Friends, Geniuses, And Inspirations At IIM Trichy

I suppose the biggest part of any college life irrespective of whether it is a premier b-school or not is the interaction between friends and batchmates. At any business school this reality is all the more strengthened because of all that we do learn here, I believe most of it is actually interactional and experiential. I would hardly remember the theories that bemuses me now a few years down the line (maybe I would remember the gist of it, but surely not every word), but I would remember the endless debates, discussions and stories that I have on countless warm sleepless Trichy nights with my batchmates. Debates where each one had put forth their impassioned arguments, almost fighting for what they believe in, Discussions where we take all the opinions judgements facts and put it forth in our collective mental cauldron and try to extract “the truth” as we call it. Sometimes it is in our rooms, mostly beneath the stars, at times by the highway. Some contribute more, some simply listen, but there’s a few that stand out from the rest.

At times I cannot help but wonder, that I am influenced so much by these interactions with these people in the group. These are the people that are my guiding lights, people whom I aspire to be, whom I look up to and want to be like. I would like to tell you about a few of them, and how they inspire me every day.

(Srivatsan wondering how to better the Google Maps!!!)

Srivatsan Ramesh (The Tesla Brain) – He is, as I have said to him on multiple occasions an absolute genius. The speed with which he gobbles us concepts astounds even the best of us. He is not from any really fancy college or someone with great grades and is a personification of the concept that grades are at best an average estimator of one’s intelligence. He knows his passions and sticks to them but that doesn’t mean he’s some savant. His intelligence and presence of mind has confounded us, and I hope it continues to do so

                                                                             (Don’t be fooled by that jovial smile!!)

Abhijeet Mohandas (The Boss) – Now we have all had bosses, some we want to strangulate at night, some we would give our lives for. Abhijeet is the 2nd sort of the boss. When he says something is to be done in a project or an assignment you simply do it without asking a lot of questions. He has that authority. But don’t mistake him to be rude or someone you find unapproachable, he’s a jolly great fellow but he is a thorough professional and a leader when it comes to teamwork. Also, he is perhaps the best orator of the batch. No wonder when Mohandas speaks everyone listens.

(When Debu Da decides to chill!)

Debabrata Halder (Dada) – Also known as Debu da or simply Dada to the batch. He is sort of father figure amongst friends. Debu da has almost 9 years of work experience and naturally his way of interpreting things is way different what it is for us. His experience at times is our cornerstone at times and his wisdom. His being elder to us doesn’t mean that he is a somber wise old fellow always, he can be as naughty and as mischievous as the rest of us. A Truly amazing and a Crazy fellow he is.

(Mandal in his original Habitat!!!!)

Gaurab Mandal – Mandal is the epitome of patience and perseverance, of hard work of not losing hope, of proving that the human spirit can triumph all. I have gone to the same graduation college as he has and knows him for a long long time now. Even our 1st Job training were together. He might not be blessed with god gifted talent but he makes it up with grit and determination, something which I have always admired about him. These are some of my crazy friends who inspire me to get better, to prove that I can be also as good as they can be.

Which ABG company would you want to work for and why?

I would love to work for Pantaloons Fashion and Retail and would like to handle its promotional and Media strategies. Pantaloons is one of Middle-class India’s most favourite brand and is a brand that I have been intimately in touch with as I have picked up my clothes from their my entire adult life. I feel a strong sense of connect with the Brand and feel that I being one of its intended target am well positioned to address its Target Segment and build something more than a utilitarian relationship with the shoppers.

– This article is written by Subhra Shikhar Mukherjee – Class of 2019

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