“Googly On The First Day” – A Memorable Classroom Experience At IIM Rohtak

For any MBA grad, the two years spent in college are best years of their life and every moment of this journey is treasured. I believe nobody would forget the first day of their class. For me, the most memorable class was Operations class on very first day at IIM Rohtak. At IIM Rohtak, classes are based on case discussions since students are from diverse background, over two-year curriculum, it develops one to see the problem statement with different perspective and find best solution. As a preparation to my first case, had gone through the case multiple times with the fear that of missing something and checked the financials in the exhibits thoroughly to find any loop-holes in the case.

Before the beginning of class I was pretty confident that I could answer anything from the case. The professor started the lecture by giving us brief overview of the case and then goes on to introduce himself and all of sudden out of nowhere he points a finger at student and asks one simple question “Who are you?”, then to the next one and onto other. He shoots down every answer saying it’s wrong. Everyone had put in so much effort preparing case but were stunned by this Googly from the professor. I would say that answer to this question and the question itself, changed the way I approach a problem be it case discussed in class or a real-life problem. I learnt that putting oneself in others shoe helps to understand situation better.

Which ABG company would I like to work for and why?

I would like to for Aditya Birla Capital Limited(ABCL). Since, I want to pursue a career in finance, ABCL would get me a platform to showcase my skills and grow with the company.  ABCL has diversified itself in to various business-like asset management, private equity, corporate finance, finance advisory etc. With AUM of over INR 2.4 trillion, ABCL is one among top five funds in India. I believe that the values that are incorporated in the DNA of ABCL would not only help me grow as a professional but also as a person.