GD Monday – “Priyanka Gandhi should be the Prime Minister of India” – Week 1

CAT and other results are soon and surely approaching. Also, soon-to-be MBA grads expect companies on their campuses to put them through the GD Test. Hence, we have introduced an Online Group Discussion section – GD Monday! – for the sake of sharing views and making good arguments. Every Monday, we will post a topic which will be open for discussion through the week.

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So the opening topic for this series is : “Priyanka Gandhi should be the Prime Minister of India”

Happy discussing!

(Tip: Always remember not to get emotionally involved with the topic. Be mature and try to focus on the larger issue at hand.)

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Mohit Sharma

Priyanka Gandhi should not be the prime minister of India as she is not an active politician and has not worked for the people of her own constituency. There are other candidates across India who do not hail from powerful families but have tirelessly worked for the upliftment of the people in remote areas in rural India and have grown to the top after hard word. Why should only a member of the Gandhi family get the throne?

Ronak Parekh

I second Mohit. She has not done any thing for the people and just making an appearance during the campaign is not enough.

Sourabh K

In India, Prime Minister is equivalent to a queen in chess. and such a powerful post should be handled with responsibility. Priyanka Gandhi being a very nonactive politician( campaigned for her brother during elections in 07) i don't think she is capable enough to bear such a big responsibility. PM is a post where you have to deal with international affairs, economic affairs and most importantly keeping the economy on a positive note. and whether PM should be from Gandhi family or not is secondary,as far as he/she offers a corrupt free, competitive environment for an "aam adamy" to grow.


The issue that needs to be addressed here is what kind of a person should be the Prime Minister of India. What are the challenges facing our country? What are the responsibilities of the Prime minister of India?

Given the focus on corruption in the country, we first of all need a leader who has integrity. Secondly, we need a leader who can deliver on inclusive development. Large parts of India are imbalanced and some people have not got the fruits of development. We need a leader who can rise above politics of caste , religion and quotas and focus on all-round progress of the country.

Karan Arora

Entry of Priyanka Vadra (Gandhi) in politics is not at all justified therefore no chance of PM . As it indicates politics as family business of so called Gandhi `s .And recent corruption charges on her husband are clear to indicate their intention in politics . Plus she is not a leader of mass or choice of common man but she may be a nominee of Congress party president despite doing no good to nation or party .


What we need in Prime Minister – is the leadership- not to rule but lead his country to the apex of most powerful nations in terms of economy, defence, employment, food security , technology etc. He should be qualified enough to first understand his people, his motherland, his country's brave history; analyze the current situations and suggest amendments in constitution, bring policies, improve foreign relations that will boost employment, increase money flow and bring a smile on every face irrespective of class of people. He is the Prime person in the country no less than than King of the citizens.

Does Priyanka Gandhi has ever stepped out of Amethi to irradicate the problem and decide the fate of people? Having a school or some institute in her name in Aurangabad or Rae Bareli is not enough to become Prime person of India. There are many problems which India is going through which need a strong person to handle it.


5/10 – Emotional appeal and with a god delivery style you may be able to pull it off. However, you need to work on adding more measurable statements and facts. "Bring a smile on every face', "increase money flow" etc. are good ideas but need to be expressed better. In the context of the discussion it adds a lot of emotional colour and fervour but does little in terms of giving direction to the group. Think about it.


Prime Minister should be someone with whom people can relate , who provides hope to the people.Someone whom people can trust.Also a leader such as a PM should have a vision for the nation and should have the respect of party members and Opposition so that a stable government is formed. I don't find Priyanka Gandhi scoring too many points on any of these qualities and believe there are more eminent and able people in the country who can provide better leadership.


As the name suggests Prime Minister is the most important citizen of a democratic country who is tasked with the job of leading the country. He/she has to be a leader who has wide knowledge in areas concerning economy, public policy, foreign policies, law etc., also adept at handling opposition, party members, excellent oratory skills one whom the people of the country can look up to in times of crisis, who takes decision keeping the nation's interest in foremost importance and has the ability to make the opposition, other party members understand the needs of the nation, one who leads from the front and doesn't give excuses viz. no magic wand et al. Only then can he/she be able to show us the path towards a better nation of 1.2 billion citizens with huge problems of corruption, unemployment, poor health condition, poverty, illiteracy, poor infrastructure, education among others.


The Prime Minister is the head of Council of Ministers among other things. He/She also has various roles and responisblities in the functioning of the nation. A person who is being considered as a PM should have worked closely with people and the ministries. Mrs. Priyanka Vadra-Gandhi has only been seen during elections vying for votes and other than that she is an outsider to the system. And the only reason we are having this discussion is because she is a part of the Gandhi legacy.


The responsibilities a PM has cannot be compared to anyone else in the country. A PM has to lead a Nation towards success, has to balance to focus on developing and balancing the economy., has to get into international relationships with a long term perspective, has to manage a nation with optimum decisions in all affairs whenever necessary, has to maintain peace and equality across the nation.

Even though in a country like India, election and support decides a PM, a more in depth analysis should reveal the fact that these skills are needed for that position. Even a manager for a company is recruited after a series of screening process that looks into his skills and expertise in various fields related to it. In that sense what sort of expertise should a PM have? Mr. Manmohan has the capability to do it. But how can we compare a person like Priyanka for such a responsible position. Priyanka just has the Gandhi's support and background. But will that even suffice to consider her for the post? Without expertise in most of the field, she cannot be a successful leader . And she has neither shown any public interest in a great manner nor has involved in elections or public affairs. With this kind of background and expertise, it is always better to stay out of such a dream.