Future Starts With Us!

November 27, Bengaluru: Symbiosis Institute of Business Management (SIBM) Bengaluru recently hosted its Annual Management Conclave, Alchemy 2016 – a two-day event wherein eminent speakers from diverse industries share a common platform to share their views on where they see India in the distant future. This year’s theme for Alchemy was Quo Vadis India which translates into ‘Where are you going India’.

In all, there were Four Keynote Speakers and Three Panel Discussions: ‘Running on Fumes?’, ‘Destination: World?’ and ‘Digital Darwinism’. The Keynote speakers and the Panellists were:

Day 1

Keynote Speaker #1: Prof. U.R Rao, Former Chairman, ISRO & Chancellor – IIST

Mr U.R. Rao rightfully said, “We have come far today, from the Bullock cart Age to the Satellite Age. India is certainly headed towards greatness!”

Prof. Rao also mentioned that soon we will be able to colonize Mars. That is the next big idea which soon can turn into a reality. He said that the world is not running out of ideas. We are still a baby, the Earth being our cradle. We have just started exploring our potential. Godspeed mankind!


Keynote Speaker #2: Mr. Subhabrata Ghosh, Founder President and CEO, Celsius100

Mr. Ghosh, started off by jokingly saying, “I used to work in the advertising business which died right after I left.” He ended his Keynote address by saying that the young generation is the future and urged students to move beyond traditional ways of thinking.


Panel #1: Running on Fumes?

Mr. Anumolu Balamurali Krishna, Consultant

Mr. Prajakt Raut, Co-Founder, Applyifi

Mr. R. Natrajan, CFO, RNT Capital Advisers

Mr. Rajagopal G, Founder CEO, Kites Health

Mr. Prajakt Raut said, “Everybody is a born entrepreneur. If you are willing to take up the opportunity, you will definitely become one.”

Mr. R. Natrajan stated, “Your talent is your security, no one can steal it from you!” 

Mr. Rajagopal G commented, “Entrepreneurs, not Start-ups, are always at crossroads”.


Day 2

Keynote Speaker #3: Mr. Sunder Madakshira, Head-Marketing, EdgeVerve

Mr. Madakshssira gave a level-headed answer as how to proceed further when it comes to the future of India. He said “Every part of the engine has to fire for the rocket to take off. Every sector has to improve. I believe India is on a path of steady, inclined growth.”


Keynote Speaker #4: Mr. Srikar Reddy, MD & CEO, Sonata Software

Mr. Srikar Reddy in his Keynote address said “3D’s- Demographic, Democracy and Digital is what will drive India to its pinnacle. These are the factors which are in favour of India”. Also Mr. Reddy released the 4th edition of the Student Research Journal ‘Orion’.


Panel #2: Destination: World?

Mr. Ashish Vaishnav, General Manager, Thermax

Mr. Vijay Kalra, Chief of Manufacturing Operations, Mahindra and Mahindra

Mr. R. Narayanan, Ex-Customer Head, Reliance Communications

Mr. Giridhar Rajagopalan, Group Editor, 9.9 Mediaworx

Mr. Deepak Dev, Co-Founder, EnPowerIndia Energy Solutions

Mr. R. Narayanan started off the discussion saying “Assimilation of cultural diversity is the main hindrance for a company to go global.”

A very pertinent question that every company needs to ask itself is “Are you going to be relevant in this competitive world?” said Mr. Ashish Vaishnav.

Lastly, Mr. Vijay Kalra ended the discussion by saying, “India is not far behind from being a world tech-leader.”

Panel 2 Destination World


Panel #3: Digital Darwinism

Mr. Vinod Katkam, Senior Manager Software Development, NetApp

Mr. GBS Bindra, CEO, Charmboard

Mr. Kumar Rajendran, Director, Iron Mountain

Mr. Arun Mittal, PR & Brand Head, CashKaro

“Digital transformation should be more holistic and not myopic.” said Mr. Arun Mittal who believes that there are key players in the market who will end up becoming stars by the way of their thinking.

Mr. Vinod Katkam stressed “People need to change with the emerging trends of the market for companies to survive in today’s world.”

Mr. GBS Bindra corroborated by saying “Larger the company, more difficult is the change.”  

Disagreeing to that Mr. Vinod Katkam said, “Our Company has been smart and agile enough to perceive the market and change accordingly.”


Panel 3 Digital Darwinism


All in all, every speaker came on stage and imbued the students with knowledge which will certainly help them look at the country in a new light. A fresh perspective is what was imparted to the management students.

Ms. Sweta Choudhary, Coordinator of the Conferences and Events Committee, said “Rudimentary thinking will not lead us far. In order for us to see ourselves in glory, we must change the most fundamental thing – our thinking. Being on an international platform also dictates us to act our part. I am grateful to all those who helped us pull off this Conclave and made it a huge success.”

SIBM Bengaluru

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