Flight Of Fancy – XIMB

“Hey is it okay if you click a selfie with us?” – This is not the beginning of another funny song but was an earnest request by teams for a competition on XIMB’s campus. LitSoc, the literary society of XIMB had launched its flagship event on Xpressions, the management-cultural fest of XIMB. Aptly named as “Flight of Fancy”, it focused on weaving stories and using the persuasion skills and creativity of the students.

Being a part of the interest committees, the competition was designed to generate interest and promote out of the box thinking. For starters, the first level of screening was made on the basis of the teams’ (consisting of two members) imaginative skills and how well they defended their idea. It was about choosing any character from a book or a movie or any other media and create a story to defend its character. The entries were visible on LitSoc’s Facebook page where other competitors and audiences punched holes in others’ submissions which evoked pretty interesting conversation threads in the comment section.

After the screening process, the final round was a surprise round which brought up the notch of the competition a little higher than expected. The final round was about how Micronations are to be built by individual teams. The teams were first asked to ideate and create all possible paperwork for creating a Micronation such as a Preamble, the national bird, song or animal and others. Everyone in teams was sent into a frenzy as every team came up with the choicest of quirky names, lyrics to national songs and pictures of unearthly birds and animals. Some went further and even created national flags and emblems and what not! After this enjoyable activity, teams were asked to add citizens to our respective micronations and to ensure that there is no duplication, the teams were asked to click selfies with the citizens along with their signatures declaring their interest in citizenship in our Micronations. Then commenced the constant running and pleadin.. err, convincing of XIMB denizens to become one’s respective Micronation citizens. The teams were also given brownie points for bringing with themselves their Micronation citizens, in the end, to sing their national song together in front of the audience. Finally, questions were posed by the audience and judges where the teams had to defend their Micronations for the final round.

This year too, the team has been creative enough to come up with more creative rounds. The first round is a fictional twitter war between two characters, the list which has been shared with the registered candidates. The finalists of this round will be subject to the Round 2, which is secret… sshhh. Only the chosen ones would know about the theme and this round, on the day of the event at Xpressions 2018, XIMB!

See all you Literary Enthusiasts at the event!

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