Guesstimate Knights version 2.0 at IIM Ranchi

Conundrum was back in action his year with version 2.0 of their flagship event– Guesstimate Knights. This coveted event allows teams battle out for the glory of being adjudged the top guessing minds of the institute. Guesstimate Knights 2.0, as it was christened this year, saw participation from as many as 56 teams exemplifying the enthusiasm among the students for the event. Guesstimate, as the name suggests, works on the principles of logic and estimation while integrating it with some amount of intuitive guessing. A set of conditions is provided and the participants, using logic and suitable assumptions to come up with an estimated figure. Students had to register in teams of two or three and had to clear a series of preliminary rounds to make it to the finals. The prelims were spread across three days with new teams springing up in the Top 7 chart each day. Finally, based upon the cumulative scores, 10 teams were shortlisted for the final round which was held at the IIM hostel at Khelgaon. The finals consisted of two rounds and featured Abhishek Aggarwal and Prateek Jaiswal, coordinators of Conundrum, as the judges. In the first round each team was given a different problem to solve within a time limit of 10 minutes. Post this they were supposed to explain the logic behind their guesstimate. The focus of the judges was more towards the logic and approach rather than the final number. This was followed by a common question being given to all the teams which was required to be solved within 15 minutes. It was a tightly contested affair with teams finishing quite close to each other. Finally, Team Simplifiers was declared as the winner with Team DNA and Team Silent Assassins bagging the first and the second runners up spot, respectively.

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