From Nature’s Bounty to Rock Music to IIM SHILLONG

Landlocked within the barriers of the Khasi Hills lies this wonderful place, nature’s manifestation of subtle beauty and an enchantment that prolongs itself and lingers around your comprehension. Shillong, it is, the enchantress and the tantalizing beauty that leaves you bewildered with her awesomeness. This place credits itself to a plethora of offerings. One such typical feature being the fickle weather that is so susceptible to change and yet amazingly pleasant.

Culturally diversified with a tremendous flair for art and music, this place remarkably houses the most charming and happy people. Happy enough to actually leave the mundane metro and pro urban crowd green eyed. One must not be surprised to find this place leading the list with the highest Happiness Index. However, it would be sheer injustice, not to mention the love and passion people have towards music. Walking through the streets one can hear the loud rumbling of boom boxes, the sweet sounding choirs and the energetic crowd humming to the tunes of their favourite track. For all those who love to stay connected to music while travelling, there is nothing better than a cab ride in Shillong. They present to you a huge diversity of foot tapping tracks that tantalizes you to the core and leaves you with no option but to shake a leg the moment you get out of the cab. The twirling roads and the undulated terrain that traces itself to the infiniteness of the mountains at the backdrop is contagiously tempting. Beautifully crafted bamboo huts and the intricate designs stand a proof to the indigenously innovative genius that lies within the craftsmen out here. Every inch, of every single handicraft found here reflects pinnacle standards of precision and accuracy, with a tinge of subtle creativity, fit enough to set a benchmark for the best in the business. This place houses some of the most diverse and the rarest of flora and fauna. Few of which attribute themselves exclusively to this place.

Sports is religiously followed, one of those few places in India that breeds soccer and has produced some of the finest players at the national level who hold the potential to make it big. Shillong Lajong FC the stalwart football club that has taken this magnanimous leap towards popularizing the sport in the region and training the youth in football. All soccer enthusiasts who are reading this, it is nothing less than a paradise where you get the opportunity to learn the game being closest to the lap of nature. Typically the kind of setup many of us fancy or dream of. A brilliantly crafted eighteen hole golf course stands witness to nature’s genius. A game of golf here would indeed be a lifetime experience, to take home with.

Amidst this bountiful setup stands tall, Indian Institute Of Management, with a promise to inculcate and propagate the best practices for a sustainable future tomorrow. Indian Institute of Management, Shillong is the seventh IIM in the country and is presently in its fifth year of operations. Being the only IIM in the Northeastern region of the country, it is making rapid progress in terms of academic quality, extra-curricular activities, corporate visibility and social impact. The institute has credited itself to a plethora of achievements in such a brief span of time since its inception. The very visit of Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam speaks volumes about the quality and depth this institute has to offer. IIM Shillong credits itself to hosting one of the most unique events and the first of its kind, the Golf Cup. There is nothing better than a game of golf to socialize and network. However amidst all these achievements the institute stands rooted to its vision of sustainable development. With an interactive course structure the institute has shown tremendous faith and confidence in interactive learning. Special focus being laid on practical implication and application of takeaways from these learnings.

As the students of the institute grow to become the change agents of tomorrow, it is essential that great minds inspire them to embark upon this journey.


Ansuman Mishra

(Ansuman Mishra is a first year student at IIM Shillong, his interest lies in music, photography, travelling and sports)



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