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After a whole week of the hectic schedule and the rigours that we faced I was able to find this one class interesting. Initial 10 days with no breathing time I found this one particular class that gave a memorable experience too. It was a WAC lecture which intended to help improve our written analysis and communication. The very little thing that we came to know about the faculty after his brief introduction about himself boosted some inclination towards the subject. The course structure also gave me some ray of hope to be happy about.

First of all, there is no course material or a big pillow kind of books to be carried for the lectures and the whole course will proceed with the active interaction among the students along with lots of activities which plays a vital role in improving the skill set and the learning.

On the first class, we had an activity which gave us a whole new learning about the importance of knowing the purpose and the audience to whom the writing is going to be addressed. The activity began, the faculty instructed to form a group of 7-8 members and was given a single sheet of paper. In which we were asked to write the response but not the answers for the question that the faculty was about to ask and every member of the group should make sure that his/her response for the question is not revealed to any other member of the group. And then comes the real part, the questions were in sequence whereas the response that each member were about write was not in order because none of us had any clue about the other person’s response.

Once the cycle was done each and every team were asked to reveal the answers to the other members and the faculty instructed to form a phrase with the text that we gave as a response. Somehow we managed to form it and we had no content, structure and the whole writing was meaningless. Though we ended up forming a story it didn’t make perfect sense since everyone of us had their own ideas which were difficult for us to coordinate and combine. Later we realised the importance of key message,deliver strategies,purpose of writing and to whom the writing is focussed. The whole new level of learning things by experiencing it was not only helpful but was also fun.

“Which ABG company would you want to work for and why?”

I would like to work with UltraTech cement because it is one of the largest manufacturers of grey cement, white cement,ready-mix concrete in India. To my knowledge be it a Small house or Large Dam in each and every part of construction, Technology plays a major role and that has large impact in day to day life of a normal human being and this company inspires the engineers to bring in new innovation in the field of construction also create homes, buildings, structures, sky scrapper that makes them stand apart from other companies.

The parent company of Ultratech cement is in the league of fortune 500 companies so it will be best in class in all aspects. Things that made me choose this company is that I have completed my undergraduate in the field of civil engineering and as the company deals with the construction it will be major advantage for me to pursue my career in this company. I can easily understand the working of the company both technically as well as in business administration. This will help me in contributing more towards the success of the company.

– This article is written by Sriramakrishnan.L- Class of 2020

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