a huge number…Really quality placements for most of the batch…


Pretty impressive actually.B-schools all over India have students unplaced ranging from double digit figure to three figure.Personally, i think the batch size argument though has merit doesn't really hurts XL's performance. Just ask FMS, smaller batch size than XL and double digit unplaced. This has been the toughest year for B-schools with even the mighty ones like IIM C having unplaced students. The less said of I and K is better.
Quality wise, almost all good names barring a few in finance. Thus, i would say XL just reaffirmed itself as number 4 again.
IIM L, your move now…Wait, for that they need to place them all.


one clarification….dont say other schools have bigger batches coz 120 HR +120 BM students is not the same as having 250 BM students.
Now Whoever said that companies listed are all for finals…what is the point in lying? J&J, marico, kraft, coca cola, pepsi…none of these companies have/do hire for finals apart from 1-2 places but that is not XL. Next, Accentur Business Consulting? has XL from its school of hires…maybe 1 PPo but don't make it sound like they came. Capgemini didnt visit the another lie there…HSBC…it hasnt recruitedin the finals anywhere so how did it come to XL.


AMC went to major campuses in finals and took around 5-6 students per campus. HSBC did visit the top three IIMs at least.


Y r u so confused between companies coming down to campus or taking it via the PPO route. The report here mentions the no. of offers which have been made in the finals either thru PPO or campus hiring. For instance, Coke only hires through PPO route and they would have given a PPO to an XLer. I don't see anything wrong in mentioning such companies.

And FYI, Capgemini has made not less than 5-6 offers in finals.


Dude Get a life….Capgemini hired both from BM and HR for its Business Consulting practice..AMC, i know 2 people personally from XL who got PPO's..dont know if more are there…HSBC also gave PPO i think not sure if they came for finals , but then in each placement report of all isntis u find companies giving PPo's and the ones which came in finals…and getting a PPO is more noteworthy as u compete against sudents of all top colleges….Get life…maybe your college didnt do as well …I hope everybody from ur college get placed soon..


fyi: Man you are no where even near to the real facts…J&J, marico, kraft, coca cola, pepsi,AMC, Capgemini have all recruited from both BM&HR either through PPO route or during final placements…and for most of the above mentioned organizations, the numbers are more than 1…Get hold of someone in these organizations and clarify the facts…


The quality of placements at XL is way better than L anyday …probably due to bigger batch size and reservations at L


A small batch size has its own problems, the no. of offers given by one particular company will always be lesser since the no. of people they are getting to see in the placement process is also less. A lot of companies do not want to visit the campus simply because not enough no. of students are left after Day 0 & 1….And moreover, when you are saying that L has 4 times batch size to place, I hope you do understand that this itself makes XL a privileged campus to be in….


Has Amazon made any offers? To the best of my knowledge no offers have been made by Amazon.


Amazon has again given a PPO…#confirmed news ………………And please understand this is the only college in the country which has been fair and ethical in its conduct, be it in the entrance examinations or placement reporting…With CAT becoming a lottery game, this is the only MBA entrance left in the country to look forward to…


It's always a tough choice between XLRI, IIM Lucknow and FMS. Still, let us wait for IIM Lucknow and FMS to complete their placements first. We'll speak later.


I don't think FMS should be even taken in the same breathe as the other two. None of the consulting majors ever recruit from FMS. In fact, they lost many of the regular recruiters like MS in summers. At very best, they compete with IIM I and K.


I think BCG has started recruiting from FMS this year. AMC is a regular recruiter there.


BCG,Deloitte , AMC , E&Y and Capgemini recruited from FMS, FMS is very much in competition with L & XL. True that this time the summers are not great compare to its past, but i wish its a one time aberaation


BCG for the first time went to FMS and recruited only one student. AMC doesnt go to FMS. Deloitte & E&Y offer different profile than what they offer at ABC. Capgemini goes to all decent college.


