My First Day At MDI Gurgaon

It was 12th of May 2018, my first day at my dream campus, first day at MDI Gurgaon. I was very excited about the prospect of visiting the campus which was going to be my home for the next two years. What was more exciting for me was the fact that it was also my first ever visit to Delhi and to Gurgaon. I checked into the MDI campus at 10 AM on the same day. As soon as I entered, I was bowled over by the greenery all around the campus. The tall green trees, football field, and library greens were all fascinating. I checked in for hostel registration as soon as I finished roaming around and watching as much of the campus that I could have. I checked into my allotted room and was very excited about the prospect of living in a hostel for the very first time in my life. On the same day, after having dinner, I decided to go out and explore the campus furthermore. As I stepped out, standing in front of change masters hostel, I looked towards the right, and I saw a long road covered with lush green trees on both sides of it, and spectacular moonlight enhancing the scenery. I was mesmerized by the eternal silence as I covered the entire length of the road while walking alone. I felt detached from the world outside the campus and was completely engrossed in the beauty of the campus. I saw a park bench along the way and decided to sit there for a while. That’s when I saw the most amazing view of the library building across the library greens. The view of the library building under floodlights was scintillating and mesmerizing, and the first thing I did was to save a picture of the view. While sitting there, I realized how hard I had worked to be where I was and also imagined about the hard work and efforts lying ahead of me, so as to make my MBA journey a successful one. At the same point in time, I also realized how fortunate I was to be here in one of the top business schools. I felt motivated. Motivated to strive furthermore throughout my course curriculum and achieve my goal of becoming a successful marketing analyst. The field of marketing has always tapped the inner enthusiast within me. I am always triggered by how successful marketing enhances the market share and value of any product.

Being a marketing aspirant, my dream is to join an organization like Aditya Birla Retail limited which is one of the global leaders in the field of marketing and retail. An organization which strives to keep quality as its preferential motto and also finds its presence throughout the nation through chains of supermarkets and hypermarkets. I would be glad to be a part of such an organization which follows best industry practices and where I can apply my creative and analytical skills to the best of my ability to achieve organizational goals. On a personal note, being associated with Aditya Birla Group which has a rich heritage of 161 years, would be a matter of great pride.