First Month Of The Mahindra GMC Internship | Ritesh Agarwal

One never knows how quickly time passes. Well, four weeks have passed here, at Mahindra Tower, Worli, after the cheerful and insightful induction week that ended on April 6th, 2019. The real work had begun since then. I am the only intern placed in the finance department at the group corporate office. I joined the investor relation team of Mahindra & Mahindra Limited. The labor began from the 1st Monday as the project requirements, expectations and deliverables were communicated during the orientation week itself.

On the very 1st day of my internship, I was assigned a personal cabin to work. 2 mentors have been officially allotted to every summer intern to guide on the project in the entire course of the internship. My project guide is the head of the Investor Relation team, and my project buddy is himself a GMC PPO holder. The larger group is commonly known as corporate finance and investor relation department. I was introduced with all the team member during lunch hour at the lunch table of the office. Every member of the team irrespective of his/her position takes his/her lunch on that table forming a sort of round table conference. This moment always reminds and reminisces me of my school lunchtime; how we all gathered at a table and shared each other’s food.

My cabin is next to my project guide’s. He and all the other team members are very approachable and are always ready to assist me at any point. I have been allowed to own my project and work accordingly. There is enough flexibility provided, and hence, I can approach the problem statement in alternate ways. The work culture is fabulous, and I have been told that in this office the output matters and not how much time I stay at the office.

Seemingly, the mid-review assessment had come. The day to assess my work till date. My project guide, project buddy along with a senior team member would provide their valuable remarks and future course of actions. More than half of the exciting and engaging journey of this internship had been covered with joy and learning experiences. The next day I am looking forward to is the day of the final sector review.

Ritesh Agarwal

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