In that case, i stand corrected. But still don't think their consulting scene is good. Nothing special, no role that FMS can proudly say is distinguishing factor and not offered at other campus or say offered at just 2~3 campuses only.


BCG is one recruiter which is hiring well this season. 15 offers at A, 12 offers at B,6 to 8 at C and L each. Besides they are now a regular recruiter at XL and I while they have started recruiting from FMS. They are making a good use of the slowdown in finance sector.


It still shows the bias of such recruiters for the old IIMs. Eg. Of all the offers BCG made across campuses, more than 50 % were made at A and B. I am quite sure it has nothing to do with the quality of the batch. It is just the alumni network of the top IIMs.


At I, BCG guys said that they found the quality to be at par or even better than ABC. However they shortlisted just 16 and took only 2 among them. Just shows their hypocrisy.


15-A,12-B,9-L dont know about C may be in double digits only


Single digit for C this time because of very poor PPO conversion rate.


In XL it was 5/120 whereas in ABCL it is out of 400 odd students…So large batch size does have its positives


Irrespective of the batch sizeand quality, BCG will recruit the maximum from ABCL


BCG gives lesser number of shortlists in XL because sample size is 120 only. Rather than comparing numbers, I guess percentage is better criteria. Also, none of five are PPO converts, they were placed in CRP unlike ABCL since BCG started coming for summers in XL this year only.


Obviously, ABCL are their favorite campuses anyway. They have been recruiting from these campuses for decades. The alumni base reeks of ABCL grads. And summers is the best route for these firms to recruit. They come in finals just to complete the numbers. Moreover BCG competes with other consults at the IIMs, whereas they have a monopoly at XLRI, I or FMS. If tomorrow if these consulting firms are hit by recession, XLRI, IIMI, FMS would be the first set of campuses to be knocked out of the recruitment list.


Not sure about I and FMS, but XL won't be. We have a partner sitting in BCG and review of XL has been excellent by BCG. ABC are in different league, how exactly is L different in terms of final placements. How many top 4 consults visit L? And decade long logic doesn't hold for L.


Mck,BCG,ABC are regular recruiters at L. ATK used to come till 2008 but due to a goof up didnt came later but again started coming from 2012 summers though it didnt turn up for Finals-2013. Bain doesnt visit any other college in India other than ABC.


ABC are a class apart when it comes to consults and Fin companies…Neither L nor XL falls in their league…Mck, BCG and Amc recruit regularly both from XL and IIM L , but others are missing..In XL's case probably the small size (120) hurts as the pool after BCG and McK have picked up becomes smaller.. XL and L have still some way to go to catch A,B.C ..

FMS Student

All these Consults offered the same profiles that they offer in ABC. And many of the consults like PWC, KPMG etc etc are not mentioned in the list. And AMC does recruit from FMS.

Dear Wannbe, please check your facts before making such blatant statements. (Just Saying)


The stuff being discussed here about FMS placements for this year is only partially correct. The consulting scene this time has been really good.
BCG has visited FMS for the first time and has hired one student. 2 students have got PPOs from AMC. AMC recruits in bulk from FMS though this time it did not visit in the finals. Deloitte USI S&O has hired half a dozen students from FMS ( it did not recruit from XL this time for consulting role, not sure about L).
Capgemini Consulting, which has been recruiting only from A,B,C,FMS and XL for its management consulting profile for the last 2-3 years, has hired 11 students for the management consulting profile !! It may be noted that at other campuses Capgemini hires for IT/analytics consulting.
E&Y and KPMG have hired 1 student each for management consulting roles.
Though there are some candidates who are still unplaced, the quality of the overall placements has been really impressive.


AMC used to be regular at FMS before a goof up happened. Apart from that BCG just started with 1 recruit. Delloite, Capgemini and KPMG are regulars. I would accept despite being located at Jamshedpur if XL can pull off such a wonderful placements– simply hats off to them 🙂 XL and L have moved up while FMS remained at its position (still above I and K).


