Gear up for Anusmaran 2014, the flagship alumni event at IIMB


Enthusiastic participation from over 8000 IIMB alumni in 15 cities across the world, that’s Anusmaran for you. Every year, since 2002, Anusmaran spells excitement and cheer for IIMB alumni. This is the one and the only event that brings alumni together, irrespective of their batches and courses. There’s reminiscence, networking and great fun!

The word ‘Anusmaran’ means reminiscence in Sanskrit, and interestingly, it was the grandmother of a student who suggested this name, back in 2002. Anusmaran forges deep bonds among the alumni, their families and IIMB students, faculty and the staff.  Apart from the camaraderie that it nurtures, Anusmaran is also about networking and knowledge sharing. Many of the Alumni Chapters organize panel discussions during Anusmaran. This year, the Bangalore Chapter will host three panel discussions on ‘Entrepreneurship & Disruptive Thinking’ on May 4, 2014, at the IIMB campus as part of the prestigious event.

Earlier, this flagship event of the IIMB alumni, was held on one single day during the month of May. But over the years the alumni connect of IIMB has grown tremendously – from 5 alumni chapters to 15. This has made the event bigger than ever before and Anusmaran happens on various dates in various cities every May. The event is organized with the joint effort of the IIMB Alumni Office, the Student Alumni Committee (SAC) and the various Alumni Chapters. The SAC takes up the responsibility of co-ordinating with the various Alumni Chapters across the world to organize Anusmaran in their cities. The Alumni Chapters play the anchoring role of hosting the event. Connecting these two major players, the IIMB Alumni Office offers central support. It takes the efforts of more than 100 individuals to organize this event worldwide.

Each year, Anusmaran is getting bigger – the bigger it gets, the better we are connected. The better we are connected, the greater the impact we create together as a community.

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