The Fortunate Phone Call – XAHR

It was a hot day in the month of September in the city of Hyderabad, and I had just returned home on foot after travelling nearly two kilometers from my coaching centre namely T.I.M.E institute. I had been studying hard for nearly three months for the competitive exams in order to get into an esteemed MBA college so as to boost my career opportunities.

My daily studying curriculum didn’t allow me to take a break for more than two hours, but on that day I decided to slow it down for a bit and procrastinate by reading a novel. In the midst of reading ‘Atlas Shrugged’, I received a phone call from one of my old college batch mates just for the purpose of re-establishing contact. He had been working in MuSigma for nearly two years and therefore had a lot better insight than me when it came to selecting a good career path. That was the moment when he told me to consider the MBA programmes offered by Xavier University Bhubaneswar.

My focus, from the beginning, has been to get an MBA degree from HR department because of my affinity towards philosophy and satisfying my unquenchable thirst for knowledge and I sincerely believe that these traits help in becoming a good HR manager. So one can imagine how foolish I would have felt after getting to know that Xavier School of Human Resource ranks among the top five best HR programmes in Central Asia and how ignorant I was as an MBA aspirant. So, I studied diligently for another three months and, now when I reminisce I realize how fortunate that phone call was that led me here.


The company I would like to work under Aditya Birla Group:

Idea Cellular Limited

One of the courses in my MBA-HR programme includes a curriculum of regularly held group discussions and not long back, we were given a topic “should HR managers have a first-hand knowledge of the operative functions of their respective companies or not”. The general consensus reached was that HR professionals should have a basic knowledge of the workings of the organisation, and I have completed my degree in the stream of Electronics and Communications for which the Idea Cellular Limited is a core company. So, I believe that I can use my prior knowledge of what the company stands for and incorporate that with the managerial skills that I am in the process of acquiring in my MBA curriculum, to create a conducive environment for the employees working at Idea Cellular Limited, thereby further boosting the company’s performance.



MBA-HRM, 1st year