Five Career Options you have after completing MBA

MBA has long been the coveted choice of every professional seeking to make it big in their career. The degree, which has the reputation of being a golden goose leads to diverse career paths.  The sheen and shine of the degree has only grown over the years. MBA pass outs are making the headlines every year for either starting their own venture or getting hired as a consultant at record salary in multinational companies. Here are some of the top career paths that open up once a candidate completes his MBA.


Top 5 Career Options After MBA

  • Investment Banker
    One of the best paid professionals in the entire corporate domain, an investment banker‘s life is everyone’s dream and pursuing MBA can help people to achieve this.  It is also one of the oldest professions and a worthy career option for many. Investment banking is certainly a high pressure job which will require the candidate to live out of the suitcase most of his life. There will be sacrifices on personal front, especially when you will spend the least amount of your day at home. However, proper scheduling, organization skills and time management skills can help you cope up with the pressure. Moreover, the salary and other benefits will definitely be a good motivation factor.
  • Venture Capital
    Students who display good investment acumen and a keen understanding of business world can also consider the challenging career of venture capitalism. Finding a position in the private equity industry or as venture capitalist is not that easy. It is indeed a powerful position to be in as you control significant amount of capital, have autonomy in your actions and you can be happy and share the success of people surrounding you.  As a professional VC you will redirect third-party funds into startups and early stage companies. An angel investor uses his own capital to invest in a promising venture. For a MBA graduate working as a VC or in the private equity industry provides the chance to practice many of the skills developed during their college days while working in an entrepreneurial environment.
  • Entrepreneurship
    For those who love to be their own boss, entrepreneurship is the best possible available career path. In fact it is the only career path for such risk loving individuals. You will risk running into loss as your own resources are at stake when you start your own venture. In fact, according to a report 99% of the startups are DOA (a dramatic way of saying “failure”). However, still an increasing number of MBAs are opting for this road straight out of the business school. The feeling that comes with being in control of your own destiny by owning and running a company is matchless.
  • Lecturer or Teacher
    With a Master’s degree you can apply to all the lecturer jobs at colleges and universities, especially if you had a teaching bug right from your student time. Of course, premier lecturer jobs come to only those with some experience, but you can start from a Tier 2 college, build your expertise, gain experience and then sit for the premium jobs. You can also start your own coaching classes and teach students to clear entrance examinations. In addition to proper teaching jobs, you should find as many opportunities to speak, or mentor students. This will count as valid experience.
  • Management Consulting
    If you find yourself interested in the various facets of how a business works, then a management consultancy job might be yours. The job of management consultant is simple; help businesses improve their efficiency that allows them to perform better. As a part of consultancy you will deal with all the aspects of business, from HR and marketing, to IT and finance. This is an exciting career as you will handle clients from all over the world, even if you are a part of a small-time consultancy firm. With the different types of consulting work and the diverse challenges and opportunities for personal development, management consulting becomes an attractive career proposition.




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