From A Hospital Bed To IIM Lucknow – A Leap From Scoring 47%ile In Mocks To 99.4%ile In CAT ’18

This is the inspiring story of success against all odds of Manavdeep Singh. His journey bears a testimony to the fact that grit and hardwork alone can make one tide against every force of the world and achieve what one wishes for. Here’s a little about Manavdeep:

Adarsh Ranjan

Adarsh is a first-year MBA candidate at MDI Gurgaon. Having worked as a manager at Tata Steel and Mahindra&Mahindra for close to 4 years, he has developed an innate love for HR. His passion for HR has made him bag several accolades including that of being the national winner at the annual HR conference of XLRI. He is an avid reader, a proud speaker, a footloose traveller, an automobile enthusiast and definitely one you’d like to clink your beers with.



Manavdeep Singh

Thanks Adarsh for this and Pratik Sir for being so supportive. I hope every aspirant out there makes his/her journey successful and worthwhile..Cheers! 😀

Adarsh Ranjan

It’s a real pleasure to see such success stories. More power to you, boy. Good luck for your journey ahead.

Ajay Singh

Truly motivational and inspiring the one is the hope that makes you reach where you want to.

Manavdeep Singh

Most of my preparation was through mocks and sectionals..Especially for LRDI section, I relied on 1 hour sectionals from various sources to get acquainted with different kinds of sets…And the frequency was almost a sectional everyday…All the best!

Hiren Modi

Indeed an inspiring story.The replica of your passion currently dito I can see in my daughter. Tommorow my she is appearing for IPMAT to get in IIMI.Do guide for PI.

Manavdeep Singh

Thanks for the appreciation and Wish her all the best for tomorrow.. I’d be happy to guide as much as I can 🙂

Akash Antony

Very Motivational story . A great story . What would you like to suggest for people who are weak in Quant ?

Manavdeep Singh

Hi Akash..I considered myself weak in Quant too..All you need to do is follow a basic strategy of getting acquainted with all the theory first and not simply relying on shortcuts..The more you understand the theory and then jump onto sectionals and mocks, the more you will get better..Plus refer to an article on InsideIIM related to Quant.

Tushar Verma

Truly inspirational .. I like the way you didn’t give up even when the odds were against you . Kudos to you


Thank you so much for motivating us , with such an inspiring stories. Thi have boosted my confidence to a newer height. Thanks a lot

Sudha Sarswat

Sir actually I was feeling so weak in quants from last few days and as I have read this article…now I feel a new enthusiasm has been filled up in my mind again… I am a writer and poet as well… So It really made my day to seeing a creative person touching the sky….i hope I’ll be also able to make a great effort by giving this much mocks and analysing. Again Tahe dil se shukriyaaaa.