So, if a company gives PPO and doesn't come in summers it shouldn't be counted ? What a stupid argument. Regarding Coke, it gave only two PPOs across all the campuses and one went to XL. One very special strategy role which so far used to open only IIM A was also given at XL this year.Whether or not it will be a permanent affair is doubtful.
Regarding the batch size, placing 120 HR students should also be counted when comparing.


First- the median salary is pure BS. I think our median salary would be around 12-13 lpa. When you have half the batch in HR, how do you expect it to be any higher? Let’s not deny how hard the placements were for us even with the smaller batch size. We all know the kind of roles that come to us and the kind that go to ABC from the same companies. My message to prospective students is that please know that most of these companies differentiate in roles, salaries and promotion channels between ABC and the rest. It’s as true for XL as it is for IIML. FMS, I believe, is not in the same league. Having said that, we have done extremely well with the placements given the economic conditions but let’s not delude ourselves into believing that we are anyway close to ABC. All 3- A,B &C have had unplaced students this year but that is also becuase of the minimum threshold and unsustainable batch size. Did we not make people accept unwanted PPOs by pressure? We did- in the interest of the batch we had to. Let’s drop this holier than thou attitude!


dont know how u reached those figures. . around 190 students out of 240 were placed on Day 0 (including ~60 ppo's and more than 50 odd lateral offers). and definitely the median for these 190 would be close to 15 if not more and it cannot be offset to that exent as in it cannot drop down to 12-13 even if you include the last 50….certainly..
just to name a few (.m not even including the BCG's P&G ,HUL ,TAS n all)…..ITC in ALL recruited 13.. 8 BM 5 HR ( 16+ ctc) Kraft alone around 3 HR def with a 16+ CTC.. Mahindra in all recruited 10 ( 6 HR ..4 BM) at a 17+CTC .. Lodha 2 HR ( ~20 lpa) even Airtel and all…mind boggling no of recruits considering the batch size .. and there was no difference regarding the average CTC for HR and BM,,,


190 out of 240 on Day 0? Remaining 45(4 unplaced+1 opt out) in the remaining 3 days, doesn't it sound weird?
On which day did Murugappa group & Mindtree visit campus?


@Sandy Dude you are definitely not from XL….Though i do agree with u that XL and L both are not in the league of ABC when it comes to placements(Fin and consult specially), all other statements of urs is pure BS…If u r from XL you will know that we were finished placing everybody but 4 in the frst week of Feb itself. These 4 (all for BM) had offers but they didn't take it as they were not happy…any other college would have forced them to forcibly accept the offer or sign out , but XL didn't…We waited 45 days for them until they had offers which made them happy (2 of them international) and then celebrated.. You are not an XLer is proved when u say that HR gets less than BM…If anything HR gets placed faster and with same median and mean salary as BM…


well said xler_online….A company doesnt differentiate between a hr and a bm guy,,,The compensation offered is same for both…


This report is quire confusing, as far as my sources say. None of the HRM folks got any consulting offer.
So does it mean all xl HR folks got run of the mill HR roles only ?


Only BCG is exclusively for BM. Rest others are for BM& HR. So, your sources are completely incorrect


please tell me that u r not from FMS …I will lose respect for the students of such a reputed organization if u turn out to be one…:P


i am a CAT aspirant..kindly throw more light on FMS and its finance placements..thank you


FMS is a very good institute…Tis year its placement hasnt been good else it used to do very well…Its finance placement would be a notch below IIM L and XL….Its very well known for marketing…Barring this season it used to have very good placements in marketing …Hoping this year is just an aberration…


aiming for FMS and XL only…have average acads plus general merit and male…soo IIMs are out of my league (referring to the top IIMs)


The companies listed under General Management includes Jindal Steels. Which one is it – JSW or JSPL? Also what sort of a profile is it and which colleges does it go to? Does it recruit in big numbers? I am not aware of it recruiting at many places or does it?
P.S.: I have prior work experience in the steel sector and am targeting general management roles – if I manage to get in that is! 🙂


