Getting The Dream Internship At The Reserve Bank of India | Akanksha Luhadia | IFMR GSB Krea University

I had always read about RBI, the central bank of India but never thought I could get to work there. A pleasant shock knocked at my door on the 13th of February when the result was announced and I was flooded with congratulations from the entire batch.

It all started in the month of September when we were asked by our Placecomm to fill in the RBI application form for the summer internship.  Never believed this dream could come true until I got the list of the shortlisted candidates with my name in it. Without wasting much time, I started preparing rigorously with all the material I could gather from their website. The scope of the material relating RBI is vast and one may have no idea as to what can be thrown upon them during the interview. Therefore, I started by dividing the scope into various sub-parts and department wise and started preparing each separately and thoroughly.

Preparing my resume well helped me a lot in spontaneously answering all their questions. The main focus was on the topic of the research project which I wanted to take and researching about it gave me an edge as I was well prepared to be asked any question pertinent to anything in that domain. Moreover, current affairs helped me stay in touch with all the RBI, as well as banking related news. For this, the books and magazines of our library helped me a lot in gathering the required information which otherwise would have been very difficult, considering the limited time and the vast area of knowledge to be covered. Not only this, the guidance and support from the professors of my college boosted my confidence and helped me clear the interview.

I had never thought this opportunity could ever land in my lap and I would be able to convert it in my favour. All of this came true because of the opportunities presented by my college, the interest and attention which is shown to each student and the way we are made capable to face any situation.

Akanksha Luhadia
1st Year MBA student at IFMR GSB Krea University


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