‘Tuition Fees are 10k, No Exchange Programmes, BCG hired 3’ – All this and more in a chat with FMS Delhi

Jayant Babani When the shortlist will come out? Do you have a date?

FMS Media Committee The shortlist is expected in march soon followed by the PI schedule.


Ujjwal Teotia How is life at FMS?

FMS Media Committee So the life at FMS is good it grills you to excel in fields you pursue.

Ujjwal Teotia And apart from studies?

FMS Media Committee FMS is a leading campus when it comes to both corporate competitions and sports.


Seemanchal Mohanty Can you give the cutoff for general category CAT?

FMS Media Committee The cutoff for last year was around 98.5.

Seemanchal Mohanty Academics cutoff?

FMS Media Committee Academic cut off for different categories is mentioned here.


Ravi Kiran What if the extempore didn’t go well in interview. Is it going to have negative implication on our interview and selection process?

FMS Media Committee The selection process includes both components so try doing well in both but a lot depends on your score.


Rohit Vhora Is the distribution decided yet? Whether it would be 85-15 or 70-30. In case, it is 70-30, whether there would be GD too?

FMS Media Committee the division for the same will be shared soon on the website. Last year GD didn’t take place.

Rohit Vhora If I am a graduate in Civil Engineering, and working as an IT professional, what questions should I be prepared for? I mean which stream?

FMS Media Committee  Prepare on work-ex well. Also basics about Civil Engineering.

Rohit Vhora For interviews, should one also be prepared with the questions on specializations in Management that one wants to pursue?

FMS Media Committee No, you should know your background well, as you are coming here to learn about management, but they may quiz you on your discipline and what you want to pursue?

Rohit Vhora Do the summer placements also record 100%?

FMS Media Committee Yes.


Hemant Kumar Can you please give any suggestions on how to approach in the extempore as the topics asked are totally random.

FMS Media Committee Firstly extempore requires on the feet thinking. This can come by practicing on various topics, try and have a structure about what you want to speak in mind and the rest will fall in place.

Hemant Kumar Any specific suggestions for preparing for the interview or is it same like any for any other good MBA colleges.

FMS Media Committee  Well the process of prep is the same for all B-schools. Just prepare well for the extempore.

Hemant Kumar Do you have a college hostel?

FMS Media Committee You pay around 12k per year for the hostel and the mess bill is separate. We have a Delhi university hostel for boys in FMS while some seats are present in some hostels for girls, the hostel is given on merit basis with limited seats

Hemant Kumar Do any PSUs visit FMS for placements?

FMS Media Committee Yes but few.


Sharan Cheran Does FMS conduct its Interviews in Hyderabad?

FMS Media Committee No only in Delhi.


Shishir Agarwal Overall cost for 2 years for pursuing the course – including Hostel Mess fees?

FMS Media Committee The tuition fees is around 10k per year.

Shishir Agarwal  What is the scene on Student Exchange? How many students get to go and also how many Universities are tied up with FMS?

FMS Media Committee There are student bodies in FMS which arrange short programmes in Universities abroad, but there isn’t any student exchange programme as such

Shishir Agarwal What is the duration of these programmes? Are these programmes have to be done being in India or one has to go abroad?

FMS Media Committee 1-2 months.


Niharika Anand Are there any chances of cut-off getting lowered by some percent this year?

FMS Media Committee you can see the cut off for trends fluctuation isn’t much in it.


Sourav Singh Apart from ROI, what makes FMS the chosen school above IIMs?

FMS Media Committee There are many things which make FMS stand out , the University culture in the heart of DU to the student, faculty and red building of dreams define FMS.


Srajan Shrivastava FMS is beyond doubt the marketing campus of the country. But how good is it for other streams such as finance & operations?

FMS Media Committee If you see the placement report there are loads of offers for consulting this year around and the highest has been made by a finance firm and e commerce and other companies have hired for operations as well.

Srajan Shrivastava How many international job offers do we see at FMS on an average every year? And in which countries & stream?

FMS Media Committee So last year we had a couple and this year Alshaya has given couple of offers for summer internship while firms like Unilever give international projects.

Srajan Shrivastava The batch size at FMS is quite less than those at IIMs. What’s the reason for that? And how good is it & how bad is it from a student’s perspective?

FMS Media Committee There is no bad associated with a small batch size.

Srajan Shrivastava FMS is not a residential campus unlike IIMs or SP Jain or XLRI or MDI. What negative and positive impacts does it have on students?

FMS Media Committee There is no negative as most of the students take up flats around campus, so everyone is at an arms distance.

Srajan Shrivastava Can you please throw some light on the clubs at FMS?

FMS Media Committee For the same you can visit the site under the student body header there are details for every society.

Srajan Shrivastava Don’t the likes of Mckinsey & AT Kearney visit FMS regularly? I saw Mckinsey’s name in last year’s report but it was not there this year.

FMS Media Committee There was no hire from Mckinsey this year, last year we had one.

Srajan Shrivastava What about the banks like JP Morgan Chase, Morgan Stanley & Goldman Sachs? Do they visit regularly? How many do they hire?

FMS Media Committee GS had come for internships in 2013 and yes they are regular and they hired 4.


Aishwary Aggarwal How is FMS as compared to XLRI and IIM Lucknow? And is the selection criteria for this year out?

FMS Media Committee FMS is diverse and academics is an essential part, but FMS has been active in both corporate competitions as well as sports and has many laurels to its name.


Akash Gaonkar Is the institute very academic centric?

FMS Media Committee If you ask us, we feel FMS is definitely better be it the ROI or the university feel to it or the esteemed faculty and exceptional students.

Akash Gaonkar Which are the companies that come for general management roles?

FMS Media Committee For gen man you have TAS, Mahindra,Airtel,Reliance,RPG.


Lohit Kumar Reddy The number of finance firms visiting FMS is less compared to the top four IIMs. What is the reason for this?

FMS Media Committee  The firms visiting depends on what focus the batch is and varies from year to year, so if a batch is Fin focused you will have more finance firms.


Rishabh Gupta When does the session usually start at FMS? Also, is the start date different for waitlisted students?

FMS Media Committee First Monday of July and wait listed candidates join only when the admission is confirmed which may or may not be at a later date, depends on the number of people who join from the selected list.

Rishabh Gupta Can you elaborate a bit on the consulting offers this year, I have read the placement report… but could you offer some specifics?

FMS Media Committee BCG,Accenture,Deloitte, capgemini, CBC, EY and a few more

Rishabh Gupta So how many people do these firms usually hire and for BCG in particular – was it a campus visit or a batch day process?

FMS Media Committee BCG took 3 while Deloitte made 9 offers and Accenture made 11.

Rishabh Gupta Does BCG hire through a campus process or a batch-day process?

FMS Media Committee They have a CV shortlisting while the process is in their office for the other rounds.

Rishabh Gupta What was the role that Uber offered this year? Also, are any product management roles coming to FMS?

FMS Media Committee Lots of companies give a product management role and Uber offered multiple roles.

Rishabh Gupta Could you please give a few examples of companies offering PM roles?

FMS Media Committee Snapdeal had given a PM role and so did Amazon.

Rishabh Gupta Any tips on preparing for the extempore? Is it usually on a topic related to one’s CV?

FMS Media Committee It could be or it could be abstract. Just be confident and give different perspectives for the topic in hand.

Rishabh Gupta You mentioned that there was no GD last year so did FMS interview all 1200 students it shortlisted?

FMS Media Committee Yes they did and even when there were GDs all shortlisted candidates had interviews.


Pranav Garg Do Trading firms also visit FMS for recruitment?

FMS Media Committee Not specifically.


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