GodSellers 7.0: How You Selling?

GodSellers 7.0 marks another milestone in the legacy of the Marketing Club of IIM Shillong where over 700 students and faculties from the various colleges of Shillong gathered to savour the delicious food and fun-filled games put up by the students. Participants got an opportunity to showcase their creativity and to implement the theoretical concepts of marketing in the real world. 10 teams fought to be crowned as the ultimate sellers on the campus.

GodSellers, the flagship event of the Marketing Club, can briefly be divided into 3 sub-events – Launch, Auction, and Finale though it is so much more than that. The launch is a small teaser of what could be expected of the main event; auction is where the participating teams place their bids for the stalls and the top bidders put on their marketing hats to push their sales numbers during the finale. The theme for this year, “TV Series”, created a nostalgic aura and added to the excitement.

The event was launched with a bang on the night of 18th November 2017 with a launch video based on the theme for the year, highlighting glimpses from GodSellers 6.0 as well. The Marketing Club also invited the entire campus for a treat and set up stalls featuring food from every cuisine you can name. Everything from offering value for money combos to doorstep delivery was undertaken during the promotion events, to reach the largest possible audience. And with the right buzz, the stage was all set for the auction.

On 20th November, the participating teams took part in the auction and locked horns to get hold of the limited number of stalls. The bids placed for each stall were higher than ever before, and the total bidding amount was 50% higher than the previous edition of the event. The Finale was set to be held on 25th November, and the stall owners left no stones unturned during the 5-day promotion period. The teams covered the campus with posters and stickers, released promotional videos, organized musical chairs & marathon and invited everyone for free food sampling to stay in the limelight.

The D-Day had arrived, and the event started off at 5:30 pm just outside the hostels in Quadrangle. Amidst the backdrop of a beautiful starry night and a warm bonfire, teams put up stalls decorated with lights and posters offering a scrumptious spread of delicacies and exciting games. There was a significant spike in the participation from various colleges across Shillong such as NIFT, NIT, St. Anthonys and St. Edmunds. There probably couldn’t be a better instance of the ‘effect of demand and supply on price’ playing out in the real world than what was observed during the event. The price for items fluctuated every few minutes to woo the customers and to beat the competition. The night of food, bonfire and music was as great a learning experience as it was fun. With a higher footfall and revenue that has been seen in the past, GodSellers 7.0 has clearly left its mark.




About the Author:

Apoorv Gupta

Member, Marketing Club – Class of 2019, IIM Shillong