How Good Is An MBA In Safety And Sustainability?

NITIE being located in the picturesque surroundings of north Mumbai and flanked by Powai and Vihar lakes provides an ideal ambience for academic pursuit. NITIE has always been at the forefront when it comes to Education, Research, and development initiatives. Lately, It has also become famous for the placement opportunities offered to the students. It is considered to be a preferred destination for the crème de la crème of the industry with a phenomenal record of placements. As only engineers are eligible to pursue their management education at NITIE, hence the college produces a unique blend of techno-managers who have the right amount of technical knowledge and problem-solving attributes and shaped into brilliant managers by the thoroughly knowledgeable pedagogy that NITIE possesses. Thus goes the saying at NITIE – “Shaping First class Engineers to World-Class Managers”.

NITIE has five courses, Three courses through GATE and two courses are through CAT. PGDIM (Postgraduate diploma in industrial management) and the PGDISEM (Postgraduate diploma in industrial safety and environmental management) program are programs which takes admission from CAT. PGDIM was started 25 years back and have become popular lately. Hence I felt the need to promulgate some amazing facts about the PGDISEM branch (which also happens to be my branch at NITIE too).

The PGDISEM branch referred to as ISEM at NITIE was primarily designed for industry professionals in the early 2000s to specialise in the fields of safety and environment (EHS – Environment Health and Safety) and also earn an MBA degree in the process. But within the first year 2-3 years since its inception, the course picked up the pace by attracting people from diverse fields. The problem that put people dilemma while thinking whether to opt for the course was due to its specialisation in a niche area.

Although I would say that Safety field is still a niche area, but every industry needs a safety team and people from the ISEM make the core of the team and many of our alumni head the team itself at top companies. Well, I had a core safety background owing to my work experience at Reliance Industries Limited, but that is the not the case with most people applying (most with IT or fresher background). Here is where the term sustainability comes into the picture, I know, the course has the word environment in it and people must be thinking to just put in the word sustainability into the mix. But here is where we miss the point, Sustainability although often regarded as an approach towards the environmental aspects but there is whole other side to it as well. Sustainability is the concept used by all companies nowadays to balance out their Environment, Social and Economic Impacts. Sustainability aspect is omnipresent in the corporate world ranging from backward integration (economic sustainability) to CSR aspects (Social sustainability).

One of the demand areas for ISEM professionals is from the finance (Banking) and consulting sectors in the roles of responsible banker and consultant. Both of these are dream roles for MBA Aspirants (especially the consultancy roles for all heavy work-ex folks).

I haven’t really even come across the best aspect yet, that is the ROI factor. NITIE offers one of the best ROIs (be it any course on campus) when it compared to a variety of elite B-Schools across the country. With an affordable and manageable fee structure, Students don’t have to start the course by burning a large hole in their pockets and also have the assurance of landing up good roles with decent pay packages.

My batch (taking about the ISEM batch here, although I can vouch for the same for the PGDIM batch as well) has almost the same amount of diversity as any other top B-School from having people with work-ex from pure R&D areas to banking to IT as well as core manufacturing areas coupled with an adequate amount of freshers.

Hence these aspects are what I wanted to convey to every B-School aspirant who is thinking whether or not to opt for this Course so that they could make an informed decision.

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(Disclaimer: These are my personal and honest views and not intended to promote any aspect)

Rohan Prakash, PGDISEM Batch of 2020, NITIE-Mumbai

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