The Great Indian B-School Dream – An MBA Aspirant’s Rumination

This is about my b-school dream which may come true after three years. I am now more of a dreamer than an aspirant. I want to live that hectic MBA life which makes you capable of tackling every problem you will face in life. I decided that I want to do MBA when I was in 9th std and from then on I started reading articles on b-schools and MBA life.

My dream is a start-up but a start up teaches you what should be done but an MBA teaches you both what should and what not should be done, so first learn then earn and then roam.

So it all starts with obviously reading about those huge pay packages an MBA gets but I realised it’s a myth very soon. I came to know MBA is what you learn and then what you earn.

After reading so much about the great b-school life and dreaming about those coveted IIMs and that too about the great BLACKIS, it inspires you beyond the limits the people studying there, the professors teaching there, the fests organised, the friends you make, the night outs, the preparations, those deadlines and those moments. B-School makes you ready for everything in life and converting one of them is my dream. Reading the articles from the people who have actually studied and lived there for those two wondrous years, reading their experiences and the chaos of summer internship and reading about the GDPI rounds’ experiences makes it feel like an adventure. A b-school makes you a true corporate animal ready to live out and rule there (including those ups and downs). The one thing I realised after reading so many articles of people who have actually been through that life is that an MBA never prepares you for a job in an MNC, it prepares you for everything. Be it your dream startupĀ and its technicalities, or your family business and its expansion or life, in general, and its ability to teach you to overcome tough times beating those deadlines. An MBA and a b-school is now not only a post graduate degree for me but also my goal. It is the path I want to walk upon. It is the place where I want to give my 2 years of life and learn and have experiences beyond limits. People do say MBA herd is common many people do an MBA or MBA is only for engineers or a b-school life is too hectic and it is really tough to get through it but what is easy? MBA might be common but an MBA from that special and prestigious b-school is not common it feels like yes you have done something awesome and MBA is for everyone and not only for techies.

My dream b-schools are IIM BLACKI and Mumbai’s favourite JBIMS.

I can say I haven’t learned from my own experiences, I have learnt from the experiences shared by others but I know there are many sides to this which words can’t explain and to experience those you have to go through that phase but as it says learn from your mistakes but learn more from others experiences too.

I want to thank Guys, you are fabulous. The stories the experiences and for guidance and information shared on this platform are inspiring beyond limits and secondly to the people who take the effort to write their experiences and share with Aspirants and Dreamers like us.

I wish this dream of mine comes true soon. I may sound immature now but I hope that this journey will be a life long experience.

Dainik Sanghavi

Hello I am Dainik, my hobbies are reading, writing and dreaming. Currently I am a FYB.COM (INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT) student. Mumbaikar.




@Dainik Sanghavi Hey Dreamer! Your story itself is an inspiration for me now. I am able to get that core feel which u have earned for years , reading this post. Probably many people like me would have missed such focussed early stages but then Hard work paves and don’t miss the best part of ur life as well…. All the Best future IIM student..