From the lenses of PGP- IM: “Life in MDI and beyond”

MDI is essentially a global business school with a vision to achieve pinnacles through academic excellence and continuous innovation, which proves its international presence through the unique PGP-IM course which is the amalgamation of various cultures coming together and getting broader perspectives of the most valued term in business: management ­.

With the dual degree of PGP-IM earned on campus and the MEB degree earned at the various campuses spread across Europe, it is one of a kind program brought into existence where you actually put two degrees in your kitty thus gaining a viewpoint of management from both the western and native worlds. Clearly the PGP-IM students put twice the efforts in their journey of witnessing the two drastically different worlds yet similar in their common motive of understanding what an ‘MBA’ is all about. The ESCP program primarily confines itself to the ‘stylish’ Paris, ’urbane’ Berlin and ‘evergreen’ Spain campus. Certainly, they are much more than these words that they are often affiliated with. There is no better way to build the connect than hear it out from the current students themselves who are ravelling this remarkable journey at Europe.


Viewing the Paris life from the eyes of the present PGP-IM students, they indeed don’t fall short of words to describe the awe and wonder that the fashion capital exhibits. While the prior eight months of exhaustive learning of the French language doesn’t really make conversations with inhabitants a doddle ,owing to a flavoured local dialect and eloquence, it certainly makes life easier when comes to staple interactions. What really appeals is the inter- cultural presence from diverse nationalities on campus which gives you a global exposure in a true sense. The online portal is a one stop site for gaining all important updates on academics .The course here concentrates more on group work and presentations thus pushing you further to explore your inter-personal skills in an attempt to develop holistically and not just confining to a clichéd style of relying on books.


Describing the city which boasts of its gems like the ‘Eiffel Tower’, the ’Arc De triumph’, ‘beautiful’ is an understatement. The city gets even more faces when the sun sets with a long history of celebrations, dance bars and concerts to family gatherings at parks over the weekends. A word of advice from the seniors is that change, in every aspect, should be welcome and an open mind would let you build an experience to be cherished forever!

Going further up from this fascinating abode, we have the Berlin campus located in the baroque gardens overlooking the school’s late 19th century building. While the course is certainly more relaxed than that at MDI, it is majorly theoretical with some favourite subjects of students being European Business Law and European Business Environment with a faculty highly passionate and learned in their field. The content of the course and evaluation technique is satisfactory too. A brownie point for the students at Berlin is a high opportunity of getting an internship in a relatively short span of time owing to the presence of a vast domain of companies which go beyond communicating in native languages.



Here in Berlin, people are respected for what they are and are very open when it comes to interactions. With time, students learn to make their own dinner, try different cuisines and mould themselves to every challenge that comes with each passing day. The city is multi-faceted with some tangible conflicts but has a weird kind of charm that makes you want to come back for more! A current Paris-campus student Gaurav Mehta, 2012-2014 batch shares his insights on the stay   – “Its not all a rainbow path but there is a golden pot in the end. Every day and every moment has been an experience. Opinions will keep coming but what is assured is an amazing and eye-opening journey ahead of you!”

For the ‘Spaniards’ in the making, the Madrid campus enjoys a privileged location in the North-West of the capital city. Albeit a small campus, it has been adorned with greenery all around and gives an opportunity to maintain a personal connect with everyone on the campus. The Spaniards value their weekends dearly which is very much reflected in the strict deadlines for the assignments of the curriculum thereby leaving no room for procrastination. The heterogeneity is distinctly prevalent in the class in terms of nationalities and the work backgrounds which applies to other campuses as well. The classes are quite engaging and the students get ample amount of breaks with the freedom of choice to be a part of a lecture. Subjects like Mathematics come off easily for the Indian students due to enough knowledge imparted at MDI.

Celebration of life is the modus vivendi of this land and the country beckons a hearty bienvenido to every visitor. The magic here begins once you get to know the native people-a bunch of fun loving and warm hearted people. Spanish nightlife is legendary and one of Spain’s greatest attractions .What the seniors have particularly relished here are the unplanned backpacking trips hopping from one country to another and collecting myriad memories all the way.


The very thought that in a few months’ time you will be in an unexplored country all  by yourself struggling to make a living triggers a chain of thoughts in every incumbent IM student’s mind but  a wise man once said –  “the mind is not a vessel to be filled ,but a fire to be kindled”. Echoing the words of Beeshmoy Mohanty ,a student  of present batch 2012-2014, Madrid campus :” Living in a foreign country is all about opening yourself up – to a new culture, a new language, new people, new systems, blending in, making friends, putting on your invisible crazy cloak, shedding stereotypes, letting go of apprehensions. And I don’t want this journey to end. Ever.”


Article Contributed by

Shreya Sinha, PGP-IM Class of 2015, MDI Gurgaon

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