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Did you know that some financial institutions, who issue Credit & Debit card, despite knowing that data has been compromised, do not take action to replace the Card issued by them. They merely put it on a watch list. And when a fraud is brought to there notice they take immediate action to replace it.

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How do they come to know that their customer’s data has been compromised? Every financial institution have cyber security agency who trawl the net to keep a watch on the online ‘black market’ place where these stolen data are put up for sale. It is here that the actual fraudster buys the data to make illegal transaction.
The cyber security experts flag of the details of Credit / Debit card data that is stolen. The financial institutions now put it on a watch list but do not take any concrete action to replace it, till the card- holder reports an illegal transaction. And then they take swift action to block it & replace it.

Why do they wait for the illegal transaction to happen before they take action?

Simple economics. It takes $5 to replace a card. If a few millions card data has been stolen, then you can calculate the cost a financial institutions will have to incur to secure there customers data who have placed trust in them.

So why don’t the banks act proactively to secure their customers data?

The logic used by card issuing authorities is that stolen data does not automatically lead to misuse. But as soon as any misuse is reported the bank takes immediate action to replace it.

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What should the response of a financial institutions be when disputes a bank’s best effort its customers data gets stolen & starts being misused – it has been hit by a Reputation management issue?

If you wish to gain an understanding about strategies for handling a Reputation Management issue I would invite you to read my article published earlier, titled, ‘Reputation Management: What To Do When Your Brand Is Hit By A Scandal’. The article also has a video embedded in it which will summarise the key points.





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ramji yahoo

yes true , not only in IT issues even in HR, Marketing, customer service most of public sector banks are not up to date. whats your opinion on PSU Banks should recruit IIT IIM’s

Rajesh Srivastava

Every organisation should recruit people who have their heads on their shoulders & are focused towards serving their customers – whether from IIT / IIM or else where.