Finding Symbolism In Day To Day Life At MDI

Sculptures are an important medium of projecting the values that any institution believes in. Unlike other art forms, it waits for you, in its place, silent but at the same time speaking volumes, waiting for you to realize and understand the story it wants to tell. The MDI Gurgaon campus is filled with such statues, at strategic places, reminding you of the values that place expects from you and what values it imparts to you.

The first place I visited when I entered the MDI campus on the first day of my college was The Change Masters Hostel. In the lawn, standing in midst of short bushes is a deer, looking straight ahead, as if it had been caught in the headlights of an oncoming car. The deer strongly resembled the sheer cultural shock that most of us experienced in the first few days of reaching the campus. The vivid culture, customs and tradition of the campus, the innumerable number of activities going on simultaneously was too much to take in. Our 15-hour days had suddenly turned to 21-hour ones. I felt that this deer surely represented this tectonic change and the fear of the arduous task that lay in front of us. But, as days passed, on close observation, I realized that the statue was not a deer, but a stag! The stag, unlike the deer, is a symbol of strength in many cultures, legends and myths. Later did I realise that the stag really portrayed the strength we needed to build to survive the rigour of a B-school and learn the ways and means of the business world. A Sag is seen as a prelude to the main action, often a warrior becoming a king. This was analogous to us, 20 odd-year-olds starting on the path to becoming smart corporate businessmen.

As I explored the campus further, I realised many such statues were present, ready to impart wisdom to those who came to seek it. The next symbol I stumbled across was the waterfall in Renaissance, the lecture hall complex. The waterfall is usually flowing in early mornings when we all poured in into the building for our lectures. The bubbling and free-flowing sound of water for me a was a symbol of how knowledge should flow: uninterrupted, unreserved and unhindered. It also is a promoter of peace and openness of mind, which is of paramount importance in a business school. To learn from your peers, from different educational and work backgrounds who might have a different perspective to the same problem you are supposed to solve.

The grand statue of Swami Vivekanand outside the library or the Gyan-Grih, is a symbol of the importance of spirituality in our life. The need to be open to and accepting of other faiths is the path to excellence. He is also a symbol of nationalism, and how we as the youth of the country are paramount to nation-building. Standing tall, he reminds us of our true purpose in life.

Outside the building, Takshashila, named after one of the oldest centres of learning in the world, is a statue of the father of our nation, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. No one better than the Mahatma to emphasize the importance of Swadeshi Movement and the need of the nation first approach. How we as Indians have to find the solutions to our unique problems and how no one else will help us overcome them.

The presence of Gautam Buddha can be observed at two places on the campus: In the main building and under the drooping tree near the hostel complex. I think the dual presence in these places is a symbol of balance in work and life. His preaching of staying grounded, and letting go of your ego, no matter what you achieve in your personal as well as professional life is very relevant in today’s world.

Finding meaning in life and believing in some principles or values is what keeps us going. We strive to find fruitfulness and meaning in our work. Keeping these learnings and principles is mind, I find the principles, goal and mission of the Aditya Birla Group strongly resonating with my own personal aim, goal and values in life. I carry ancient memories of the Aditya Birla group, from the days when TV had just made an entry into our homes. I distinctly remember the advertisements featuring the rising sun. This gives the Aditya Birla Group a place very close to my heart.

If I were fortunate enough, I’d love to be a part of Aditya Birla Capital Limited especially Aditya Birla Money Limited and Aditya Birla Finance Limited. The work of these companies has always intrigued me and has been one of the major reasons for being attracted towards Finance. I strongly believe that these companies would provide me with a strong learning environment, a place where I can enhance my skills and a platform where I can contribute a sizeable portion towards the achievement of the company’s goals and objectives while achieving my own along the way.