How To Get An Interview Call From IIM Lucknow – CAT 2017 – PGP 2018-2020

IIM Lucknow follows a three-step process for the screening the candidates. We shall try to simplify it and compare it with other b-schools in this article.

Step 1 – Shortlisting for WAT/PI

The eligibility criteria for WAT/PI as shown in Table 1. Note here that it is the basic eligibility criteria only, so meeting these conditions doesn’t guarantee qualification for WAT/PI.

Table 1

As shown here, you need to have 90%ile overall, and a minimum of 85%ile in each section of CAT. This is not much different from the other old IIMs.

Step 2 – Preparing a composite score, which is calculated as under.


Let us illustrate each of these points separately with examples.

Scaled CAT Score – Unlike most other IIMs, IIM L doesn’t consider the raw CAT for shortlisting candidates for WAT/PI rounds but the formula for the scaled CAT score is quite simple.

Eg: If Rimsha has scored 240 in CAT and the highest score is  350, her Scaled CAT score will be

240/350 x 60.

CAT score has 60% weightage at this stage. This is more than how much weightage IIM B & C place, but less than what IIM A (70%).

Class 12 marks – Like IIM K, IIM L doesn’t give importance to Class 10 marks. If you had a tough time studying Science and Social Sciences and screwed up Class 10 board exams, this is good news. However, if you scored anything less than 80% in Class 12, you can bid goodbye to the points allotted to it in the composite score. Even if you have scored 79 or 80% in Class 12, you will get 0 in that section. As shown in the table, you need minimum 80.01 in Class 12 to score any points for it at all.

Graduation Marks – If you are a CAT aspirant reading this article anytime before November, here’s a practice sum for quant. 😛  (Refer point 3 in the table above).The calculation for graduation marks is a bit tedious to calculate, and it is normalised according to your stream: Engineering, Science, Arts or Commerce. The weightage given is 10%, which is not very different from other IIMs, except, of course, IIM Bangalore.

Work experience (WE)- The minimum work experience for the student to get any points for it is 6 months. The maximum points that students can get for work experience are 10. Subtract 6 from the number of months of WE you have and then multiply it by half. That will be the number of points you will get for WE. So for 24 months of WE you will get 9 points ((24-6)*0.5=9). There is no consideration for quality of work experience at this or any later stage.

Diversity factor (Academic disciplines) – The maximum points that students can get for diversity factor in academic backgrounds is 5. As long as you belong to any of the following: Arts/Humanities, Commerce/Economics, Computer Applications, Law, Education, Medicine, Pharmacy, Sciences, you will score 5 points.

Diversity factor (Gender) – All female candidates are entitled to 5 points under this factor.

This is unlike IIM K, which gives marks for EITHER academic or gender diversity.

A shortlist of students who will appear for the WAT/PI is prepared, and those rounds are held. After these rounds, the final score is prepared.


Step 3 – Final Score

The final score is calculated on the basis of

Again, the final score calculation by IIM Lucknow is not much different from other IIMs. CAT score still has a lot of weightage, but PI can make or break your IIM dream.

What is different here is that diversity factor is considered even at this stage, while IIM A, B, C, I and K – none of them place this weightage to diversity for the final consideration. Unlike other IIMs, even past academic performance has some weightage, even though it’s as little as 10 points.

What has changed from selection criteria for the batch 2017-19: Nothing at all!



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I have 58% in Grad, 80.3 in 12th. I have a Work ex of 40 months. I am also an NC-OBC candidate. How much should I score in CAT 17 to get a call from IIM L.

Heer Shingala

As per the Table 1, you need at least 82%ile to be considered for a call. In practice, you will find that you’ll need to score much higher than what is considered the minimum score for your category.

Om Prakash

Sorry to be rude,but in your analysis you mentioned incorrectly that IIML considers 12 th percentage while it is clearly mentioned that it considers percentile in respective board and discipline that means 80 percent marks has different percentile in different board and discipline.