‘From Majestic Building To Finding Partners For Everything’ – Mayank Ojha’s Journey To DoMS IIT Roorkee

“Fill these and submit them to counter number 12.”; a lady handing me an envelope brought me out of the mesmerized state I was in, while imagining myself in this huge campus jogging in foggy winters in the spectacular college ground I just saw on the way or just roaming around, and was already making plans on the poses for the pics I will surely click in front of the majestic main building which has a 170 years old legacy (honestly not imagining anything related to curriculum, well who does that …?).


After the admission procedure was over I was again lost in finding the Bhawan (hostel) in the labyrinth of buildings. Introduction and introduction everywhere all of us were trying to get to know each other and were being so formal and professional, when I look back the way my friends behaved on the first day, I am not trusting them ever again as all of them can act or rather fake being the extra polite really well (it was too early to showcase our true colors!!). It was time for the classes with the ritual we’ve been performing since we used to write with pencils instead of pens. Now this ritual has always been interesting for everyone. It’s something that we all are so aware of, yet everybody’s heart beats faster till their turn comes, we have to introduce ourselves in front of all the faculty and students, all eyes and ears attentive to search for the batch mates who either have mutual hometown or college just for the at home feeling in this new environment.


In the flurry of assignments, examinations, I made new friends. I learned that your neighbours are your partners in everything, dinner and movie outings to last moment assignment submissions, also studying together and waking each other up for 9:00 am class are a few incidents which turned into memories. A top notch B-School in India teaches you many things. I honed my management skills. I learned to manage my time effectively. I became a multitasking person. Also the one question we all know the answer to but still have, the mess food; you get used to the mess food as you slip in some paneer rolls from food corner or the maggie from canteen and hence making sure that dinner in mess is just a formality for the affirmation to the calls from mom that you had dinner. Oh did I tell you about the sudden longing to buy a cycle we had, as soon as we realized it the first day itself that to commute on this huge campus on foot will turn us into marathon runners soon (well the time saved by cycle still didn’t help us in having our breakfast peacefully, but it did help us in getting 10 more minutes of sleep…..totally worth it!!)

Here at DoMS IIT Roorkee you learn all the traits expected from a prospective manager and much more. There is a lot more to tell from cultural fest to sports meet but If I go into details of everything this will turn into pages and pages. Hence to end with; A scoop of excitement a punch of knowledge with a garnish of amazement is my experience at the place which has carved its own niche among all the existing B-schools.




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Mayank Ojha – DoMS, IIT Roorkee



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Prav Een

Should Mamata Banerjee be the prime minister of the country? The moment I saw this question,my mind raced to the memories incidences in the past which answers the question if she should become a prime minister of the country.

Mamta, in the past rose to fame for protesting against the decision of the then ruling government of Bengal, The Communists, to acquire the land of poor farmers and provide it to the Tata’s for setting up a Tata Nano factory.She rode on the popularity wave which helped her oust the communist regime and capture power in Bengal. The Tata’s then decided to move the Nano factory from Singur,West Bengal to Gujarat as the then chief minister of Gujarat, Narendra Modi, offered several incentives for the same. Gujarat, thus, capitalized on the setting up of the factory and was able to provide jobs to a number of unemployed youths, thereby driving up the economy of Gujarat.

The incident mentioned above is just one of the many examples where one can see the difference in functioning of a leader who works for the people and a leader who works for their own benefit. There are also allegations that Mamta’s government is involved in the Rose valley chitfund scam and the Sharda group chitfund scam. It would set a terrible example if a person who has been alleged to have conspired with the scammer was elected to the post of the prime minister.

For a party to become the ruling government of our country, the party should have the support of the majority of the members of the house(majority government). However, even if the party doesn’t have a clear majority, A party can form the government, if members of the house from other parties support the party to form the government(coalition government). The main issue of having a coalition government at the center is that the ruling government(majority party) tend to appease the smaller parties by providing them with posts,power etc to keep the government at the centre stable. In case of a coalition government, the government doesn’t work for the betterment of its subjects but functions with an inherent fear that the government may topple. Since Mamta’s fame is confined to the Bengal alone, It would be difficult for her to have a sway over the masses from other parts of the country, thus making it difficult for her party to win a majority in the parliament.As mentioned above, a coalition government may not be able to work as efficiently as a majority government even if they have the best intentions.

Taking into consideration the points mentioned above, I don’t think Mamta should become the next Prime minister of our country.