GD Monday : Donald Trump As President – Boon Or Bane For The USA

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8th November 2016 was probably the most eventful day across the world. First Demonetization in India and then Donald Trump winning the  election campaign. Both these events have left people with mixed feelings – some more clear than the other, some which have a direct impact than the other. Having discussed issues closer to home last week, let’s discuss issues that may change the face and fate of America as we know it.

Donald Trump As President: Boon or Bane for the USA? What are your thoughts? Do you think he will be a good President? Do you think he is the President that America needs? Share your thoughts below!

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Harish Allu

Hello! i would say electing trump as the president will do a lot of good to native Americans. All the promises made in the election campaign by trump are most aligned towards Americans. Moreover his good relationship with Russians will bring down peace in the middle east countires.


Yes I agree.But I think a leader should be someone who promotes global economy and global peace and create assurance and faith among people rather than scaring them away.But I feel Trump does it the other way.


3/10 – Very weak opening Harish. First of all it seems there is lack of clarity on the definition of native Americans? Also, you need to elaborate on his election promises that you think will benefit America. The argument seems constructed on hearsay and no analysis has been done. Also, the point of the discussion isn’t so much about Donald Trump but about how a president should be.

Subhra Pratim Halder

Trump’s presidency has brought apprehensions to a wide range of vital issues pertaining to domestic and int. trade policies, foreign engagements, environmental & social sector commitments and most importantly America’s way of dealing with Islamic militants.

Though his campaign was centered around keeping indigenous interests to be his supreme priority, isolating America in economic & political fronts may prove to be adverse, given the uni-polar regime the world has experienced since 1991.

There lies uncertainty in peacekeeping missions of UN and free trade commitments to WTO. We may witness some policy hiccups on existing maritime disputes, refugee crisis and bilateral relationships with growing powers like India on trade/visa issues.
As far as US itself is concerned, it is heading for a statesmanship without any prior political caliber. The plurality of America’s society, the balance between the Senate and the White House and the thriving social activism related to child & women rights may/may not be compromised. There may be a gag order on preferential treatment to native Americans in terms of employment, which can be detrimental in the long run.
However, these are mere speculations and the first 100 days will be extremely crucial in determining the public sentiments & whether its a boon or bane of the United States.


6.5/10 – @subhra – Well articulated argument. A few good points on lack of political experience, WTO, plurality of America’s society. However, you should still have focussed on what kind of President/Leader of nation needs to be like and how the US fits into things etc. Good job but definite scope for improvement.

Harish Allu

As subhra said US will be isolated is not the truth, as we look from out side it may look like trump policies are based on his own interests, but not. The US-Mexican wall which is going to be his first signature in white house will make their state free from mexican migrants and drug lords who enter US through the borders. Secondly recent statement of trump giving some tax subsidary to apple corporation to setup manufacturing units in america instead of china give very strong signal of providing employment to natives. I agree trump has a bit of dictator in him, but brings all good to americans. Coming to the relations with other countries, if the two major powers Russia-US have peace and sovereignty among them then i can fore-see some peace among all nations.

Pratik Nandeshwar

As the topic is concerned with the effect of Donald’s Trump’s presidency on US , I would like to stick to the topic and try to avoid to engage in it’s impacts on other nation or their economies. With Mr.Trump’s strict immigration policies along with promise of providing employment to its fellow citizens and to curb growing Chinese influence,the situation is not so bad as it looks like.The previously elected Democratic party failed to provide a precedent boost to US economy after the 2008 crisis.In such traumatic condition , the ever growing middle east crises and the debts on US economy along with serious terrorism are a another blows to it’s hegemony.And here when comes Mr.Trump into picture with his promise of making America great again.US need to play more aggressive at such situation and Mr.Trump is the right man to go with. He recently spoke of imposing more tariff duties on Chinese goods which is I believe a very optimistic step to reduce US debts on China and the strict immigration policies will surely help US citizens in short run if not.I don’t think there is need to talk about his aggressiveness on fighting terrorism and handling ISIS.Now lastly , as Subra mentioned about isolation of US ,I think it is very unlikely to happen.If not all , almost every nation is directly or indirectly dependent on US in someway.Many nations are enjoying US financial aids or military support and they won’t dare to go against US for the same reason.Thank You