I have already given the following info as a reply to one comment above but looking at the misconception and the level of ignorance that people here have about how FMS has been fairing, I feel it is important to post it again. So here it goes:

The stuff being discussed here about FMS placements for this year is only partially correct and has lot of discrepancies. The consulting scene this time has been really good.
BCG has visited FMS for the first time and has hired one student. 2 students have got PPOs from AMC. AMC recruits in bulk from FMS though this time it did not visit in the finals (last year AMC hired 8 students in total).
Deloitte USI S&O has hired half a dozen students from FMS in the finals and one intern has got a PPO ( it did not recruit from XL this time for consulting role, not sure about L).
Capgemini Consulting, which has been recruiting only from A,B,C,FMS and XL for its management consulting profile for the last 2-3 years, has hired 11 students for the management consulting profile !! Even from IIM A it has hired 8-9 students. It may be noted that at campuses other than those mentioned above, Capgemini hires for IT/analytics consulting.
E&Y and KPMG have hired 1 student each for management consulting roles.
Apart from that, some lesser known niche firms have also given offers in management consulting.

Though there are some candidates who are still unplaced, the quality of the overall placements has been really impressive at FMS, the numbers mentioned above for the consulting domain are speaking for themselves.

Finally, I request people who are active here not to throw in their opinions about institutes. You can any time compare facts and let the readers reach their own conclusions.


Dont just drive your Consult placements on BCG, the company has been visiting XL since 2011 and the numbers have been increasing (3-4-5). Apart from that Capgemini is not a big shot consult firm, afaik they have started Management Consulting very recently (and have very small clients). @Hardfacts correct your facts- AMC didnot even visit for Summers at FMS, luckily PPOs would have been announced earlier.
If you want to be in same league as XL try comparing their Finance and GenMan Placements. Am sure not even half the number of GenMan firms would be visiting FMS (being in Delhi and not Jamshedpur).
Lastly, for readers to reach their own conclusions, one need to present report 😉


I won't get into comparing institutes but it is pretty apparent here who exactly is driving their consult placements on BCG? 2-3-5 big deal..ehh?

I see no Deloitte, KPMG, PWC in the above report. These have made 11 (7,2,2) management consulting offers in total at FMS. ( KPMG has hired 2 and I missed PWC in my last post).

Won't comment on how 'big or small shot' a consult firm like Capgemini is, i am not simply qualified enough to do that and if you also stand alongside me ( 2013 graduate).. it leaves me in awe of your audacity to pass judgements based on very little knowledge 🙂

The placement report is not released yet and whenever it is released, it will show most of the names that are there in the fin section of the XL report given above along with BoFA and SBI Caps which, quite apparently, have given XL a skip.


What profile did BoFA offer? and seriously SBI caps. BTW when are you releasing your placement report? Have you got your batch placed and if not, how many are still unplaced.


BofA offers only "Corporate Banking" profile at FMS. They offer IB/FICC/EA roles to IIMs.

No Professionalism

Dear Inside IIM,

I see you deleted the previous comments. Well, I hope it helps you save some face.

From now onwards please don't try to spread false rumours and atleast have the dignity to accept your mistake, when you make one. I am quite sure you will delete this comment too.


Ya Capgemini consulting hardly does any consulting! An employee there! And yes they have hired 11/12 grads from fms there and this is for a new project. I hope it works otherwise these 11 will further add to the attrition rate next year.


get your facts right buddy ! Capgemini visited IIM A for the first time this year (in the past few years) and they picked up 13 and not 8-9 students! Crapgemini (spell error intended) has in the recent past recruited from campuses like IMI Delhi too :p


We have received a few queries after the XLRI placement report published on pagalguy. It says Mckinsey & Co. in the report under consulting. We can confirm that no offer has been made by Mckinsey & Co. at XLRI. Mckinsey hasn't visited XLRI campus either.


