GD Monday – The MBA Selection Process Is Biased In Favour Of Extroverts

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MBA for the longest time has been believed to be only for extroverts? Is it a myth? Is there some truth in such a statement? Is the selection process also biased in favour of extroverts? How much influence does personality have in the selection process?

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Hello everyone!The topic under discussion is whether the MBA selection process is biased towards extroverts.To start with,to me the process seems impartial.If you go through the procedure,for all the B-schools the written aptitude tests carry a minimum 50% weightage(may vary upto 80% incase of baby IIM’s like J&K) and around 20% weightage is given for academics,work-experience,gender diversity,academic diversity etc., and 5-15% weightage to WAT and around 10-20% to PI.As these rounds don’t require you to be an extrovert,I don’t think the process is biased towards them.Further many IIM’s removed GD from their selection process as it’s becoming complicated to draw a fine line between a debate and discussion.Also if you analyze these rounds,majority of them require attention to detail and I think introverts are more good at that.So according to me it doesn’t really matter if you’re an extrovert or an introvert to get in to a B-school.

Veronica Dixit

In my opinion, I don’t feel Mba selection process is biased in favour of extroverts. Almost about 50% weightage is granted for written entrance scores and past academia and 50% to GD/PI’s in most of the cases. To crack of these sections, it doesn’t really compulses a person to be an extrovert. Its all about the virtue of being more passionate and focused at your goal. Even the selection panel test students based on their analytical thinking, way of approach, decision making and their love for doing an mba. So, even if a student is an introvert, it should hamper his/her way towards achieving their pinnacle, as majority of IIM’s and other top B schools of India vyies for students who can make a difference through their knowledge irrespective of being an extrovert or introvert (Though MICA being a media branding and communications college, is an exception in this case, demands students to be more of people friendly which suits their job profile) Lastly, I would say, the MBA selection process gives a fair and equal opportunity to each and every person vying for an mba to show their mettle.

Dheeraj Dadhich

With written ability test and interview only at IIMs a lot a pressure from introverts have been taken away.. at other b schools it is still there due to group discussion.. a person may not be an extrovert and can still excel due to his better perception of self than his peers .. ,MBA selection committees recognize this and as the saying goes.. the information has been prized in by the market.