Four Weeks Down – D. Susrith’s Internship Story – IIM Visakhapatnam

“So, how was the Civil War movie?” asked my friend who was interning in Hyderabad. “Expensive, and I am not talking about its production values” I replied, and my friend’s response before hanging up was “It’s Delhi, you should have expected it”. I thought to myself “this isn’t the only thing that has proved my expectations wrong”. I went back to my apartment and slipped off on the bed to relax. But you know the mind- when the body says ‘relax’, the mind says ‘let me go take a walk down the memory lane’.

It all started somewhere around the last week of April, we were busy preparing for end term and for the upcoming internship. I wasn’t sure about others, but I was pretty excited as it was going to be my first time in an organization, working for the organization along with different kinds of employees. I was happy that the recruiter trusted me to work for his company. Oh no, the company was going to get affected by the work I do, so I cannot afford to go wrong and that thought scared me. But life ain’t what it seems before we experience it ourselves. The company was a start-up and its culture got me hooked up to it on the first day itself. The employees were welcoming, the CEO was amiable, the peers were fun to work with, I am talking Contra level fun. So, it’s only natural I liked working there.

I was given the flexibility to work on whatever I feel like working on, as long as it is intended for the company. I am focused on marketing, I worked on Adverts, SEO, Ads for the company, surveying the customers and so on. But that wasn’t the point, some things we work on yield good results, some don’t; some experiments explode right on your face. Whenever something goes wrong, the project manager says “hey, there will be a first time for everything. Just try to figure out what went wrong and explain us so that nobody else would repeat it.” My good work day includes some Schezwan for lunch and all other perks you have in a good organization.

I think the company along with many other similar ones has finally found the recipe for a healthy organization. ‘You make employees happy and they give their best without breaking a sweat.’ It has been four weeks and my excitement levels haven’t gone down for the reasons I just cited! Looking forward to four more fun filled, learning loaded weeks.

D. Sushrith

PGP 15-17

IIM Visakhapatnam



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