Mckinsey started the process for XLRi and only two students could reach to interview as other shortlists were given spot offer by BCG. So, two students attended the process and McKinsey started the recruitment process for XLRi


The recruitment process was started by Mckinsey at IIM I,K,SPJIMR and JBIMS too in the same way. It is the batch day process. In any case, we only report companies that make offers and not those that 1) 'Confirm Participation' 2) 'Start Recruitment Process' but make no Offers


Perhaps thats the reason XL placecomm didnt mention Mckinsey to insideIIM. Perhaps Pagalguy accepts names of companies who start the process atleast….The BCGGuy is correct. Mckinsey wanted those 5 people who BCG snapped and perhaps didnt recruit this year, else they always take 2-3 ….Amongst IIM i, K ,spjimr and JB , Mckinsey has only given offer to one lady from JB……And guess what the current consulting head at Mckinsey is a JB alum 😉


@dear XLer_Online – As a matter of fact, XLRI Placement committee did mention Mckinsey to us as well. Only after a clarification was it deleted. There could be other names but we rely on alumni, students and our sources in the companies. At time, a few names could escape. We try our best.


@insideiim: Really? Then there are companies in this list which did not recruit from XL this year…Some did not even turn up and some after conducting prelim rounds did not recruit any.


Firstly, 82 companies have been mentioned in the report while 70 companies gave offers. Which are the 12 companies that didn't ? InsideIIM should go back to XLRI and clarify. This is a serious matter. How can the names of companies which have not made offers be put in the placement report?

Secondly, it is highly commendable that BCG made 5 offers to XL and there were 60+ PPO's, but the major issue is elsewhere.

Median Salary is impossible. There is no way 116 students got more than 16.2 lacs with this line up of companies and the profiles on offer at XL.

Companies like ITC which has a package of 13 + 3 lacs one time bonus + free samples is counted as 17 lacs. Goldman Sachs is counted as 19.5 while it is actually 14 plus variable (less than 20% realizable) . Citibank is 13+variable counted as 17. IIM-ABC get higher paying profiles. Airtel made 12 offers in which joining bonus is included to push it past the median. AMC joining bonus included. XL includes 100-150% variable in a lot of packages to show 16+ median e.g Nomura (100% variable), Mahindra (40% variable component in 17.2 CTC). Even companies like Colgate-Palmolive which has probably the most inflated package in the history of Indian B-school placements is entirely included as 20+ CTC. GSK…another highly inflated 18 lac CTC. Amazon-12+10 variable=22 lacs. TI has joining bonus. P&G= 17 lacs with huge joining bonus. Even HUL, J&J etc. Aspirants should know that the companies which have such huge variable components usually give less than 20% of the same to employees. In the current market condition, I won't be surprised if the percentage is even less than that.

HSBC, Wipro, HCL, TCS, Infosys, Cognizant, Murugappa, Mindtree, ITC Infotech, Nielsen, UST Global, Rites, Dr. Reddy's, Vodafone, Titan, L&T, Shree Cements, Tata Steel, Tata Motors, Jindal Steel, RPG, HP, Pidilite, Castrol, PwC, E&Y, Nomura, Yes Bank, L&T Finance, DBS, Fino, Axis Bank, ICICI Bank pay lesser than the median salary (some a little lower, some much lower)

This syndrome is not unique to XL. A lot of other b-schools have resorted to this kind of salary reporting. However, most of these other b-schools are much lower ranked/held in lesser regard than XL. It is disappointing to see a reputed b-school like XL resort to such antiques to score a few brownie points. How is it otherwise that 18-20 lac CTC's result in a graduate getting 75-85K per month post tax ?? To get a better idea of salary structures, please visit IIM-A website and check the breakup in the IPRS format.

It is extremely important to make this system of reporting mandatory for all b-schools in the country. Schools should clearly mention joining bonuses as well as fixed and variable components separately and not post arbit average and median figures as is the case here.


