Flavouring HRM With Agility

With a breath of fresh air, the contemporary HRM now gives a taste of agility in it. Agile-HR, as it is known as, has catalysed the process of transformation of HR and the organisation, in this new world of technology, pace and quick adaptation. Employees are now highly adaptive to changes vis-à-vis the situation before this technology-cum-talent-led transformational boom.

Key aspects of Agile-HR:

Learning made speedy and on-the-go. Technology-driven peer learning is encouraged. Continuity in talent cycle is the focus, instead of just hiring and acquisition. Quickly identifying and addressing the employee-related issues. Providing employees with a rich experience at the workplace is a top priority. Accomplishing job by the means of analytics. Delivering value to the consumers through an efficient and effective use of the resources that the organisation owns. Imbibing the concept of learn-unlearn-learn into employees. Bridging all the departments of the organisation so as to bring synchronisation for the achievement of a ‘one organisational goal’.

In a nutshell, Consumerization and High Responsiveness to changes (majorly technological) are the two critical aspects in transforming an antiquated-working-style organisation into an organisation which is quick and experience-delivering focused. And Agile-HR is significantly responsible for this transformation of the organisations to agile so that the organisation survives in the mass war of technology and disruption.

Pramod Gupta

MBA Candidate, Class of 2019, SCMHRD Pune