Guest Lecture At VGSoM By Mr. Subhashis Basu, Business Head, Dairy Products, Mother Dairy Fruit & Vegetable Pvt. Ltd.

On 11th August 2016, Vinod Gupta School of Management IIT Kharagpur had the pleasure of hosting Mr. Subhashis Basu, Business Head, Dairy Products, Mother Dairy Fruit & Vegetable Pvt. Ltd. for a guest lecture. Mr. Basu  is also a member of the FMCG Committee in Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) and the two member Standing Committee for Marketing in Indian Chapter of International Dairy Federation (IDF). He is an astute, strategic, results-oriented business leader with year after year verifiable track record of over 2 decades in directing operations both in Indian & international markets , involving conceptualization, setting up and strategic management of Profit Centres in FMCG Sector.

The guest lecture started with Mr. Basu stating that his objective is to talk about the food industry in India and to understand the buying pattern from the student fraternity. He went on to explain the current consumer behavior in India. The way our demography pays dividends despite the challenges it poses to the economy was emphasized by him. He stated that despite the low per capita income, the aggregate purchasing power makes India a great market.

Mr. Basu, later, went on to explain the scenario of the food industry in India. He, subtly, pointed to the major challenges that the marketers face in the food industry by alluding to the sold and homemade curd issue. This enticed the student fraternity which resulted in thunderous applause. He stated that the optimum portfolio for any firm in the food industry must contain three kinds of products namely fun for people products, good for people products and better for people products.

In order to explain the consumer behavior further, he explained the rising income levels in India, the rapid urbanization, the paradigm shift towards packaged goods, the changing lifestyles and the digitization. The way the consumer behavior was related to the proactive consumer behavior in food industry had commanded another round of applause. He explained how firms in dairy industry come up with value added products in order to address the issue of farmers deriving a major part of the revenues from the diary products. He cited an example to emphasize the importance of indulging a customer to buy the diary products without guilt. He substantiated the importance of positioning through the consumption segmentation approach to the students.

He went on to explain the innovative ways that Mother Dairy had come up with to market the dairy products. He talked about the brand architecture which connects the primary vision to developing the final product. Mr. Basu cited a few examples of new marketing campaigns that Mother diary had come up with such as the automatic vending machines, Kamadhenu milk trucks and lassi vending machines.

Mr. Basu ended the lecture with a quick briefing of all the key takeaways he would want the students to understand. As the floor was open to questions, he answered questions on Mother Dairy starting an ecommerce platform and on how to effectively develop a product portfolio.

Vinod Gupta School of Management, IIT Kharagpur would like to thank Mr. Basu for taking time out of his busy schedule to interact with the students and for delivering such an interactive and informative lecture.

VGSoM Kharagpur

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