Beyond doubt IIM-A offers great opportunities but here's a thought. I was going through IIM-A audited reports and almost all statistics are always based on 250-260 datapoints. When there are more than 350 students why aren't the data for the remaining students considered for mean and median?


that is because only those offers are considered for which complete data is available in terms of breakup, bonus, guaranteed components etc.


This is a serious allegation(I hope it is well-researched)…XL Placecomm should clarify for the sake of all stakeholders.


Many companies have offered profiles in multiple roles e.g. Accenture, ITC, Kraft etc etc. If you dont double count them then the descrepancy between 82 and 70 will be answered


So you are saying that XL should report in hand components instead of CTC. Please answer these three questions:
1.) How can you remove these bonuses/variable from packages ? It is an unwritten rule of corporate world that as the package goes up, the variable component and perks are a higher component of your pay.
2.) This is a practice followed by companies and not B schools. Any serious aspirant understands that for a package of 16 in hand monthly pay will be around 13 (referring to 80-90k monthly) and that is respectable amount. Why then are you outraged when many aspirants like me have already understood this based on our experiences in the UG placements?
3.) Why would you not count the variable part/bonuses when you are going to get the money. Variable pay is introduced as a performance linked pay and so if you do not want to count that then you doubt your own ability to perform. Joining bonus is also money only that you are going to get.

When you bring issues of transparency, understand that certain things are standard practice by the corporate world and not the Business School. Sensationalizing something because of your ignorance has become a trend these days.

Tier2 B-schooler

Totally agree with you my friend .. I work in capgemini , they also offer way less than the media shown here ..


What are the profiles offered by Microsoft, Google, Amazon? What is the salary range?
Do they hire for lateral placements or even freshers?

Kindly throw more light on Microsoft and google profiles and profiles of students who got in? Any requirements? I mean CS background, IT work exp…etc.. is required for these?

P.S: I am aspirant and would be really interested to take up a role in Microsoft, Google, Amazon, CTS…


What are the profiles offered by Mckinsey, BCG at XLRI?
What are the specifications for these? freshers or work exp…
Are the profiles offered by McK, BCG at IIM ABC same as compared with IIM-I, XL etc…??
More info on shortlisting criteria for these firms…


Can someone help me out?
I have work experience of 10 months in IT and really interested to know my chances with these kind of firms…


McKinsey usually offers 'Junior Associate' or 'Senior Associate' profile, and BCG offers 'Senior Associate'. Senior associate is one rung below 'Consultant', but if you get any of these profiles, you you've made it.
10 months work experience is not expected to influence your chances of getting shortlisted either positively or negatively. Your chances of getting a shortlist depend on how good your resume is on the three parameters: Academic record, extracurricular record, positions of responsibility. You need to have a 'spike' in at least one of these three, and decent parameters overall.
Examples of spikes: Top 5 in MBA batch., Chairman/member of placement committee of MBA batch.
National level footballer. IIT graduate with great CGPA. General secretary at undergraduate/MBA level. Winner of many 4-5 case study competitions etc. etc. Winner of technical contests at IIT/national level. etc. You get the idea..


I was just comparing previous year's placement report for XL at PG and this year's report here and although I'm aware sometime certain companies give a campus a skip and it is perfectly all right but one name that I noticed was Bloomberg. Can anyone tell me if Bloomberg never visited the campus this time or just didn't hire anyone? Which other colleges does Bloomberg generally visit?

I'm also interested to know the profile offered by Bloomberg and the CTC (fixed+variable). It would be worthwhile to know if it is a profile based in India or overseas. Thanks 🙂


Oh really? I was under the impression that they payed big money.. like 18-20 LPA … but I could be mistaken. Are you sure then? Because I did see their name in XL's report last year so I figured if they managed to be among the listed in the finance sector then they must be good! :/ (surprised)


Oh and wait..
While trying to search more info on them I stumbled upon this link ( and let's just say it was a moment of shock and awe for me to know they visited IMI Delhi and offered 21L.
Without denigrating any B-school, I'll just say – reading IMI was the real shock and awe.. I mean I wouldn't have expected it.. and I still don't want to believe all I read in the media. Any wise souls please?!