2.5/10 – @Pratik – You have said a lot of things. However, I’m not sure they are all factually correct. In fact most are opinions not based on any analysis or supporting facts. Also, the use of words ‘precedent’ and ‘hegemony’ seem off. Articulation is quite poor.

midhun t bharathan hemanth

Trump will definitely bring issues in between whites & blacks , also he must act against immigrants . This may lead to inside controversies & may affect the relationships with countries like India, China ..Trump is also a religionist too

midhun t bharathan hemanth

& a business man turned politician is surely not much aware of American politics & he will definitely struggle in that field , the protest against him in different states after the election results was 1st example of this

Varnika Om

Surely Donald Trump as president is working towards making the States great again with a release of statements where he clearly mentions some points like the increase in employment for the natives, tax reforms assuring financial security, equality among the native irrespective of the social stature they are decked on and curb of illegal immigration. The situation however is really tricky since complete execution of these announcements is yet to be done. He might have won hearts by playing the “Abki baar trump sarkaar” card, but he is certainly not justifying his part to kick the Muslims out from the States after some of their votes too contributed towards him during the elections. Also the denial of all the immigrants from places who have previously posed a error to the states is not justified as the majority of that nation may contributing to the states’ welfare by working there. As the president, he definitely has the responsibility to put his territory first for its upliftment but his choice of words in the past have already had a great impact on the society for it to invest immense trust in their leader. Such are his statement revelations lately that some may give you a candy to hold on to while some may depress you further. Hence it would be wise enough to be patient and let time be the judge for his actions to prove him as a boon or bane for the USA.


4.5/10 – The only new point that you brought up was bringing up the issue of xenophobic sentiments that Trump’s statements stir up. As mentioned earlier, people would do well to focus on the problems of the world, that of USA and the kind of leader the world needs to solve them. That will show maturity on the part of the GD Participants.


As Varnika told,he made some statements during campaign which I consider are atrocious.Further if he is making such statements that create nightmares to the immigrants,most of them work reluctantly and soon they find alternative jobs in some other country.With majority of the talent in the USA being immigrants,the pooled talent in the USA gets scattered that’ll have a strong impact on the economy of the state.
Further I believe companies give jobs based on talent rather than on to which nation they belong to.So if they don’t find competent persons in the USA all their operations shall be shifted to some other country where there will be ample talent.

Varnika Om

Indeed Nandini! As have been points put forth by Subhra, Pratik and Harish, Trump has definitely tried to make certain changes he wants to see in the US for the better but as far as the big picture is considered, the mass needs a man who can lead the way in a manner that does restore faith in the people that their homeland is in the right hands, after all the US laws are based on majority affirmations which differs from a game of a ruler reining over his newly acquired state, working on his own terms. Whether Trump acts as the ruler of the nation rather leading the way for progress is a lesson we will learn during the years of his rule.


4/10 – @nandini – Immigration is an important point that you bring up however your articulation skills need work. Also, it is not as easy as you make it out on people switching countries for work. however, in the long run if the US closes its borders there could be a talent shift when it comes to new and emerging global talent. You should have backed your statement on ‘majority of talent in USA’ with some numbers and their source.


Currently in global situation what americans need is real buisnessman not a high qualified diplomat who can control the world .Faced with floundering economy and unemployment and resentment among native americans toward current obama govt. he is like a ray of hopes for them.From india’s point of view we also need a buisnessman who can mutually benefit both the economies.As far as other global powers are concerned it will be worth watching what the outcome is.


surely donald trump is boon for amercians as all his intiatives are in favour of the amercians.H is man who has faced challenges by taking his company from a nadir to zenith so he proves to be definetly a man who is up to face any challenges and come up with great solutions and is very clear in his speeches without any diplomancy. But at the same time due to lack of experience in politics makes him make nasty comments on racisim which is not good for political leader
conclusion:donald trump is boon for amercians but at the same time being leader its not correct to think about only his country so i would say he is bane as a global leader