The Greater Fool – Initial Days At IIM Shillong

“The Greater Fool” is a theory in investing in which someone makes a risky investment on the assumption that they can sell it for more at a later point to some literally greater fool than they are. It states that the price of an object is determined not by its intrinsic value, but rather by irrational beliefs and expectations of market participants.

It was two years ago I started working towards my dreams to start my firm, thus eventually breaking away from the chains of work and the boundaries around me. I decided to pursue an MBA program wherein I could think again as a free bird, get some time for myself and work towards my dreams.

Working in a tense environment for more than 47 months as a Production Head at a leading MNC made me realise that I needed to break free.

I joined IIM Shillong on 23rd June 2017. The institute is a home away from home. Aboding the clouds, one can always feel the breeze and rain drops. The smell of the wet soil and the whistling sound of the leaves wake you up each morning. The rays of the sunlight enter into your rooms through those windows waking you to the eventful.

“If you want the light to come to your life, you need to stand where it is shining.”

With classes, quizzes, clubs & competitions the entire day passes by. Burning the midnight oil is an everyday exercise. Today, I can’t even remember the last night I slept like I used to. Life is gruelling but didn’t I say that I was one of the greater fools. Well, this is what I joined this Institute for. I enjoy these challenges.

Recently I participated in Hackathon, one of the events at IIM Shillong. Apart from the good food, something that is increasingly rarer to come by, the event was a roller coaster. The 2-day event tested not only my skills but also tested my spirit of not giving up. Despite an average show by my team in the pre-screening round, I was determined to pull up my performance for the D-Day. Pulling an all-nighter with my friends and later presenting our solution confidently in front of a room full of competitors and judges was an experience beyond all. The presentation was highly appreciated by the teams and judges.

This finally brings me to my point of how our jobs do not provide us with the same sense of satisfaction and instil such passion & enthusiasm. How I despite working day and night here, I am determined to participate in any activity no matter how rigorous, mud-slinging or gruesome it may get. Despite discussing mundane topics like Accounting, I can keep myself awake not just physically but mentally. These questions keep erupting into my mind, and maybe this is what aspirations do to you.

“The greater fool is someone with the perfect blend of self-delusion and ego to think that he can succeed where others have failed. This whole country was made by greater fools.” – Aaron Sorkin in a popular TV Series, “The Newsroom”

On the hope that I remain inspired, I would pen down, mike-drop, over and out.

Siddhartha Jain

Siddhartha Jain, IIM Shillong MBA Student, IIT Kharagpur Dual Degree Graduate. Passionate about technology & energy systems, table tennis, and chess. Eternally curious & skeptical.