As a student of IMI ,I would like to say that bloomberg has visited IMI in 2011 and 2012 batch taking 1 student in each batch , they have even visited this year for 2013 batch .. Goto linked in and find out the truth


@IMIian: I did find one on linkedin and the profile says 'Account Manager & Sales'. Honestly it's very difficult to judge by the name of the profile how good or bad it might be and obviously one cannot find out about the CTC offered for the profile on linkedin. But the mere fact is that if it is a good profile with CTC 21 (and hopefully good fixed and variable components and not some absurd components that one would never get) then it's a surprise that this profile is only offered at IMI and there is never any mention of this in the big IIMs or any other top colleges. 21L I'm sure is better than the average at any top college any day and Bloomberg for sure is a brand well known.. why only IMI then and no other good/better B-schools?



Its offered at many b-schools but they only top 2-3 across b-schools every year .. They were simply good enough to compete with that guy , Plain and simple .. I was involved in the process for my year but could not cross beyond round 6/7 of the process


@IMIian: I honestly don't know how true your claims are! Try and google bloomberg+ any good B-school (IIMA, XL,SPJ etc.) and you don't see even one linkedin result where people have ANY profile in bloomberg. Plus if the profile were as good and high paying then all these schools would be mentioning Bloomberg's name in their reports especially since it is a recognised brand. Are you telling me there isn't one person from these prestigious b-schools who managed to get into bloomberg with all their 6/7/10 rounds and wanted to boast about it on his linkedin profile or take up the juicy 21L package and mention he's working there?? On the other hand search bloomberg + IMI and we certainly see results of some account manager/sales profile which doesn't seem to be very well aligned with Bloomberg's business model to be such a high paying job!
I'm beginning to wonder if this lucrative 21L compensation includes the cost of a Bloomberg Terminal too that probably costs above 10L – ah the garb of CTC. I think I should believe Mr. Pramit above when he says "Bloomberg doesn't offer any exotic profile in India worth your time"


@curioscase , I honestly don't feel you should comment on others without doing proper research . Anyways i don't expect much from you .. You just like to faff around without facts


@IIMian: Really man, that's the source of your cockiness 😀 😀 .. Yes their reports mention bloomberg. Infact, this very XL reports 'mentions' bloomberg in the red box. But the whole point of contention is finding nothing relevant on linkedin about it or having any report explicitly talking about the profile. If it's a plum offer and a good profile, it should have well found space in the reports.

Besides, I'll admit I didn't look up IIM-C's reports but only because I didn't find anything (and I mean anything like zilch) about Bloomberg making any offers at A/B/SPJ. Further, the profile mentioned here doesn't seem quite similar to the 'account manager & sales' profile that shows up if you google IMI! Apart from that, if you're claiming that the profile offered at IMI is the same (or better!) as (possibly) that offered at the likes of C/XL then you're either lying through your teeth or the profile is really not that great! Because none of the top notch profiles offered at these B-schools ever end up being offered below the top-15/20 schools (tops). And IIM-U that you're jumping about on is nowhere on the map yet! It's still not in top 20 and by that I don't mean any disrespect to IIM-U but just that it's very new and a mere IIM-tag doesn't make you a great B-school overnight, and I doubt they claim it to be a 21L job like u guys! For any IIM-U guy reading this, please don't jump into the fray to defend the institute, my apologies if I hurt your sentiments.

As for whether I like to faff or not, it's in your best interest not to get personal here. FYI facts mean more than just numbers and everything apart from numbers is not faff .. or is that not what you learnt in your finance classes (oh I just got personal but I guess you had it coming by taking that step yourself). I just merely called out the facts as I saw them, since there isn't any information on the profile (as great as IMI's report may claim it to be) to corroborate it is the same as that offered in XL or if it really is a great profile. You have something I failed to find, please feel free to share to counter my arguments.

Good day 'friend'!