From XLRI Reject In 2018 To XLRI Convert In 2019 | XAT 99.97 Percentiler’s Journey To XLRI

10th April, 2019.

It was another hectic day at work. I was at one of the suppliers when my phone battery drained out. I came back at around 5, charged my phone and saw 1000 Whatsapp messages waiting for me. I just read one word, XLRI, and I removed my phone from charging, came outside and started rushing through the messages. Apparently, XLRI result was out in the source code. I texted my friend about how I could see my result on my phone to which he said “you can’t”. I simply replied, “ok”. I decided to see it after I reached home at 8.

I was about to go back in, when suddenly, a message popped up – Official results out. The blood was now rushing through my veins and I could hear my every heartbeat. I open the link, enter my details, covered the phone with my palm and started swiping it over the screen, revealing it bit by bit. I see one word, “Congratulations”. I don’t jump into the air, shout, or cry. I go into the lobby, pace 3-4 rounds there, tell myself “Ashish, 2 years of ordeal has finally paid off, finally you can rest (until B-school starts, at least).” 

I called my dad, told him I converted XLRI, and he said just one thing, “See, I told you you’ll make it, always knew it”. This day was in sharp contrast to another day, exactly 362 days before, 13th April 2018, somewhere around 8 PM, when the XLRI group started buzzing – the results were out. I first checked my HRM result – rejected. Then I selected BM from the drop down, again covered the screen and you know the process. Just read one word, “Sorry”. With that message, I was covered in sweat. I knew that I had failed to convert my best call. In fact, that year, I failed to convert all my calls except IIM Kashipur and Bodh Gaya. But the reject from XLRI hit me hard, and I couldn’t sleep that night. But it lit something in me; I knew redemption was on the cards now. If I had not gotten that XLRI call, I would have gone to IIM Kashipur without a single thought.

Sometimes we may not realise it but everything happens for a reason. Had I converted any college last year, even XLRI, I wouldn’t have got the chance to explore my full potential, wouldn’t have gotten the chance to score 99.73 in CAT and 99.976 in XAT, wouldn’t have met people who are special to me, would have never been a part of PG dream team 2018 and would never have gotten the chance to really know who I am.

This one year, I can say was a period of personal growth and I am actually happy that failed to convert any college last year because this wait gave me more than anything I could have asked for.

Ashish Gangal

Ashish Gangal is an engineer by education, economist by heart. He love to travel and learn about new cultures. A bibliophile, who has a unequivocal love for writing. Writing about himself in third person is yet another thing he loves! XLRI Jamshedpur (2019-2021)




Wow Sir, such an inspiring story. I am your junior from MAIT. Always thought you were so handsome. Remember me?