Geometry : Lines, Angles and Triangles – InsideIIM’s Virtual Class with CPLC’s Parag Chitale

CPLC ‘s Prof. Parag Chitale systematically deconstructs the problems which make quantitative aptitude seem ridiculously simple. In this video, he explains the concept of Parallel Lines, Transversal, Angles, Triangles, Properties of Triangle, and some important theorems.

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Part I : Introduction and Concept of Parallel Lines, Transversal, Angles




Part II : Different Lines within a Triangle and Properties




Part III : Different Types of Triangle and its Properties



Part IV : Some Important Theorems

Whether it is CAT or GMAT, this series on InsideIIM is comprehensive and covers the fundamentals of all possible problems under the Quantitative Aptitude area. You can watch the entire course here.


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