GD Monday – ‘The Internet is killing Cable Television’ – Week 12

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The news, sitcoms, sports telecasts, music videos, soap operas…the good old television set brought all of this to us at the click of a remote button. But now the Internet is bringing all of this to us at the click of the mouse (or a tap on the smart phone screen).

What are your thoughts? Is the Internet a threat to Cable TV?

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Internet has started eating up into TV's domain of entertainment like songs,videos and movies by providing user with the power to access the file he/she wants to play at that particular time through various sites. This is not possible with TV which doles out pre-scheduled content.However, with Smart WiFi enabled TV's,major TV companies are trying to find out a work-around to the above problem.
And there are few areas like live streaming of sports,news where TV seems a better options bcoz it is cheaper and one does not have to worry about the buffering speeds.Internet will have to wait for LTE/4G speeds to be able to catch up with TV in this domain.


With everyday new advancement in technology, especially in telecom domain, has made almost every person to own a smartphone with high speed internet.With internet in pocket we are not only limited to one kind of media. Internet gives access to print media and social media too. Coming to TV soaps and operas which have scheduled timings of broadcasting, everyone, with a fast paced life finds difficult to take out time for their favorite TV shows and hence internet becomes handy. Nowadays we can watch even the live streaming of matches on internet. Still with so much advancement in internet and technology majority of people have access to TV as their only source of media. Even if they have access to other sources people find difficult to use internet.
Even if TV companies come up with internet feature on TV, it will still remain internet but on different device this time. Still with such a widespread of internet, majority of people have cable TV connections rather than internet connection.

Shubham Gupta

Well yes, Internet is killing cable TV. Young people or the new generation is more fond off internet. They find everything on internet i.e news, episodes of TV series, and even they can talk to their friends on the internet through facebook or any other social network site and be in touch with their friends. Now internet can give everything that TV cable gives and even much more than TV. Working professionals can read news on the internet in their office hours when they are free and in this way they can utilize their time.
Internet feature is also available on the TV sets now a days, but it is not much handy in comparison to laptops or computers.
So Internet is killing cable television

Dyuti Haldar

While I agree that internet is slowly replacing the television network,in India,it is still at a nascent state. The reason being that the penetration of internet has still not reached to the remotest locations of India. While the same is not the case with the television for the sheer time that we have had access to it. Smart phones are found almost at every household but without the internet it will not be able to provide the content that TV can. For example,there is a lot of information about farming and agriculture available on the internet but the Government of India has launched the channel DD Kisan for facilitating the farmers with information about it simply because the information would be easily available to them via television. A lot of people still find it a little difficult to find there way around a computer and the internet.TV compared to that is as easy as it gets. When a cricket match is on , and if you ask people whether they want it streamed live on their phone or watch it with there whole gang of family and friends from a tv ,I guess the answer is fairly simple. Yes, content and variation wise the internet is more diverse and seems to be the way forward,but in a country like India I think the masses relate to the simplicity of television more.That is why you find most movie starts coming on tv shows to promote their movies, because they know how large the viewership of television is. For internet to take over cable tv in India I think it first has to reach the masses, be simple enough for them to use it or they have to be educated to use it and finally it has to be cost effective.