Global Conference on Managing in Recovering Markets 2014 : Leveraging Benefits of a Networked Global Economy

Amidst the global slowdown that debilitated most economies, that was followed by signs of hope and recovery; MDI, keeping up with global issues, has taken a relevant initiative on a contemporary theme – ‘Global Conference in Managing Recovery Markets (GCMRM)’.

This is yet another initiative by MDI Gurgaon to forge deeper global connections in an increasingly connected world. The GCMRM would be conducted as a series of international conferences, 16 in total, to be spread across a period of 3 years, beginning March 2013. While the first such conference, the curtain raiser, will be held at the campus of MDI Gurgaon, India, during 5th – 7th March 2014, the subsequent conferences will be held in Europe, South Asia, Australia and the USA during 2014, 2015 and 2016. The curtain raiser is planned in association with The Australian Centre for Asian Business, University of South Adelaide, Australia and Faculty of Economics & Business, University of Maribor, Slovenia.

The conference at MDI will serve as a brain-storming platform for industry – academia interaction and will host policy makers, business practitioners, researchers and entrepreneurs. While collaborating around shared values – the participants will deliberate on the issues of the recovering environment and strategic responses to the challenges that have emanated as a consequence. The conference will also serve as a think-tank for industry policies.

MDI Gurgaon would witness participation from authors from across the world, who will be invited to submit their original research papers. These works would be assessed based on technical suitability, scope of work and relevance to the theme. Participants would also have an opportunity to network to establish new connections from the industry and academia to collaborate, share ideas and forge partnerships, while enjoying a series of cultural activities, receptions.

Focussing on developing cross sector partnerships among organizations dedicated to making lasting change –  the 3 day conference will be a very good opportunity not only for those interested in research & academia, but also for students interested in joining the industry, as it will enlighten young minds on the strategic solutions to contemporary issues faced by global economies.

For more information about the conference and details on how to participate, please check – or write to us at