GD Monday – ‘Valentine’s Day Is A Waste Of Money’ – Week 9

GD Monday is in its 9th week.

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This week’s GD Monday topic is – Valentine’s Day Is A Waste Of Money.


valentines day


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Gargi Priyadarsini

Valentine’s day is celebrated as a day of love.But do we have a single day of love…Can we reciprocate and give love only on a single day of the year…this is the generalised thought of youth today.Celebrating valentine’s day has become a cliche for new for the fresh young hearts who have experienced romance in romantic novels and mainstream media bollywood..These youngsters have no qualms in spending their parents hard earned money for just a showoff ..Is valentines day a waste of Money …Yes when it comes to the youngsters who spend in buying expensive gifts and planning out the day to just be a part of the Fad and No when it comes to the amount of revenue generated on this day by gift shops,restaurants, flower market and much more…Love is not to be bought by money..So if we spend every day as days of love then we do not need to waste money on a single day..It all depends on the mindset of how we want to celebrate love..

Team Insideiim

Decent start but no need to take such an aggressive stance – it sounds a little preachy rather than objective once you start accusing people of ‘wasting parent’s money’ etc. Stay away from making such a statement unless you have data backing your claim. 5.5/10

Rahul Datta

Every single day has its own charm but there are some days which everyone wants to make a memorable one and that’s where the beautiful concept of Valentine comes . I truly agree that showing immense love on a single day of every year is a weird concept but calling it as a waste of money is too harsh for this romantic day . It is always said that ‘Money cannot buy love’ but it can definitely bring a lovely smile on your valentines face which stays as a memory in both the hearts forever . It is an investment in love with a very high and fruitful ROI in the form of a beautiful relationship bond between the two hearts . We all love our parents but we do have Mother’s and Father’s day which we all celebrate to make them feel special . In the same way spending a day with your valentine , buying stuffs for each other and creating some beautiful memories would make your Valentine feel special which is much more than the worth of money spent . The day also serves as an opportunity for many people to earn which from my point of view is absolutely perfect as everyone has the right to gain either everyday or in the name of a particular day . Thus the day of Love benefits all and brings smiles to all the faces irrespective of the caste , creed and religion . So Live it , Love it and Enjoy it .

Team Insideiim

Balanced view but still not objective – sounds emotional. In a GD to get into a business school – one needs to evaluate it more objectively – look at history, the evolution and the impact – have some facts on what kind of business it generates – how it impacts the new economy and the society etc. 6/10

Anitesh Kumar

Valentine`s day is celebrated to commemorate St. Valentine`s martyrdom – a saint who stood against the king who forbidden the marriage of young soldiers, believing that a single man can be a better soldier. St. Valentine continued marriage rituals for the young couple who loved each other. According to a story, during his last few days in prison before putting into death (14th Feb), the saint himself fallen in love with a lady and wrote a letter with footer saying, “From your Valentine”. Well that’s a tragic story behind this day full of love. As the ritual goes, the day has been celebrated to exchange greeting cards between love-birds from the time when public expression of love was attracted social punishments. Yeah, India is not the only country which was orthodox.
With this context, I can say that V-Day is surely a day dedicated to love and affection, but even the forefathers who introduced the day to the world would not have thought of about ways it is being celebrated nowadays. I mean imagine St. Valentine gifting his beloved a diamond ring worth ~1 lakh, or having dinner in a hotel expensive not because of food but only for its ambiance. As it is visible, the meaning behind this day is distorted with time.
For most of the people, price of gifts has become measure of love. This can be seen on social media pages with people flaunting gifts proudly with the brands on it. According to a finding, Approximately 150 million Valentine’s Day cards are exchanged annually, making Valentine’s Day the second most popular card-sending holiday after Christmas. Big market players: Flowers sellers, Jewelers etc. wait for the day to earn huge profits. Believe me, I bought 500/- single rose to re-propose my valentine cum wife. This shows the exponential expectation rise by people/advertising/marketing guys from celebrating the simplest and pious day of expressing love by writing romantic cards to an expensive/pocket burning day. This is also used as an argument by my single friends that they are happier than the couples like me.

Team Insideiim

While the into sounds like it has been pasted from wikipedia, glad that someone looked at the historical aspect of it all. Also, happy that someone brought in some numbers to give context to the magnitude of the day – the stats on cards is welcome (works better if you can cite a source). Overall good – 7.5/10