GD-PI Experience At NITIE Mumbai – Pulkit Benada

Name: Pulkit Benada

Engineering Branch: Mechanical

Graduation College: SGSITS, Indore

Work Experience: Tata Technologies

Duration: 23 Months


GD Experience:

GD Topic: GST implementation in India

Four panellists were sitting at around 10 metres distance closely monitoring the 9 candidates sitting in the semicircle. I was sitting in the 4th position from the left of the panellists. We were asked to note the topic and 2 minutes were given to think. No bell will ring after 2 minutes and students will have to themselves start the GD. 12 minutes were given for discussion and 2 minutes were reserved for the conclusion. The 2+12+2 format gave us decent chances to speak. The GD started with a student sitting in the corner explaining the GST bill. After 30 seconds, another student interrupted and directly gave the verdict that GST will prove beneficial for the junta without any reasoning. I chipped in 4-5 times in the GD with different points. I entered the GD with the growth statistics that Arun Jaitley quoted. He said that GST will boost the growth by 50 basis points. Then I explained the 4 types of GST in the second entry. My entry was during the duration of 2-3 minutes. I noted down the points of others and nodded when I liked them. My other argument was about the borderless trade and the increasing mobility avoiding traffic jams at the toll plazas. A few students interrupted me but I raised my voice a little and came back to my original pitch aftermath. The point that made my entry into NITIE is the consolidation of warehouses. As NITIE is the Mecca of Supply Chain so a tinge of Supply Chain would have added a soothing flavour to my candidature. I blurted out all I read on the internet. Finally, in the final 2 minutes, the panellists asked the students who didn’t speak much to conclude. It was a healthy discussion with everyone given a chance to speak.

Interview Experience:

There were three panellists, 2 male and 1 female. One panellist was a senior professor of Industrial Engineering, the other male professor was an economics faculty and the female professor was of HR.

I entered the process with my folder in my hand, the economics professor took that from me and began scanning. All the panellists had my form in their hand in which my profile was mentioned. NITIE has a reputation for asking some standard questions like Why NITIE, Why operations, Tell us about your final year project etc.

The first question that the Ma’am asked was

1. Tell us about yourself

I patiently spoke what I had thoroughly prepared, and which I was speaking from my last 5 interviews.

2. Tell us about your work experience at Tata Technologies

I explained what my company does, about my project, my clients. The senior professor seemed impressed by hearing the word Jaguar Land Rover. He asked what else I did for JLR. I politely answered about the only project I did for them. It was more about me. They seemed quite satisfied. My answer was structured and well prepared. I chronologically answered all the events and then explained my role in it.

3. “What all calls do you have and why do you want to join?” asked the IE professor

NITIE was the best call I had. I truthfully told them about the calls I had. I told them that I would rank NITIE on the top. I cited examples of my undergraduate friends who were students of NITIE that they motivated me to join the college. Then I answered about its reputation for being the Mecca of Supply Chain, its alumni base, its love with the FMCGs, and the Mumbai advantage.

4. “NITIE is not like other b-schools. Here, the institute will make you a techno manager, don’t you think you should try in some other b-school?” Asked the lady professor

Again the same question but I answered the question “Why operations” for this. I linked it with NITIE being well known for operations. The reason I gave was that this will be an added advantage and make it different from the other b-schools. Here, I will learn both the skills of being a manager as well hone my engineering skills. The senior professor asked about any certifications I had in ops which I humbly declined.

5.” What do you do in your leisure time”, asked the lady professor

I answered that reading is my hobby. I recently finished reading “The Wealth of Nations” by Adam Smith and “Palace of Illusions” by Chitra Divakurni Banerjee. The Wealth of Nations caught the attention of the economics professor but he didn’t ask anything and kept gazing at my folder.

6. My final question was “What will you bring to NITIE?”

This was the most difficult question. I answered my USP in this. I am hardworking and dedicated. Cited examples for all of them.

7.The only question the quiet economics professor asked was “Why does the car manufacturer make similar cars, why do sedan and hatchback look same from the front”?

I answered that due to ease of manufacturing, most of the parts of the vehicle are kept same. He nodded and said its a huge assignment and there are numerous reasons. Think about it.

Finally, the interview concluded and I felt a positive vibe. I didn’t know that I will convert or not but yes I gave my best shot.

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