Finance Club – One Of The Most Active Clubs At SDA Bocconi Asia Center

The Finance Club of SDA Bocconi Asia Center started in 2012 with an aim to provide an experience that closely mirrors the finance industry. Over the years, the club has supported and empowered its members to pursue top careers in major segments of the finance industry.

To any member, joining the club is part of one’s story to demonstrate interest and leadership in this industry. It prepares them with the necessary skills before they start their professional journey.

The club focuses on peer to peer learning sessions. It facilitates sharing knowledge and assists people to learn concepts, that were previously alien to them, at a pace that is the most comfortable to them. Here, the risk factor of asking a question is too low, as against the conundrum of its appropriateness in a very formal setting of the classroom. Membership facilitates opportunities to network with peers who are aligned with the same goals and aspirations as them. Being part of the finance club community helps people reach where they want to go. Periodically, the club organizes alumni talks to give an insight and answer some of the questions that may excite one’s curiosity about the industry. Often, these talks turn into career counseling sessions which benefit students in planning for their intended roles.

Besides the four official meetings held every month, the club holds extra sessions for its members where they discuss the financial markets, the macro or microeconomic trends or political events that have a significant impact on the financial services. Club also holds open door events to currents students, alumni, and other people. The list includes seminars, talks, and presentations from sometimes, high-profile speakers to give them an insight into various aspects of the finance industry. Every year it has a dedicated focus area- in 2017, it was FinTech Industry. They spent a few focused sessions on knowledge sharing and invited industry experts for a panel discussion. This also doubled up as networking opportunities for students.

Joining the club allows the students to practice some of the material that is discussed in class especially with a view of valuing companies and participating in financial markets. It’s a good way for members to keep-up with finance, its technology and exploit another potential that they cannot exploit in the classroom.

The Finance Club of SDA Bocconi Asia Center is now a part of Bocconi Students Investment Club, Milan. Members collaborate to write articles that get published on BSIC’s blog- which has a worldwide following by leaders in the industry. In addition, the club also maintains its own blog. Recently, the club decided to open its digital library to all members of the school and introduced QR codes to simplify access. These codes are on permanent display in the common area.

By the end of two years, a member does so much, that some even use it as a selling point and proudly mention their work under their work experience column rather than ‘club activities’ column of their CVs.

In terms of its future, very soon they will have their own portfolio fund and will start investing.

The Finance Club of SDA Bocconi Asia Center is a free-space, it’s a student-run club. They are open to suggestions or ideas that the members may have. There is no strict code. Members can use their best judgement on how they wish to represent themselves, the club or the school at any events outside. They truly believe that having solid financial skills can be fun, exciting and guarantee a great feeling of freedom!


Which ABGP company will you like to join and why?

Aditya Birla Capital Limited

I have an inclination to work for companies that finance projects, particularly renewable energy. Once, I had an opportunity to experience the ‘Infrastructure Project and Structured Finance’ department of Aditya Birla Capital Limited, Mumbai. My guide was an Associate Vice President who handled the operations of the team. It did not take me long to realize that their pace of work and professionalism is inspiring. The electric atmosphere of the office can absorb any individual with a desire to achieve. With a brilliant leader and a fantastic team, there are few reasons why anyone would not want to be a part of their success story.

Placecom SDA Bocconi Asia Center

The Placement committee of SDA Bocconi Asia Center is a vibrant team of 8 with Learning and Development and Corporate Relations.