Going The ‘Other Way’

Hello there, I am Saurabh from Delhi. Last year an MBA aspirant, this year an MBA first year student. Oh and also, I come from halls of General, Male, Engineer or the infamous GEM category. If you are thinking it is another sob story then no it is not. It is a celebratory post by the way! Although it is a cliched story, I will give you that, however, cliches don’t exist for a first timer!

So moving on, I also have very pedestrian academic creds and not because I was flying high in other competitions, rather I was just wayward, fooling around like I’m sure many of us average joes had done in grad college!

This year, I cleared NMIMS, cutoff for TISS and scored good enough (97.72) in CAT ’16 to convert IIM Rohtak and Kashipur. Now maybe they are new IIMs and not held in as much regards as BLACKIS, but for a lowly engineer, this result is amazing, You get bragging rights in your friends, Your parents can nonchalantly mention their son converted IIMs (All of us have parents who do this ;-))

There is just this caveat that I now didn’t know why I am courting IIM so much, why I want to go there, the fabled “why MBA” question came back to bug me. IIMs give a new horizon to learn and then we can decide, I know all this. But going to an institution just for the sake of the name, that ain’t right too either, eh?

I am a fresher and finding tools of data analytics is really intriguing. So I thought, why not take a gamble and go to a course which is specifically about analytics.”Drum roll” A 43-year-old government institution, “Department of Business Economics” in DU. Yeah, it is not that fancy, hell InsideIIM doesn’t even have this name in its college list for MBA students on this website. But…

 “No one ever made a difference by being like everyone else”

I heard this just now in a Hugh Jackman’s upcoming movie trailer (God this guy is a beefcake!).

I wrote this piece just to share my musings over the last 3 weeks turmoil of going after what I think I want and moving away from established pedigree of IIMs. Hope I can make it count and all the strength to everyone who chooses unpredictability over comfort, You guys are heroes. Good luck out there!

Saurabh Kumar Sharma

I am Saurabh, massive sports fanatic. Pursuing an MBA in analytics from DU. Everyone out there who loves imagine dragons, is my friend!